WHO IS MEAT SUIT? | An Anti-Tutorial

[telephone ringing] [picks up] Take a moment to have an immersive experience here from my mouth, to your ears. A conception of thought patterns brought to fruition, in the form of skin and bones. A perception of lines birthed from an idea begging to be brought to the pupils of yours and mine. Meat suit is a vehicle for creation to bring forth and hold a reality in what we call hands. Who is meat suit? The wrong question to be asking. If you say “I”, you have not opened them. To ask a paint brush who it is, is to not expect, nor truly want, a reply. My mother, my father, my child, my lover. A giver, a taker, but most importantly, a creator. Physical make up creation creating a physical makeup creation. A god of my own two eyes but not I. What is meat suit? Meat suit is right in front of your eyes. My eyes, but neither you, nor I. Imagery. A soliloquy. A message. A tool. Tell me… Who and what are you? [hangs up]

61 thoughts on “WHO IS MEAT SUIT? | An Anti-Tutorial

  1. ♥♥I love you so much! YOU are the kind of person who can just say fuck off, but I can take those flowers your holding, lol you know what I mean.♥♥

  2. my names meat suit and i care what u think

    nO but really this is so creative and wonderful, thank you, void. always blown away by everything u create <3

  3. This is so.. just amazing. It is creative, it is art, it is deep thinking but yet beautiful. <3 Great job as always!

  4. I fucking love this. I love how much this makes me think, I love the aesthetic of this and of you . I love everything about it. Keep up your amazing work!!! I love you and your incredible art!

  5. I came from your Instagram just to see this and it was incredibly inspiring, I'm so happy I did. Would you be alright with someone recreating this, obviously giving credit to you for the original idea? This invoked so much imagery and feeling in me, and I would love to document what I felt from this as you did if you would be alright with that. If not, I completely understand. Wonderful, thought-provoking video either way.❤

  6. Every once in a while I come back to see and listen to this. Simply amazing, it really does make you think. Thanks for this, Void, for EVERYTHING you create. The Inspiration you infuse into my whole being, cannot be described by words, but it's there and is massive. Thank you, again and always. xoxo

  7. Who am I? I don't know. I have been lost with this thought for years now. This video made me question who I am more. Hmmmm.

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