Why processed meats are bad (CAS 100 policy speech)

can you tell me what cigarettes and
hotdogs have in common no I didn’t think so according to the International Agency
of research on cancer cigarettes plutonium and asbestos has been
classified as a process one as a group on carcinogen what’s surprising is that
processed meat has also been classified as a group 1 carcinogen processed meats
are any meats that have been transformed through either
salt incurring fermentation or smoking some examples are hot dogs corn beef ham
sausage and beef jerky studies show that not only diet high in processed meat
cause cancer but also they increase the risks of strokes and diabetes according
to the global burden of disease project around 34,000 people die every year due
to diet high in processed meats and myself included I assume that some of
you guys have had have her had family members affected by cancer stroke or
diabetes I believe that we know better than anyone that this issue should be
taken to heart therefore I believe that the u.s. federal government should start
a health campaign discouraging the consumption of processed meats and
increase awareness on on its harms my following points I will talk about the
problem about consuming processed meats and then I’ll talk about the solution
the u.s. federal government can implement to
fix this issue I think the problem is that there’s too much consumption of
processed meats in the United States an average American consumes about 1600
grams of processed meats just means every week this is the same as eating
about seven Big Macs every week according to a meta-analysis from
Cambridge University an increase in one serving of processed meat per day was
associated with 13% increased risk of stroke another meta-analysis shows 50
grams of processed meat per day was associated with 18% increased risk of
colorectal cancer this would mean that 275 grams of meat consumption PER DAY would lead
to a hundred percent increased risks of colorectal cancer the reason behind why
processed meats cause cancer is not yet fully understood but according to the
International Agency of research for cancer cooking with high temperatures
could generate compounds which contribute to carcinogenic risks also
different preservation methods could lead to formation of carcinogens the the
average American consumes two times what the study finds is dangerous
to cause various chronic diseases this is an alarming number and it should be a
wake-up call for a lot of people to fix their diet now I will propose my
solution which is for the US federal government start a public service
announcement which is government’s own expression to communicate on a
particular viewpoint this is a very feasible plan because not only is there
leeway and governments be but the by saving countless lives
suffering from cancer stroke or diabetes the US government will save also save a
lot of money from reduced health care costs Institute for health and
productivity studies state that the impact of an aging population on
escalating US healthcare cost is influenced largely by prevalence of
chronic disease in this population this basically means that less sick people
equals less health care costs there’s been successful health campaigns in the
past such as campaigns to increase seatbelt use decrease smoking and
consumption of sugar sweet beverages an example is the California’s tobacco
control program which with the use of media campaigns has successfully the
normalized smoking in 1996 there were 20% of adult smokers in California
however that number went down to 10.5% by 2015 so to summarize the study of
processed meats has included 22 experts from 10 different countries there has
been 800 studies reviewed over 20 years and concluded that processed meats are
strongly linked with risks of cancer diabetes and strokes this is a
government’s duty to look after the well-being of its people and therefore I
believe that they should start our health campaign to increase awareness
and decrease discourage the consumption of processed meats
thank you

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