Yakiniku! Grilling your own meat 焼肉 食べ放題!

R: So, we are here at yakiniku! R: And we’re being really difficult because we’re here at 2pm, there’s no one here, they had to turn on the lights for us… R: This is the normal price with drinks. R: But we chose not to get drinks so it’s “just” going to cost us $28.00. R: We can order for the next hour and a half, and then we have to finish eating within two hours. R: This one is tabehoudai (all-you-can-eat). R: I like this one because it has a lot of different options for vegetables, different things… like you can get soup or rice. R: A lot of people get rice but we’re not very Japanese, so we’re just pretty much getting meat and some vegetables. R: And then the really good ones are beef and pork. R: And since I don’t really know the differences for all of these, I just asked for the recommended ones. So we’ll see what we get here! R: She brought out all of this. S: This is great food. R: We can have as much of it as we want for the next two hours. S: We’re going to get so fat. R: I know! R: So, it’s raw meat that we cook ourselves and it’s always reeeeeally soft! R: So here’s a lot of beef and then some pork. R: Oh my god, that looks amazing! S: It’s sizzling. R: Omg… R: It’s so soft my chopstick like melted through it. R: It got stuck. R: I want to get a video of me poking this so you can see how soft it is. R: This is absurd! S: Melts in your mouth. R: The thing that makes Japanese yakiniku so good are the sauces they have. R: The sauces are delicious! R: I’m going to go for the sweet ones. I always like the sweet. S: I’m going to go spicy. R: I’ll do both. R: The only thing you have to be careful about is that some of these places if you’re doing the all you can eat, the tabehoudai, then if you don’t eat all of something, they charge you extra for it. R: Oh my god. R: Ommaghhrdd. R: It’s like melting! S: It’s that good? R: How’s yours? S: Delicious. S: I’m in heaven right now. I’m telling you I’m going to be getting so fat. R: Since we just asked for recommendations, we don’t really know which one’s which. R: Shane’s testing them out one by one with no sauce to figure out which one’s the best. R: This is his look of concentration. S: It’s between these two. R: These two. S: These are the juicy fat ones that are delicious. R: The ones that melt. S: Yeah. R: Okay. S: This one melts, too, but I think this one tastes better. R: Okay. R: But we should get this one again. R: Okay. All right, got it. R: These two right here, plus this miso pork. S: It’s so good. R: Omg it was so good. R: Being the American pigs that we are, we’ve eaten almost everything so far. R: I’m on break. S: I’m still going! R: I can’t eat anymore. R: We are so full! S: So full of meat.

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  1. Loved going to these restaurants as a kid especially when my dad had to feed six of us! My brother and I would always fight over the pork belly! I am pretty lucky to have at least a Korean BBQ place near by to share this experience with friends who come can visit me! As for the sauces, I find that a nice balance of sweet and spicy is pretty good for not only the palate, but the digestive system as well. XD

  2. 私は肉のグリルを試してみたい、日本に行きたい。私は豚肉を食べることができないので、私はチキンとビーフを得るために、私の最善を尽くします…素晴らしいですね!

  3. I am SO COMING to Japan now!!!!! I've always thought this was some made up thing from 'Naruto'. now I know why Choji is a butterfly, just looking at all that yummy meat making me have butterflies in my tummy…… hmmmmm so tasty

  4. Watching this video made my stomach growl, haha!!! I probably shouldn't watch videos about food when I'm hungry.

  5. kind of weird they charge you more if you don't eat it all… is that to teach people a lesson about wasting food? sometimes restaurants here expect you to eat everything but sometimes I want to taste test. I won't go back to those places it makes me nervous

  6. At first I thought the title said creating.The sci-fi nurd in me ran wild…*sigh XD
    Well thanks for the vid :)..and shane *sniff wwwwhy :}

  7. Cant say for sure but that middle plate on the right (0:56) looks like kobe beef… That alone would be worth the price you paid =p.

  8. Looks so good… <3__<3
    Last summer I ate a medium rare steak for the first time and since then I've been in love with meat. I liked it before, but when you eat it medium or medium plus it really is much better.

  9. Los Angeles has korean bbq buffet just how you were eating …we usually don't order rice either cus it makes us full ..went home 4 hours later n our clothes smelled like beef…

  10. My mouth is watering now…If i ever go to Japan this will be the first place I eat at. Ugh Im so hungry now

  11. Hi! I'm really interested with this restaurant after I watched your video. Me and my friends are planning to visit Japan well, it's on December but can i have the address in romaji please so i can look it up?? Thanks! ^^

  12. I feel like the reason that america doesn't have this is because someone would undercook the meat then get really sick and sue them. Something a typical american would do for some money or just out of being a dumbass lol.

  13. Haha I went to a place really similar to this for my birthday last year! We got fish, too (shrimp was GlOrIoUs) but I was wondering if this kind of mini grill style place was common in Japan? I have only ever seen one like this in the US where I live.

  14. WOW~ JAPAN~~ you guys think Kimchi is japanese food too! right? LOL. Actually, yakiniku started by Korean immigrants living in Japan. It hasn't been long time since Japanese people started to eat meat. Japanese has always preferred fish to meat. You can not deny that. In case of bbq, Japan is definitely influenced by Korean culture.

  15. Does someboday know a good Yakiniku restaurant in Osaka or Kyoto that has an english menu? doesn't speak Japanese, but would love to try it

  16. タレ付きの肉は日本食を食べたことないアメリカ人にも受け入れられそうな味なんでしょうか?

  17. The food looks amazing~~ I remember when I went to a Korean barbecue (which is similar to this) and it was so delicious. Weird how they charge you extra for not finishing the food though? XD

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  19. I'm going to Japan in 2 months, where in Japan is this located? We're trying to stay around the tokyo area without taking the Shikansen. And do they have an english menu?

  20. I am surprised some many people in the comments weren't familiar with this type of restaurants. They are fairly common here, in Canada, and are usually refereed to as "Korean BBQ".

  21. In holland we have this thing called gourmetten where you put a special grillplate on the dinnertable and put raw meat and vegies on the table too, and then everyone grills their own meat. It's very similar to this ^^

  22. Lol the first thing I thought of when I see the title is cannibalism cuz u said grill our own mean lol

  23. So people saying they don't have this in America go to a true Korean restaurant in NYC they give you raw chicken even.

  24. ★ The origin of Yakiniku is Korea.
    Until the 19th century, the Japanese did not eat meat for 1,200 years.
    Because of Japan's Buddhist culture, it banned meat eating altogether. However, it was restricted to fish and shellfish to eat. On the other hand, South Korea had no limits on eating meat because it ruled Buddhism before the 20th century.
    In the early 20th century, ethnic Koreans in Japan introduced Korean barbeque dishes in Japan. It is the origin of Yakiniku, Japan.

    However, the Japanese cooked and fabricated the history of Korean bulgogi(Yakiniku). And Korean bulgogi(Yakiniku) is introduced as a traditional Japanese food.

  25. I've been vegetarian all my life by choice, and have never been tempted to try meat… but this, this looks so delicious!

  26. I'm from Colorado and when I was young I lived in Telluride, it's a ski resort town in the mountains, and they had a grill your own steak restaurant.

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