Young Men’s Association North America – Los Angeles Food Bank Hinokishin

The Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association
we’re here at the food bank in LA and we’re gonna do some community service so we went to the Los Angeles Food Bank
in Central Los Angeles where we sorted and quality controlled and packaged
different foods. Today we’re at the LA Regional Food Bank, where with
the Seinenkai group or the Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association group. we’re
gonna be sorting food we’re in the freezer section so everyone’s a little
bit cold today but I think we’re all excited and we’re looking forward to
doing some Hinokishin and volunteering today. I’m excited man it’s it’s nice
it’s our first time I’m actually doing this I’m excited I think everyone’s
excited and get to go out into the community and and do a different type of
volunteering so I think we’re all excited it’s it’s good you know with
everyone we have 15 people gathered and it’s been you know it’s fun a lot of a
lot of movement but a lot of fun right now we’re just looking, inspecting
food that we get from donations and corporations and then checking the dates
that go out so I think you know all the LA community and boxing them and
packaging them you know Tenrikyo we have the term Hinokishin. Hinokishin takes
different forms and for us packaging different foods and providing those
foods for those in need. Knowing that we’re not just you know just not helping ourselves and
just our near proximity but just going on a more broader scale and helping the
community in general yeah it’s it is important.

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