20 thoughts on “Wolfgang Puck Signature Perfect Portable Rice Cooker

  1. This one of the best products I have ever purchased. The rice comes out perfect and it is very easy to use. I recommend this product to anyone who would like a rice cooker.

  2. My first try was rice pudding. It scalded and left a noticeably burnt taste. Condensation made a mess too. Not certain what I may have done wrong. I noticed at 5:24 of HSN video that plain rice had browned slightly. Now I understand how my rice and milk burned. Gets very (too ?)hot before going into warm mode. Any suggestions ? Thank you.

  3. I posted a review of these little Wolfgang Puck rice cookers and although I love the versatility overall they are little pieces of crap LOL they work really really well but not for very long

  4. He ought to be ashamed of putting his name on the crap he sells. I wouldn't waste anymore money on his appliances.

  5. In Australia someone rebranded this unit and called it ECO POT QUICK POT, and are charging $80 for it on TVSN!

  6. i bought one longtime ago, it is scratch now, i would like to buy new one but i called HSN , they said the product is no longer sale with HSN. Anyone have phone number of WOLFGAnG PUCK for me to order with same price. Please post. Thank you in advance. i look up AMAZON but price is much higher.

  7. These look great.
    I'd like to buy a mini rice cooker.
    But, I wouldn't touch any Non Stick appliance..why not Ceramic, or Stainless Steel?
    I've not managed to find anything similar with those finishes ;O(

  8. sucks for millennials that don't watch TV!!!! …. its hard to find this when they are selling it!!! I been trying to get this since the first generation but i can never catch it when they are selling it

  9. I LOVE MINE … actually bought 2 … one in my kitchen and one in my travel bag for use in hotels on vacation for breakfasts and lunches since pasta, dried veggies and canned sauces & meats are easy to tote anywhere ..

  10. So, I guess after wasting a lot of my time, I am guessing that it is equal parts water and rice. W/P don't be a DICK! clearly explain the basic use of your device before you go into mac and cheese. Your Measuring cup only goes up to 3/4 cup, and it is almost impossible to read because he had it manufactured by idiots. You need to hold the measuring cup up to a strong light to read the measuring cup that came with it. The FONT is tiny. I downloaded the pdf and it said only to add 1& 1/2 cups of rice then fill it up the remainder to the RAW line with water.

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