What’s In Taco Bell Meat?

Taco Bell has released information about
what they put in their ground beef and interestingly
enough they say that the majority of the substantive actual beef about 88 percent beef but
now they’re releasing information about the other substances they put in there and they’re saying hey you know what
there’s nothing to worry about it’s not going to harm your health i mean they do have a a little bit of an
interest in telling us that is not going to hurt or help but they did a really specific details
we’ll get to that in a second now Taco Bell beef products do have
weird names this is according to what they said but they’re all safe n approved by the
FDA and of course if the FDA approves it it must be saying hmm so here’s another statement that they
released their common ingredients also found in food items at your grocery
store each ingredient helps make our seasoned
beef notice the capitalization me great many for items you might use at
home such as salt peppers and spices ingredients like oats and sodium
phosphate help make sure the texture is right so
let’s get into the specifics what do they include and I’m up analyst
everything because I we would do like an hour long segment
on it but one thing they put in there is a substance known as amato Dreux tryn another announced that right at my best alright
it sounds weird but it’s actually a formal mildly sweet sugar we use to
balance the flavor you may have had it the last time you
had natural soda because natural soda usually has a
chemical in it I’m but I one thing I do want to know there’s a
PR a PhD from Duke University his name is Derek Lowe and he says he absolutely
hates the argument that if you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t you did you things it’s ridiculous but now that
I’ve given you the first substance that questionable for some people what do you
guys think I don’t think I know that that is in a lot of foods a multi-node external believe it is in
is it a lot of stuff and I think look if they’ve got up to 88
percent beef that sounds higher than I would have guessed I’m a fan of Taco Bell I feel better
about my talk about I’m really happy so yesterday we were doing a story about on labeling genetically modified foods
and does he made the argument that hey you know what they did this in your up
and then the Gamo up foods just got destroyed people were
buying them anymore and her argument is that it wouldn’t have the same consequence
here in the United States because Americans don’t care as much about what
they even have to you perfectly demonstrated thank you thank you I am an average down
American but alright so another product be using something known
as Toru Luiz to end this is a form abuse they give their seasoned beef a more savory taste and I don’t i don’t understood is a savory
means like me D and meat flavored I think the meat
should give you or me a meaty taste not used and the money
much again and then the first one maltodextrin um itself for Moammar to balance out the flavor again you can
bounce up later with season the government did you not about
that the player with the slavery of course they do in balkan he was for heart disease and take a
false ego the top give that a media so hard to do that way
I get it but some as well so back to our our Derek Lowe
Art chemist from Duke in he says he has no
patience you mention this no patience someone who says that they
can’t pronounce it anyone needed so I will be good for you that you’re not paying rent one thing
they can read the what the fuck this and therefore be honest and reasonable they
wanted what’s wrong with that so I will say so I what are the reasons for and that we
find like sugar and a lot of foods that don’t even taste sweet is because sugar
can influence foods you know beyond the actual apparent sweetness a bit like
it increases mouthfeel or acting now you feel perfectly cut my
like alan Gordon yeah want to do their mobile free throw it out there that what we
know about we started working in a mean I barely
know how much I love my job I apologize please finish it does sound weird but also like for
instance you if you add sugar to something you can make existing players last line
makes that didn’t last longer in your mouth when they had the effect beyond
just sweetness I don’t know why I am standing up for
gigantic Taco Bell but RBIs Crunchwrap Supremes what can I say they also use modified corn starch job and I like what I like their reasoning
for using with actually it’s derived from corn all really I stable in mexican culture I through it I heard the relief we use a small amount
and big nerd and maintain moisture in our
seasoned beef its common in many foods like yogurt which location in the
morning to again they go to all these is like aid justin is one article is prime
medium or overall but them saying these things are common
other things always comment I get this this things are better magic
lose our body that would probably shouldn’t inject
more you know anything that we produce that maybe organism or is gonna fuck is all about this because
it’s something else doesn’t mean you not to be cost the one thing you heard me
discussing it doesn’t mean he’s got whatever yet another thing so I’ll eat it it’s
fine to think about what you’re doing is the bottom line mother I just I do want to commend Taco
Bell for being transparent about what’s in their meat I think it was a ballsy
move there were a few instances where their
reasoning was ridiculous like with the cornstarch they don’t need to explain to
us that Mexican the courtly W but I would not have any other night I
like information I think it’s important for us to be informed about what we put
in our bodies and in this case they were being upfront about it and that’s a good thing

100 thoughts on “What’s In Taco Bell Meat?

  1. Wow, 3 biggest idiots on the planet. Just when you think you've heard from most idiot people, this dumb video shows up.

  2. The first two are considered excitotoxins. They cause brain neurons to fire repeatedly until they destroy themselves. Any free amino acid is toxic to your brain and dangerous to your mental health. I think I am understanding why most people are out of their minds any more. All processed foods are laced with these health destroying pharma additives.

  3. Great 3 idiots talking about ingredients they don't understand… Please quit your day job, your voice making everyone lose intelligence.. Thanks

  4. Did you all see the new commercial..stop eating all this bullshit gotta get back to growing our own food from the land

  5. Wow she isn't smart at all lmao. Chemicals are in everything, now whether they are synthetic or not is another question.

  6. Yeast is savory. Sugar, spice, fat, and salt are the critical 4 balanced in every engineered food product you eat. That is of course different than food. Food is basically unadulterated beyond basic preparation, food products are chemical dumping grounds that are cleverly packaged and named and used to promote profits in the food preparation, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

    Oh yeah, and why is the corn starch modified and in what way is it modified? What are the health concerns with modified corn starch? And why do you wish to retain moisture in the beef? Is it because you're selling us water at the price of beef?

    Learn before teaching!


  8. Is it just me, or do Taco Bell soft beef tacos not taste the way they used to? Less beef to other ingredients ratio? Less spice or a change in spice? Something is going on, methinks.

  9. They should have mentioned the oats. Since that actually makes it healthier as a filler. I wanted to know more about when they add it.

  10. All natural is like this new catch phrase, I'm all for healthy eating but what comes out of my dog's ass is all natural it doesn't mean I'd eat it

  11. 2 people that work there one of which was a manager said the beef is only 8% beef…so I'm surprised to hear over 80% beef, might give them a try now.

  12. Taco Bell is poison…… you immediately start hating yourself 45 mins after each visit of Taco Bell. Same goes with McDonald’s. Burger King, Wendy’s don’t seem to have that same affect on me.

  13. You know that anything that comes from a cow even nail clippings can be labeled as beef. I don't trust their meat.

  14. SODIUM CHLORIDE is SALT you guys arent very bright sorry to be harsh but get your facts straight before you go reporting to the public

  15. too many quips and chuckles comingled with purported fact. based on your presentation choices, I can't tell what's fact or opinion. so I tuned out instead. my $.02

  16. first of all, maltodextrin can be derived from corn.
    that lady just throws in "genetically modified" and "chemicals" like it really is something to worry about.
    water is a chemical, y'all. s c a r y

  17. The girl doesn’t know mouth feel is, obviously she’s never tasted a wine in her entire life beyond that of yellow tail….

  18. A quick look at malto dextrin vs dextros aka sugar on google shows the 1st is a blend of multiple sugars, same with salts…

  19. The last time I ate at Taco Bell I had projectile vomiting. I had to go to an Emergency Room. I never experienced it before or again. I HAVE NEVER EATEN AT TACO BELL SINCE AND NEVER WILL!!!

  20. All meats that are seasoned have other ingredients.Tgus is a stupid ignorant brood.Apples have arsenic in it but we don't eat enough of it to cause harm.

  21. Boil in bag ground beef when you pull up the hot bag after its done it has an inch of grease on top of it be careful cutting it open the grease is hot 😒😒😒

  22. Most cannot illustrate the biochemical Cascade of blood clotting so because they can't name it they shouldn't participate is ignorance of the highest order. I totally agree with the scientist.

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