– Hi everyone. Welcome to Discovering Natural. If this is your first
time watching our videos, we want you to click that
subscribe button over there to subscribe to our channel because we have valuable information that will help you with your natural hair and also with your kid’s natural hair. So, rice water is something that has started trending once again. And about two years ago, I talked about how I used
rice water in my hair. I showed a demonstration of how I used it and also I also did a video how I incorporated it
with black tea rinses. Rice water has many, many benefits. Benefits of hair growth
promotion, hair retention, benefits of strengthening your hair and also benefits of improving
the elasticity of your hair. Rice water has a lot of nutrients, and I bet that if you’ve
ever used rice water before, you know those benefits. But today, we’re not
talking about benefits. Today I’m talking about what
you need to watch out for when you are using rice
water in your hair. So the first thing that
you have to realize about rice water rinses is that rice water is considered pretty much almost like
a protein treatment because rice contains protein. It really depends on what
type of rice you buy. It doesn’t matter, like
organic and all that stuff. What matters is that, for example, brown rice has the
least amount of protein, about 3.6 or so grams of protein. White rice has about between 3.5 to 4.6, something in that range grams of protein. Now, the biggest one if you’re
someone that you really need a lot of protein in
your hair is wild rice. Wild rice has about 25 grams of protein. So, one thing you have to realize is that if you’re someone that your hair doesn’t take too much
to protein treatments, gets really brittle, and gets really weird, you know, be careful the way you use rice water. I would suggest that
when you use rice water, add some oils to it. The way that I do mine
is I make my rice water and then I add rosemary oil, and lavender oil is one of my favorite, and other oils that can help you. Now, that’s one thing. The second thing that
you have to be mindful, when you use rice water, is that rice water is not a moisturizer. Rice water, yes your hair might feel soft but you still need to
moisturize your hair. You don’t want to use rice
water every single day. I’m gonna repeat myself. You don’t want to use it every single day. One thing is this; if you use it too much, rice water can create a layer on your hair and that layer can make it brittle. So you have to be very careful. That’s why it’s advisable
when you use rice water, use it on wash day and wash day only. If you’re someone that
you’ve used rice water and you feel that, “Why am I not seeing results
that I should be seeing? “Results such as my hair growing? “Results such as my hair
elasticity improving?”, it could be because you are not consistent in the way you use rice water. Any kind of treatments you
do, consistency is crucial. Consistency has to do with
every aspect of your life. So if you’re someone that
you want to try to be fit, if you don’t exercise all the time, are you just doing it once in a while, and then you wonder, “Why
don’t I have those muscles?” You don’t have those muscles
because you are skipping it, and you are doing other stuff. So consistency is key. When I did rice water treatment, I did not do a video until
about six months of using it. It improved the health of my hair. It made it, yes, it made it thicker and fuller and everything but one thing that it did the best was improve the elasticity of my hair. You can go back to videos
from about 2015, 2014 and you can see how my
hair kind of looked limp. It didn’t have this kind
of volume and stuff. So, you have to be consistent to see the results that you want. The last thing that I
want to tell you is that no matter what kind of treatment you do, rice water, tea rinses, all that stuff, they all have benefits, okay? They all have benefits
but the thing is this, you need to focus on healthy lifestyle. If your health is not up to par, if you are eating the wrong things, if you are using things that
are damaging to your hair, to your body, the results that you want to
see from rice water rinses, you’re not going to see it and then you’re going to chalk it up to “Rice water doesn’t work.” So the thing is this; you are not practicing healthy hair habits that will help with the rice water, that will help show that
the rice water is working and all that stuff. So that is the video. If you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and please if you’re not subscribed, subscribe to the channel. And I also like to know, have you ever used rice
water in your hair before? If you do, comment it below and share with us what you think about it. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you in the next video. Thanks for watching. Bye!

4 thoughts on “What You NEED To Know About RICE WATER RINSE for HAIR GROWTH

  1. Hi there! I know I am super late to when you posted this, but if you get this, I’m in dire need of your help. This video was extremely informational, but I am wondering can I use this treatment if I am Caucasian? I’m 21 years old and have lost about 70% of my hair so far due to alopecia, so I wanted to see if there was anything else I could try before I decide to just go bald

  2. Thank you. I used a mixture of brown rice water, moisturizer, sweet almond oil, and lavender oil every day for 3 straight weeks. My hair is in braids so I haven’t noticed any breakage. I’m going to switch to weekly rice water rinses and continue with my daily moisturizer so My hair doesn’t fall out when I take these braids out.

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