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Steak! Steak inside of a turkey! Alright enough let me show you. That’s Guga’s style. That’s right
we are steak people not so much poultry but hey I think I did a good job.
It looks good man. Thank you appreciate it. I’m proud. You proud of me. That’s just the outside.
Look the juices are running out here so we gotta open this quick. You ready for it? Let me show you this and one two…What the heck is going on here. They saw it already that’s why I’m showing it to you. What do you think Angel? What is that? If you thought that was a regular
traditional turkey that you see it in every Thanksgiving dinner you are in for
a shock. Even though we don’t like turkey that
much, today I’m gonna do something different.
Last year I did what’s called mastering turkey and if you have not seen that
video I definitely recommend you checking it out later on. I have done
several traditional turkeys but this year I decided to do something I’ve
never done before and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. This is
the Frankenstein turkey experiment. So let’s do it! Here we have a 14 pounds turkey. After
thawing it and patting dry and removing the giblets the first step is
to debone it. I recommend going at your own pace and don’t try to be a hero it’s
better to do it right than being in a race. The most critical part is to keep
the skin intact. So I started on the back making nice controlled cuts and slowly
removing the meat from the bone. The one thing to remember is the oyster go as
low as possible and make sure that you don’t leave any meat behind. Once you
reach the thigh bone just go very slowly and work your knife around. Then we want
to do the same exact thing to the other side. The most critical thing is the skin
keep it in one piece, once that’s done you just got to work your knife around
it and pull out the midsection. You want to concentrate on leaving the leg bone
and also the wings everything else must come out. Once I was done this is what it
looks like. Then I put it in a tray and reserved it on my refrigerator so I can
get everything else ready. This is a regular chicken, they call it a
young chicken. The only thing to remember is that it cannot be it bigger than your
turkey. You also want to debone it, it is the same exact way as the previous one.
Is just a little smaller take your time and go slow and you will be able to do
it just fine. If you’ve never done it before I know it can be intimidating but
believe me when I tell you it is not a big deal. The biggest difference between
this one and the turkey is that we don’t want any bones left. It needs to be a
hundred percent boneless. And once I was done, this is what it looks like. The chicken is a lot easier than the turkey because
you don’t have to save the skin. Now all there’s left to do is to save it and move on to
the next one. And here we have a full duck one of the most treasured things about
duck it’s its skin it has a lot of fat and an amazing flavor. So the first thing
I decided to do is carefully remove that skin. You don’t have to be as careful
because you’re gonna cut it in small pieces. Again it is easy to do and not a
big deal. Once I was done I reserved the skin because we were gonna be using that
for the next step. Then I jumped right into the breast. Using the same previous
method it just goes slow and work around the meat. Again they don’t have to be
perfect you just gotta remove as much meat as possible. The thighs and the legs
I won’t be using it for this recipe stay tuned for that video real soon. But once
I was done I was left with boneless duck breast on the skin. One of the worst things about having turkey is that it’s not seasoned well.
Since now we have a completely open that is no longer an issue and I started
seasoning with salt and Guga’s rub. Remember exact amount and ingredients
always in the description down below for you. Then I started my assembling and the
first thing was the chicken, then I added the duck breast. To make sure everything is gonna taste great I seasoned it a little bit more with
Guga’s rub. Now to make this look like a turkey again you can see that there’s
parts that need some filling and for that I decided to use some sausage
filling. You can use any one you like I just decided to take the casing apart
and put it wherever it’s needed. And once I was done this is what it looks like.
That my friends is a Frankenstein turkey also known as turducken. The next step is
one of the hardest and to help me do it I’m using this butcher needle. I started
by bringing everything together and making knots with my needle as needed
and here’s how it works you just go through once thread your needle and pull
it out and make a knot. Now think about trying to do this without that tool it
wouldn’t be possible. I slowly worked my way tying the knots. I made sure to do
one every inch. The most critical thing is not to puncture the skin too much.
Once I was done I flipped it around and it’s almost looking like a regular
turkey. Then using the butcher’s knot I tied everything together to make sure
that it stayed tight. If you are unfamiliar with the butcher’s knot I
made a video for you so you can check it out how to do it. It is an awesome knot to
know. But once I was done this is what it looks like. One of the ways to get your skin as
crispy as possible is to dry it, and the best method I know is to leave it
uncovered in your refrigerator overnight. The very next day this is what it looks
like. The darker skin is a sign that the moisture has evaporated and exactly what
we’re looking for to get a nice crispy skin. To make sure I’m gonna be cooking
this to perfection I am using my wireless thermometer. I want the skin to
be as crispy as possible and you know that the best way to do that is to
deep-fry it. But I also like my charcoal flavor on my turkey. So I’m trying to
combine both together and the way for me to do that is to render the fat from the
duck, and I’ll be using that fat to baste my turkey. My theory is that in the end
it will be as crispy as a fried turkey. I’ve done that with chicken and it works
like a charm. But now that I have my Frankenstein turkey ready I am going to
be cooking it in indirect heat at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
I will also be basting with the duck fat. Once I’ve reached an internal
temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit my turducken will be ready. But now I say it
is enough talking and it is time to cook it. So let’s do it Alright everybody we have our beautiful…
What do you think that is Angel? It’s a turkey man. That’s right look at, what do
you think? Looks like rotisserie chicken. It does
look like a rotisserie chicken and it’s so crispy the skin. Yeah it looks crispy.
When I was cutting it open everybody super, super, super crispy. Okay there’s
something very special about this turkey. Good stuffing. Yeah good stuff in here yeah. You ready to find out what it is? Let’s go. Are you hungry? Some rice and frijoles. Some rice and fri… you know as a matter of fact in Latin America a lot of people put like rice and some
fri..beans inside with a mission it is absolutely, but there’s none of that in
here. You ready? Steak. Steak inside of a turkey. Alright
enough let me show it to you. That’s Guga style. That’s right.
We are steak people. Not so much poultry but hey yeah I think I did a good job. It
looks good man. Thank you. I’m proud. You’re proud of me? That’s just the outside. Look the juices
are running out here so we got to open this quick. Oh its juicy. You ready for it?
Let me show you this and one two . What the heck is going on here? They saw it over there that’s why I’m showing it to you.
What do you think Ange? Oh what is that What is this bro you look like you
staged this thing together like Frankenstein or something.
All that’s missing is a couple bolts. Frankenstein turkey man. It is not Frankenstein you
should call this video Frankenstein turkey. People would actually get mad at at me if I said, well maybe we’ll just call it the Frankenstein turkey. And then. By yours truly Angel. The beginning you could have the the lightning and thunder. Boom! I’m excited to try it. You ready to try it?Let’s try it man. Alright let’s go for it it’s gonna be our first time trying turducken. Turducken. Turkey first.
Cheers everybody wow That’s very nice.
A juicy turkey. Yeah I will tell you that much.
Did you try the skin? I’m gonna do that now I just thought about that. Crunchy
that’s a crispy skin right there that’s what I’m talking about. Crunchy and
juicy too, I like that. I like that too. That’s a good one. Let’s try the midsection.
Chicken? Yeah the midsection the white one completely white is just chicken.
Ready for it. I got it. Chicken everybody. Oh yeah it taste like a chicken. It does taste like chicken. It’s completely separate. I thought that it
was gonna combine together and then taste have same flavor completely
different flavor. I would say the chicken is even juicier than the actual turkey.
Yeah of course. If you had to pick a winner so far turkey or chicken. I go with chicken. I liked the turkey man. Oh really? The opposite of em. Just cuz the skin. No the skin is crazy. Turkey comes with skin, chicken didn’t. All right
last one, the duck. You ready for it? All right let’s go cheers everybody. Cheers. Hmm it’s a little bit tougher. It is
tougher. It is also the driest one. I would say yeah maybe because it’s just
the breast. Maybe, yeah. Cuz the chest is usually like hard and the breast is a
little bit hard. This duck was swole. Which one is your favorite Angel? I’m going with turkey.
I’m going with the chicken my least favorite is the duck, you? From the
outside to the bottom. From the outside to the bottom. Turkey, chicken, duck, the duck was just so dry. Yeah very dry. I think this is very
interesting to make if you’re doing something special on Thanksgiving it is
not hard to do. I know it looks complicated and all that and stuff but
it’s really not. All you got to do is take out the cavity which is the mid
part and then you just put everything together tie it all up and it’s ready to
go. And that’s a beautiful presentation. Did you get surprised? Look it’s it’s
surprising when you see like whoa what’s going on. What did you say it looked like what? Is the Frankenstein experiment going on or like Guga the mad scientist
over here. It’s alive! Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy this video
make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in any of the
equipment I use everything is always in the description down below. Thank you so
much for watching and we’ll see you guys the next one. Take everybody bye-bye. I
wish I could have film the reaction of all my family members but some of them
don’t like it be on camera everybody. Thank you so much for watching
it’s time for me to have fun. Take care bye bye.

100 thoughts on “You CAN’T Buy this TURKEY! Gotta make it | Guga Foods

  1. Yes Guga. Poultry normally is cooked throughout. However, duck is supposed to be cooked medium or medium rare. No wonder you ranked it lowest, yet the meat IS FAR superior to the other two. Sorry, but this experiment is failed. Go cook a proper breast fillet of duck, with their skin. You would be extremely grateful and surprised of the taste. No one ever will cook a duck breast well done how you did here. I'm actually amazed that you didn't know that…

  2. I think the reason why the duck breast is dry, is because it should be served medium rare, like a steak ! ( in french it is called a '' Magret de Canard '' )

  3. Amazing Atheist: I call my fast food meat combo sandwich the slaughterhouse to trigger vegans.
    Guga: Hold my wagyu and picanha.

  4. Hi Guga! It’s amazing to see the first series of videos compared to the ones you’re pumping out today. I am very impressed with your video editing skills. Is there any chance you can share any tips on “how to” make and edit videos to the same quality that you produce? I would truly appreciate that my brotha! Thanks and god bless!

  5. For me the best way to cook duck breast is no more than medium rare…. score the skin in a cross-hatch, not even all the way through the fat… cure on meat side with Chinese five spice an only salt on the skin side ( 12 hours),. Start in a cold pan and cook 90% on skin side, finish on meat side.

  6. If you wet brine you’re birds before de-boning, they will be more tasty and never dry! I prefer to season my brine too. You can also soak cheesecloth in butter, rendered fat, with or without white white and wrap your turkey in the cheesecloth and cook(for oven cooking). Baste right over cheesecloth throughout cooking. Take off cheesecloth for last 20-30 minutes and crank oven up a little bit. It will get crispy and delicious. You will get very desirable results.

  7. Turducken is popular here in Louisiana. Been around awhile now, and the duck portion has almost always been tough. ✌🤟🖖

  8. Probably need some more fat on the inside to make the duck in the center juicy. Frozen bits of herbed butter maybe? Ohh, some of your wagyu fat trimmings….

  9. When I was a young boy, my mom always used to trim the excess fat off birds, either chicken, duck, or turkey, and would render the fat out of the skin; when it was close to finished, she'd throw some chopped onions and garlic in the pan to fry while the skin got crispy. She strained and reserved the fat and put the skin, onions and garlic on a paper towel. My siblings and i would dig into that crispy skin and fried onion/garlic… oh man was that delicious!

  10. Guga : keep the skin intact

    Also Guga :slice the skin mercilessly

    Me : wait what?

    Hotel? Trivago

    You : meme too old

  11. the one and only time I had duck it was dry. the taste isn't very good either, reminded me of liver. duck isn't for me.

  12. If you do this again you should sous vide the meats first so you can cook them to their correct temperatures and not over cook it. Then finish it off in the bbq to crisp up the skin

  13. (My hacks for Turkey)
    -Seasoned or Compund Butter rubbed between the skin & Meat to keep moisture.
    -Skip stuffing, it's pointless asf
    -Fill it with Veggies & Aromatic Herbs & Spices.
    -If you like good veggie soup, the steamed vegetables & herbs are great for that after the Turkeys done.

  14. use honey, butter, and vinegar(1tablespoon of each) to baste every 30minutes for crispier and lightly sweet tasting skin… try it

  15. You should just do the turkey then mozzarella then ham then spinach then cheddar then chiken. It's will be better.

    Ps: the duck skin, you need season them after the frying and you get a good midnight snack!!

  16. I actually have question maybe you can answer in another video. If you pan sear a steak and baste it with butter does throwing in thyme, garlic, etc. actually change the flavor of the steak? Sometimes it seems like the herbs are in so briefly that it really wouldn't make much of a difference? And if you try this maybe do it with various sizes of steak since cooking time can make a difference ?

  17. The ancient Romans used to do this starting with a rhinoceros then a tiger or lion then progressively smaller animals until they got down to a chicken.

  18. I have done sausage inside turkey fillet wrapped in bacon… ate that on my bread for a while after… mrs doesn't allow me to make it again 🙁

  19. Hey Guga, we have this in South Africa . It's called TurDuckEn, and its sold at all our major supermarkets during this festive season

  20. Who invented the Turducken exactly? I've always heard the first one was made at a Specialty Meats in Maurice, Louisiana back in the mid 80s. But I've also heard that chef Paul Prudhomme from Opelousas, LA, came up with it in the 70s. Well, If either one is true, then that's funny, cause I've never tried one, yet I've been living here in Louisiana my entire life lol.

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