What Was Rachael’s Very First 30-Minute Meal?

24 thoughts on “What Was Rachael’s Very First 30-Minute Meal?

  1. maybe for picky eaters (adults not children.. though it might work for kids).. have the picky eater make something that they like to eat to bring to the potluck or maybe cook together (though this is dependent on how well you know the picky eater)

  2. I'm sure glad you're back Rachael Ray for 30 minute meals you and Robert Irvine are coming back that's really good

  3. I just bought her 30 min meals for kids cookbook at a thrift store and it has such great meals for small children

  4. I talk everyone I know into using Rachael Ray dog & cat foods and I won't use anything else =) I don't usually watch this show since most of the recipes are onion heavy and I am allergic, but I may watch more of them and just alter the recipes, mainly because Rachael is just so much fun to watch…lol

  5. So stylish💗💖💕 .. These outfits are available hereee : * spotern.com/en/search?query=The+Rachael+Ray+Show *

  6. I watched her this morning and she looked like an overweight blob, and her hair was nasty and greasy. She's really let herself go. She needs to get rid of that cheating husband of hers

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