Why are French women so thin & the food so good?… | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte

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  1. It's 12 fruits/veggies a day, 3 spoons of everything, 1h lunch break… and not as many croissants as you'd think 😅. Is that what you thought about the French way of eating?
    PS: no eye make-up at all in this video (because I know the question will come 😉).

  2. One misconception I had about the French was you guys ate lots of pastries, never knew French diet is so healthy. Plus you have a very sweet likable personality, you get positive vibes just by watching you talk.

  3. I’m convinced the American food industry is determined to make the largest profit at the expense of our health. They know sugar is highly addictive and if they put it in everything, we want and need more. Sugar is in everything and it shouldn’t be. Most Americans are oblivious to this. Even in restaurants. Very interesting to hear that other countries this is not done. I wonder if the French government helps to control this so they food industry doesn’t prey on its people for profit.

  4. I love your videos. They are very helpful and you are so humble ( some fashion you-tubers act like their opinion is the only truth and it is horrible). I don't drink anything sweet too, I like black coffee, fresh juice and fresh milk. I live in Canada and you have to see people's reaction when I tell them I do not drink soda or Starbucks! I also walk everywhere and I love it, it's great exercise and you can enjoy your surroundings!

  5. Hi, Justine!
    This is very useful video and opinion for me. Great job! I think I'll share this with my friends.
    Especial thanks for Russian subtitles, because my English isn't so good yet.
    Wish you a good day 🍉🌞🌈

  6. I'm not a German but I eat very fast. In Poland we say: "the way you eat, the same way you work". Which mean if you eat slowly you are lazy for work. That's terrible isn't it?

  7. Gracias por q este vídeo este en español, soy de México y tengo la fortuna de comer de toooodo y nunca engordar ya q en México nuestra alimentación es básicamente de carbohidratos. Mil gracias por el vídeo soy tu fan. Amo q estén en español. Mido 1.70 y peso 54 kilos. No me puedo quejar.

  8. I'm getting sad within the years while living here in Brazil. I'm very young but everyday I go to school in the morning I see most of the kids drinking soda and eating snacks such as potato chips, ice cream and mini pizzas. Everyone gets tired easily, everyone miss attention and don't care about our culture of health. I really apreciate Japan and France for that good living the own country does for them… :((

  9. I thought your video was very good, very common sense. You may not believe this, but it is true, what I am about to say. Many of us in the United States grew up with those same values about eating healthy and getting physical exercise. That is until the Deep State decided to try and destroy the American people by every means possible. They put sugar in all of our foods, and then told us sugar was bad after they had everyone's taste buds and bodies addicted to sugar, so they created artificial sweeteners made from the bacteria from rat poop. I kid you not. Nutrasweet was made in my hometown area in Augusta, Georgia, and it is made from the bacteria from rat poop. The FDA-Food and Drug administration knew this product was deadly and still they allow it. It is the same way with most of the food products in America. It is the same way with vaccines in America, they knowingly added mercury and even live cancer cells to vaccines then pushed the limits requiring small babies to take massive doses of vaccines that used to be given in three or four stages over months or even years, and now we have an explosion of children with Autism. My two year old grandson was diagnosed with leukemia 3 years ago. How does a two year old child develop cancer? Like my husband said, "What? Are they born with cancer?" As bad as that is, the so called Pediatric Oncologist have had this baby on Chemo and Radiation, Spinal taps, and lung biopsies, he just had a lung biopsy two weeks ago, his second or third. And after 3 years this baby is still on Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments and still has a spinal tap once a month. Why? If the chemo and radiation has not killed the cancer by now, after 3 years, it never will! But the reason is much simpler. Chemo and Radiation medicines are the only medicines in the US that doctors and the pharmacy make thousands of dollars off of every prescription. One prescription cost $9000 and the doctor and pharmacy split about $5000 or $6000 and the drug company gets the other $3000-$4000. They have scared my daughter and her husband into keeping my little 4 yr old grandson Jackson who will be 5 in just a couple of weeks, on this medicine since he was diagnosed almost 3 years ago, telling them that if he even misses one dose it raises his chances for a reoccurrence. This is what we are dealing with in the United States. They put a fast food restaurant and quick shop on every corner of every little town and city. They fill our grocery stores with gmo and hybrid foods and chemical enhancers they know are deadly. They don't care. That is why so many Americans are overweight. They started dumbing down our education system so they no longer teach anything of value, much less food and health. They drench our farms in chemical pesticides on top of planting GMO seeds. These evil criminals in the Deep State of America should be indicted, tried, and then hung for what they have done to the American people.

  10. Mango, plums, dates, coconut. Hot bread with olive oil. Soup is the food of the Gods. Sushi. On Saturdays and Sundays, scrambled eggs, hash browns, crispy bacon, buttered rye toast. On weekdays, oatmeal with nuts and assorted fruits, with a little bit of honey to add a little flavor. Coffee everyday or I can't function. Prefer Dunkin Donughts coffee to Starbucks, not as bitter.

    French food. I have never been to France. Been to London and Italy, lived in Spain. The thing that worries me if I went to France for a year is, for the first three to six months, I would be in heaven with French food – I would explore every crook and cranny, preferably with a friend I met there but alone is fine too. But after six months, I think I might get oppressed by it. Variety is the spice of life?

    One of the greatest thing about living in the US is, one day you can do take out Chinese, Indian the next day, Italian the next, Cuban the next, Mediterranean the next, etc..Interestingly enough, I never think, let's do French today. Maybe that has to change.

    French people work 10 hours a day, easily? They must be meeting their significant others at work then since, when else is there time? Don't they take siestas there, or like a 2 hour lunch, or is that in Italy only? Night clubs on weekends? No wonder the population of France and Germany are imploding!

    Smoking, stress – ugh, that is not a good combination. I work out three times a week – the greatest stress reliever and therapy known to man (I have a t-shirt with a picture of bar and weights and below it says – My Therapist) I don't smoke, but if I am at a night club, I have no problem smoking a cigarette with a beer (and a shot of Stolichnaya before the beer – clicking sound with the tongue in cheek).

    What happened to the image that I have in my head about France, Joi de vivre?

  11. I can say it’s difficult to live a French lifestyle as I hoped to where I’m from. Cars are always available, taxis are the second options to personal cars, outdoor activity is limited and good quality food takes off 50% of your salary. But I’m not complaining I can opt for a similar lifestyle while optimizing the resources I’m exposed to like free fitness centers down the road and free medical care

  12. "The body doesn't like drama", in the US there is a lot of drama, food wise. Prepackaged/prepared, genetically engineered, sugar added, artificial colorants, preservatives and who knows what other added stuff is is in there. And if you happen to live in a state that needs to import a lot of vegetables/fruits it becomes very cost prohibitive to buy organically.

  13. I think saying that French women are thin is particularly a myth. I was born and raised in Paris and I live in US now. I agree that I see more obese people in the US because the food education is really not as good as in France for sure but France is now taking the same road. More and more people are obese in France too and obesity is increasing more in France than in the US.

  14. Very nice video. Some things are similar in Hungary, for example the obligatory soup or trying to get ecological fruits and vegetables, but I also learned some points which are different and seem quite "being-in-harmony" with ourselves, which is just great.

  15. I agree! I live in Italy… only here they eat too much pasta. No microwave! I buy food almost daily. I think we eat slow… lunch is 2 hours!😂

  16. The quality of food is much better in Europe than it is in America and Australia . Although Australia gets a lot of sun to grown fruits and vegetables there are no labelling laws for things like MSG and GMO foods. The wheat in the US and Australia is drenched in round up before it is harvested. I do not not eat non organic grains in Australia for these reasons.

  17. I just spent two weeks in Paris and I agree with only one thing: The food is good. The French women (and especially the men) however were the rudest people I have ever encourntered. French women also make very little effort with their clothes, never wear frocks or skirts and their skin is on the whole, tanned and wrinkled because they gallop everywhere (the real reason they are so thin) and believe in going au natural. If you want to see stunning well dressed women who don't wear arrogance like a badge of honour and actually enjoy being pleasant to others, visit Sydney, Italy, New York or any of those Scandenavian countries. Actually basically anywhere but France. And yes, they smoke like chimneys. You dont' smoke? too bad, they don't care.

  18. I read somewhere smoking helps suppress appetite thus keeps weight down
    ..not sure if this is a myth or not. But her healthy eating habits is definitely an important point! Thank u for sharing!

  19. Its unbelievable how similar European countries are. I was also never allowed to eat too much sweets as a kid, and I could never ever drink sodas, ate a lot of fruits and I don't remember ever hating any kind of food. When I was little, my familly owned a little garden with all the fresh vegies and fruits, we only had to buy meat, bread, dairy and spices. Mom made all three meals throughout the day even though she worked, we didn't even know what the food delivery is. I really apppreciate the effort my parents and grandparents put into my diet and growing up.

  20. If I’m only in France for a week vacation, you better believe I’m going to eat all that yummy food and stuff my face. If I move there, different story (maybe) 😂

  21. Wait this is wrong Corn isn't difficult to cook, its actually one of the most easiest and quickest fresh vegetables to cook…….You tube is really beginning to annoy me with people making inaccurate comments! :/ Also being thin isn't always a good thing either just because a person is thin doesn't always mean they are healthy, l know being overweight isn't good for you but being thin can be just as bad if not worse. Everyone is different and we should all embrace that and not put so much pressure onto people looking a certain way. In some cultures being thin is actually considered unattractive and ugly. Men like a bit of meat on their Women , bones are for Dogs…..( I jest) However being part of a society that leads to young girls hating themselves or becoming Anorexic is no joke and we should not be Glorifying being Thin! There is NO perfect body shape and we need to stop making women think that if they do not fit the cookie cutter shape that is considered beautiful, then they must be Ugly. Its not even fashionable to be thin right now according to society and the media and to be honest I think that's a good thing…..as for a certain body type being attractive or food being "so good" that is a matter of perspective too….I used to work for Raymond Blanc, he is wonderful talented and a pleasure to be around and an amazing chef but its all about personal taste , I've eaten food in france I can honestly say I enjoy much other different cultural healthy food better…but again its all about perspective.

  22. Hi Justine, just want to say how much I like your vids on lifestyle, fashion etc. Always look forward to your next video.

  23. Was going to have fish and chips for dinner, then I watched this and thought… hmmm. So went to the local grocery store and bought a piece of fillet steak and mushrooms plus a salad with roast pumpkin, beetroot, sweet potato, feta, roasted pepitas and baby spinach with an olive oil and balsamic glaze. Probably have a glass of red to go with it. It's all about making the right choices. Great video. Loving your content. Hi from Australia.

  24. That sounds like a pretty healthy way of living. We did a 1 week student exchange in Lyon when I was in school, and I was shocked at the amount of sweets and desserts you would get at school lunch, and the (lack of) actual breakfast. But I guess you make up for that in other areas throughout the day

  25. Justine, Thank you for this video. I would love to try some of your grandmother's and mother's soups. I love soups. Do you have any of your favorite soup recipes you would be willing to share? I've googled French soups but I'm afraid they are not authentic. Thank you very much for your very informative videos. You have a very calming tone in your voice

  26. I am a picky eater and have terrible eating habits. I only crave fruit, chocolate, bread, peanut butter, and chicken nuggets. It is really bad, so I might try these tips!

  27. "We work ten hours a day and commute two, so there's no time left for sports." Where do you find the time to shop every few days for the freshest of foods, then prepare them all at home yourselves?

  28. I like the idea that the body likes routine and not drama. It made me think of not jumping to another diet fad again.

  29. i loved that there is a focus on eating balanced, fresh meals. rather than saying "eat little" or "restrict portion sizes", people would rather say that it's important to eat food that is fresh and genuine. that's beautiful. as an italian, i feel like my culture also has a similar mentality. we really love food and wouldn't restrict calories or go on strict diets, but rather focus on eating well and in a balanced way. the thing that my grandma tells me the most is to eat every kind of food, a bit of everything, with balance, without excluding anything from our diet. but we also definitely think it's important to eat food that is fresh and cooked at home. most people i talk to, here, have a bad opinion on fast food/junk food and would rather avoid it.

  30. Hi Justine, I like your videos. If I listen to you I will loose weight and be pretty like before. Your accent is what I need to listen to your advice!!!

  31. Never felt more French (never been to France, have no French blood in my veins, hardly know any French))) Thanx, Justine)))

  32. Fascinating! My husband and I watch a lot of older French movies and you’ve answered a lot of curiosities I’ve had about diet and lifestyle. Thank you!

  33. stress makes your body go into crisis mode and stores fat for later, so I don't think your stress argument is really,, accurate, but the rest seems reasonable

  34. Your accent is so lovely. I'm sure you get this compliment often. However, it's true. I really enjoyed this video. I dream of going to Paris for vacation in a few years.

  35. My mother cooked everything and when I was about 12 I seriously learned to cook and bake. I notice a difference in taste when I eat prepared foods – usually too salty or too sweet. That being said, I am a sugar addict because my mother didn't like sweets so I had to learn to make them myself! But I am thin because I don't eat large portions, I like to walk a couple of miles most days to do quick errands as well as workout with dumbbells using youtube videos

  36. Thank you Justine! This helps a lot, I'm Asian, been living my whole life with full carb diets, noodles, rice and many many fat delicious meals. Now I know the secret of chic French women. I agree with you, how food education is really important. We don't get much of that, here in my country.

  37. Very interesting, and made a lot of sense. After viewing this I looked for a recipe but have not found one that sounds like what you described. Could you share a link to one that is close to what you grew up with.

  38. this “getting it right at a young age” is so true. all of my friends drink sugary or fizzy drinks, however I wasn’t allowed to drink them until I was was around 7/8. And now all I ever drink is water and maybe tonic or lemonade on a rare occasion:)

  39. Ok guys, I'm sorry but I am french. So maybe this is true where Justine leaves in France but from where I come from in France it's not fully true. Yes we definitely eat a lot of vegetables and fruits but we do eat processed food because not everybody has the time or the money to cook fresh all the time. We eat bad and good food. We all have microwaves. There's plenty of girl going on a diet, I did it and so did a lot of people I know. And one last thing WE BASICALLY ARE NO DIFFERENT. I'm sorry Justine but I really don't like those "Why are French girls so skinny" videos…Because most of the times you are only using yourself as an exemple whereas, most girl in France don't really eat like you or whatever. Not a troll, just saying.

  40. These are decent points but I do know French people who regularly do all the things you say French people, not all of them are Parisian a lot were from Picardie, don’t get me wrong they cooked at home lovely meals, but they did drink sodas and wine and coffee with cream lol and like a lot of people, I this could explain why lots of French people are thin, but not the rest who do all these things you said everyone doesn’t do lol.

  41. I had so many food sensitivities. Now not anymore as I worked with a good mycrobiologyst. But anyway, when I was in Paris I avoided the restaurants and I would buy stupid soy milch to which i would react to. One day I decided to risk it and ate at a normal place. I could not believe how good the food was and how I had zero reactions. Then i remmembered how french farmers go on strike when monsanto or other shady companies try to sell their products. For example, I live in Switzerland now and here Roundup is still legal. They even spray it on train track of to keep weed at bay. So thats a good difference of mentality between swiss and french farmers. Swiss farmers, even though subsidiesed they still support chemicals so they can increase their production, where french farmers dont. well, done.

  42. I love France, but the french don’t love me. I learn french in hope it makes the conversation better. I like the french food a lot and I love the amazing tasty bread and sweets in the bakery’s. I am sad that I am too big to wear the beautiful clothes and do the sports activities I saw. I admire the french, how they meet in the evening and eat and talk and have fun. In Germany everyone sits at home. I also sit at home alone and eat out of frustration.

  43. The main thing I heard was to eat whole food, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, little processed, little salt and sugar. Soup, is a mainstay. Sounds like what I'm doing, which is whole foods/plant based… no added oil, little salt or sugar. Somehow it's become a special diet here in the US, as opposed to daily fare. Thank you, Justine, for talking about this issue. It's true that we often wonder how French women do it. Eating enough at each meal so you won't need to snack is also great wisdom. The best thing I've learned to do is plan ahead and not depend on grabbing a last minute meal at a fast food joint. Sounds like France hasn't turned to the drive through yet, although, American companies have tried to spread the fast food craze throughout the world… I certainly see how it helps with convenience, but I think it's caused a lot of overeating of the wrong things. Certainly not a lot of fruits and vegetables. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful breakdown of your food life.

  44. Justine, interesting what you said about black coffee. All my relatives in Auvergne start each morning with a HUGE café au lait and either croissant or some baguette with jam.

  45. French people also posess the genes which help to maintain a lean figure and they are literally born slim. And stay so.
    This is also truth.
    We have to be honest about genes. They play a big role

  46. You should do a video on wines as well … please ? For us non-parisiens ☺ things like combinations with white and red wine … and technique of drinking wine.

  47. I think an indulgence mentality is actually helpful. The body does need some sugar, and fat is nothing to be afraid of, not even saturated fat because the body breaks even on it, but the FDA has lied to Americans. Overdoses of sugar damage the heart more than anything else, but the sugar industry bought the FDA's silence so it took the word decades to get out properly in the US. Just cutting out added sugars and white flour carbs that turn to sugar in the body can already make a huge difference in weight. GMOs are nothing to be afraid of; the crossing of species happens naturally as well, and in fact it's much better than the toxic pesticides we are using now if our crops are bred to be resistant to bacteria. (GMOs save lives in third world countries as well by ensuring the safety and plentitude of crops.) In America, there's a mentality of body-shaming and a stress culture which make food harder to cook and married to a guilt cycle. Fighting the natural urge to eat leads to fasting and binging in turn which are so unhealthy. Simply learning to let myself enjoy food and learning better ways to de-stress has done wonders for me. I never stopped gaining or started losing weight until I, ironically, took that indulgence mentality and freed myself from guilt and toxic thinking.

  48. Most likely the best master class to reach a healthy weight in a very enjoyable and healthy way …. viva la France 🇫🇷

  49. I am from Poland and although our young society is aware of healthy lifestyle, in my opinion, our older generation have a lot of bad habits came from East in Communism times and (what worse) – what did happen after it. I mean unhealthy spieces, colourful drinks, tones of sugar, people quite often buys too much, eats too much, because when Poles lived in 1945 – 1989, the stores was just empty most of time, and I think, after that time people learned to buy for reserve (some kind of backup).

  50. "We don't eat anything processed…we eat a lot of bread." I love your videos, but as a food/farm educator there is a lot of confusion with food definitions. I believe it may be better to say we don't eat things with a long shelf life, as those foods will have more preservatives. If it's not raw, it's processed in some way. I'd also love for you to consider that genetic modification is not the worst thing on the planet. As a self-proclaimed lover of our Earth, there are so many benefits of genetic tweaks to foods, one of the most important is less insecticides need to be used. Others include better nutrition, disease tolerance, and some allow farmers to utilize no-till methods that save so much topsoil. Thanks again for your insightful videos. #foodforthought

  51. Oh, lebst du in Deutschland? Ich war für eine Woche 2014 in Paris und ich schwärme immer noch davon. Ich habe mit meinem Freund dort immer jeden Tag ein Spiel gespielt. Derjenige, der zuerst jemanden findet, der nicht "ordentlich" aussieht, hat gewonnen. Jeden Tag haben wir beide verloren. In Paris sah jeder schick aus, und das hat mich so fasziniert. Ich finde es schade, wie in Deutschland kaum noch wert darauf gelegt wird, "präsentierbar" auszusehen.

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