Yaksik (Sweetened Rice with Dried Fruits & Nuts: 약식)

(jazzy piano music) – Hi everybody! Today we are going to
make something sweet, chewy, delicious, delicious,
and nutritious thing. It’s called yaksik,
“yak” means “medicine,” “sik” means “food.” So why is it called yaksik? It’s delicious and nutritious,
the ingredients we use today is very, very precious, honey, nuts, and jujubes, dried fruits, pine nuts, this one can be used as a dessert or a snack, or breakfast. I used to make this a big batch. One by one, take it out and then reheat. A cup of coffee plus this as my breakfast. This is my, one of my
upcoming cookbook recipes. Over time, I’m going to make videos of recipes from my cookbook. This recipe is going to be my first recipe video from my cookbook. Plus, I have so many,
so many other recipes it doesn’t include my cookbook too. So I’m going to keep keep
making, do my best to, and show you how to make
delicious Korean dishes. This glutinous rice, sweet rice. We have to wash it, rinse and soak in cold water for five hours. We are going to measure two cups. Two cups. We are going to soak this five hours. 1/4 cup of white sugar, granulated sugar. Two tablespoons water,
and then, let’s boil. And don’t stir this, so let it boil. You can tip it little bit like
this, instead of stirring. So, six minutes it took, you see? The little color can you
see there, a little yellow? Turn down the heat to low. Funny thing about this recipe video, I’m following the recipe from
my own cookbook. (laughs) You see a little like smoky? until this is, a little dark, golden brown. If this is too burnt, it’ll
be a little bitter-tasting. Turn off, okay, and then here, I’m going to add two tablespoons water. And then, just a, see what a beautiful
caramel sauce we made! Also smells like a caramel smell. I’m going to steam this, my rice. This rice is just 10 minutes
ago I soaked this, but I soaked this same amount of
glutinous rice five hours ago. drain this. Five cups of water, I added here. And then, steamer basket. Whenever I steam something, I
use this one, just a cotton. Rice here. And then, just a little cover like this. I will just cook this for 40 minutes. 40 minutes after, when
this guy is really ringing, and then I’m going to stir this, my rice. Turn it over so that evenly cooked well. And then, 20 more minutes,
I’m going to turn down the heat, and then just simmer. Next, let’s make seasoning sauce. Brown sugar, it’s an
organic dark brown sugar. Dark brown is better than
just a normal brown sugar. Because brown color is
much much more appetizing. 1/4 cup, brown sugar
just smells really great. I love this smell. And then, I’m going to add grapeseed oil. Any cooking oil you can
use, two tablespoons. And also soy sauce, so
jin-gan-jang I’m using. Soy sauce, two tablespoons. And this is sesame oil, one tablespoon. And then this is cinnamon powder. So cinnamon powder, half a teaspoon. Well mix, until the
sugar is well dissolved. What do you think it tastes like? It tastes like sweet, a
little salty, and sesame oil. Delicious. (laughs) Heavy, heavy. (laughs) Oh. Okay, I’m going to cut these, my jujubes. I have large jujubes, 14. First, I’m going to wash this. Like a massage, so that
between the little wrinkles all dirty stuff if it has,
we have to remove. pretty, pretty! take one, and like this. Only one seed left, right? I’m going to cut this in half. If this is too much work, or
you’re just afraid of knife, in case of that, just use it this way. Just cut like this, see? Beautiful. Like this. A little larger size is
better, when you mix this, the red color is really standing out. If you cut this too small pieces, like all, everything’s dark, and this guy is also kinda little dark, so,
it’s not going to stand out. So I make that always like
large jujube I choose, and then half, and I’m using. Okay, this is jujube, but I
know you guys have a question, “Maangchi, I don’t know,
where can I find jujube? “Korean grocery store is nowhere here.” Use cranberries, dried cranberries. Really beautiful red color,
really working well. Around 1/4 cup. I will just add a little
bit dried cranberries. And then we are going to use this, two tablespoons pine nuts. You see these pine nuts, on tip, I always, you know, take it out. Look at this one, kinda ugly, when we cook something like that,
not pretty, like this. Some of you guys think, “Oh my! it takes too long time, how can I do?” This is all edible, you can
use whole, but I told you, I’m going to show you real
traditional way. (laughs) I always use this chestnut,
already canned chestnut. These days are really
good, you know, so you can pick up just easily at
the Korean grocery store. And, strain this. Add this in here. (timer ticking) Okay, 40 minutes, done. and let’s open this. Wow, look at this. So, turn it over, this thing, so around the edge part
is well cooked, but on top is a little uncooked. Each grain has to be
really tasty, not mushy. So that’s why I’m using
really traditional way. And then, cover, and I’m going
to cook just a little simmer, really low heat, for 20 more minutes. 20 minutes passed. Each grain is well, well cooked. I can’t help eating. Mmm, mmm~ delicious. Add the sauce, seasoning sauce. See that caramel sauce is like this. Okay, add this here. honey, 1/4 cup. Oh my, smells so good. and looks very shiny, rich, sweet. Keep mixing until all this
liquid is absorbed by rice. We are going to cook 30 more minutes. One cup, and then come back here. And then put this, all
transfer this to here. And then cover this again, like this. And then let’s boil again, medium heat. We cooked two times, if
you have a pressure cooker, you can make yaksik very easily
with a pressure cooker. All ingredients, just at
the same time, all together including, you make this
caramel sauce in this. And then done, that’s yaksik. And then I’m going to put
this all my rice here. It’s a edible rose, I got this from farmer’s market, and dried. Chrysanthemum, flower,
marigold, so I dried this. So pretty. Oh my, great, great. So, you can, oh wow. Mix this. Really pretty, isn’t it? I make this kind of a shape,
always using plastic wrap, make a really square shape
and freeze these guys. Whenever I want to eat or serve, I take it out, and at room temperature for 30 minutes, and I thaw out. And then, it tastes like a
really freshly-made rice cake. So I’m going to taste this. Mmm! Each grain of rice is just
like a small size of rice cake. That’s sweet, mmm.
(jazzy music) I love these jujubes, nuts and raisins, cinnamon flavor and sweet and
honey flavor all together. Serve with green tea, hot
tea, flower tea, just like me. And it’ll really go well together. We made yaksik today, enjoy my recipe. See you next time, bye!

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