What To Eat On One Meal A Day (OMAD) (Intermittent Fasting Diet)

What do you eat on one meal a day (OMAD)? How do
you make it safe and comfortable and still get all the benefits? Coming right
up. So what is OMAD or one meal a day? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like
you just eat one meal a day you shrink your feeding window down to about one
hour you eat all the food within that window and you don’t eat the rest of the
day so along with a ketogenic diet which is incredibly popular there’s also talk
about intermittent fasting and OMAD one meal a day and they’re all just
variations of the same thing it’s all about cutting back the carbs reducing
insulin resistance so what drives insulin resistance is the amount of
carbs that you eat and how often you eat every time you eat a carb you drive
insulin and the more often you eat the more often you stimulate insulin so the
reverse of that is to cut back the carbs and eat more seldom eat fewer times a
day and the extreme version of that if you want to call it that is you just eat
once a day so why would you do that well it is a very powerful way of reversing
insulin resistance but another benefit is it saves time you don’t have to spend
so much time eating and preparing meals and another benefit is that you give
your body a break every time that you eat you have to kind of jumpstart you
have to start up your your digestive machinery you have to make enzymes you
have to move things around you have to make churn the food and and it has a
certain wear and tear on your intestinal lining so if you keep eating every few
hours then the stomach and the lining never really gets a break whereas if you
eat one time a day then it gives the body a lot of time to get some rest
and repair and that goes for all your internal organs your liver your
gallbladder your pancreas your digestive tract etc and the next question then is
how do you do this and how do you do it comfortably
and how do you do it safely so first of all I would recommend that you get fat
adapted first that means you get into a keto lifestyle you start reducing your
carbohydrate so that your body knows how to use the fat that would be step one
because now you’re more prepared for the one meal a day then you start shrinking
the window as you get more fat adapted and you don’t get so hungry and you
notice you could skip breakfast you could skip a meal here and there without
going crazy now you shrink your feeding window first you eat it at 8:00 in the
morning you have your last meal at 8:00 p.m. then you have a 12 hour feeding
window then you shrink that you skip breakfast you eat at noon and then maybe
at 8 p.m. you have an 8 hour feeding window and then you gradually shrink
that down to maybe six hours and four until you’re comfortable eating within a
four hour window meaning you eat maybe at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and 7
o’clock and nothing outside of that window and now your body is pretty much
ready to go to one meal a day where you eat all of
the food within a one-hour window so when you do it this way it’s not a shock
to the body you get fat adapted you get your body used to the concept of eating
in a shorter period of time then we want to think about a few
additional things to make it healthy as well so you don’t want to crash your
metabolism you don’t want to get into starvation and that the risk of this is
much much less if your fat adapted first if you if you’re not and you start
starving your body goes into a crisis mode and it starts preserving energy
that’s not the idea you want to keep your body burning the fat off your body
but part of that is also don’t cut your calories too much try to keep it maybe
at 70-80 percent so if you’re eating 2,000 calories on a normal basis that’s
your basic energy requirements you probably don’t want
to cut it below 1,500-1,600 calories a day the object is not to go hungry the
object is just to give your body a rest and reduce insulin resistance and to
burn fat so it makes it a whole lot harder to get all that quality food in
to get all those nutrients into a single meal because that could be a really
large meal and you may not even be able to eat that much so you want to look at
quality foods you want to eat things like maybe an omelet with lots of
vegetables in it and then the eggs are nutrient dense you add some good olive
oil and you add some cheese and raw organic cheese if you can tolerate that
and now you could probably eat 12 14 1500 calories in a single meal and be
okay with that another trick would be to make you some
bulletproof coffee because even though that wouldn’t strictly stick within the
one hour feeding window you could do that in the morning maybe and you just
sip it throughout the day and if you do a bulletproof coffee with some butter
and some MCT oil in it it’s not gonna have a significant influence on insulin
it’s not gonna trigger any insulin response to speak of and therefore
you’re still technically fasting so there you could get if you use a
tablespoon of butter and a couple of tablespoons of MCT oil now you got 400
calories they’re sort of for free that you if you get the 400 in the coffee now
you just have to eat maybe 1200 in your in your big meal it’s not strictly a one
meal a day but it’s a way that you essentially stick to the principles of
doing that and again you want to think quality food don’t use anything
artificial synthetic process nothing like that but the best quality food you
can think of organic grass-fed raw whole vegetables all that good stuff
as far as a percentage this isn’t exact for everybody but a typical percentage
of calories would be from 75% from fats 20% from protein and probably no more
than 5% from carbohydrates again you can maybe get away with a little bit more
protein and maybe even carbs because you’re spreading out the feeding window
you’re increasing your fasting period you’re going to still keep the insulin
really really low even if you increase the protein but if you can still keep
this really low then you’re better off so is it safe and is it
necessary so I think that it depends on what your goal is and I don’t think that
you necessarily want to do it forever because it does limit your food choices
a little bit when you have to eat it all in one meal it is difficult for a lot of
people to eat that large a meal so if your goal is weight loss then I would
say go ahead and do it for a few months and just see how it
works engage your results and then you cycle in some regular keto and
intermittent fasting and I would say try to stick for the most part with 80% from
fat 15% from protein and no more than 5% from carbohydrates pending on the person
some people can get away with a little bit more carbs but again this is
individual I think the top level for most people would be maybe 10 percent
from carbohydrate which on a 2,000 calorie diet would be about 50 grams if
you’re still in ketosis at that level then I think that’d be the top level if
you’re not then figure out where that limit is for you. Now if you’ve lost the
weight if you’re feeling good if you are stable in your health situation and
you’re just maintaining now is where you try to tweak it just to figure out where
you feel the best so now I could still suggest a one meal a day once in a while
because there’s some great benefits to given your intestinal tract a rest once
in a while but it also kicks in something called autophagy and that’s
where your body increases its recycling properties it cleans up junk proteins
and old debris from from cells that break and you essentially recycle better
during it autophagy and you kick in autophagy at a much higher level if you have
a 23-24 hour fast but if you don’t need to lose the weight then I would suggest
you mostly stick with a low carb diet of with intermittent fasting of a feeding
window of 6 to 12 hours for the most part that’s basically what I do I
usually eat within a 6 to 8 hour window occasionally I’ll have some breakfast
and then I might have a 12 hour feeding window but that’s not for the most part
again I don’t have insulin resistance so weight loss is not a goal I’m just
trying to find out where do I function the best so for some people at this
point you might want to experiment and see where do you feel the best I still
don’t think that you should go into grains or any inflammatory starches but
if you want to you could try getting up maybe as high as 15% on the carbs that’s
still a relatively low carb diet and if you’re physically active I think that
you could get away with that some people might function a little
better at that but figure out where that number is for you so 15% of carbs for me
would be about 75 grams I probably a good bit lower that would be my highest
number on any given day for the most part you want to stay probably somewhere
in the range of between 5 and 15 percent of carbohydrates calories
so keep in mind that you want to learn some principles there’s not a
one-size-fits-all for everybody but once you understand the underlying principles
now you can start playing around with it and see what does it take for you to
lose the weight you need to get off and what does it take for you to maintain
and to feel the best that you can please share this video with as many people as
you can because we want to help lots of people out there get healthy and
understand the underlying principles rather than just little things to do
that’s how you make it sustainable and that’s how you get the most out of it
please share your comments if you want to give this a try let me know how it
goes and as always thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “What To Eat On One Meal A Day (OMAD) (Intermittent Fasting Diet)

  1. Learn more about fasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jetiN8xAKiQ&index=1&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6ihwV3dRmgyA29bzarQfsT

  2. Great vid,,,, I eat omad Tues,Thurs,Sun, on those days it's an omelette or Fritata at 4pm,, Mon,we'd,Fri 2 X keto meals one at mid day one at 4pm,,and most weekends start a waterfast 4pm Fri and break fast at 4pm on Sunday,,,Thanx for a great vid,,wishing everyone well,,

  3. I'm already doing 2 meals a day. So this would probably be easy to do.l drink coffee tea water sometimes a flavored sparkling water. I lost 55lbs and have kept it off 2 years. Now I would like to loose 15 or 20 more lbs. I'm 66 yrs old and feel great. I think I will give this a try. Thanks

  4. I have done this since I was in my twenties. I am a wheelchair user from birth. Even with exercise I will never burn as much as someone who is walking. That said, I ate more veges than potatoes or grains, but I did not actively cut them out. I simply found that grazing throughout the day made me hungry. Aside from coffee with half & half or tea with lemon & honey. I didn't eat until 5 or 6. I was not hungry at all. Now however, I am 51. I have just entered active menopause in Jan of this year. Meaning, though my cycle still comes monthly. I experienced my first , & subsequent Hot Flashes. Limited mobility means that in order to function well over my lifetime, I have to keep my weight down. I know sugar would throw me out of fasting mode. Can I still have half & half in my morning coffee? I am trying to lose a pound a week.

  5. Hello! Dr i tried your omad plan but after whole day of fasting when I ate my meal which was simple with flat brown bread and vegetables my suger spike to 235 which was nearly normal in the morning plz suggest

  6. What does 'see if you can get away with more carbs' mean? Is not getting away with it, putting on a few lbs, or suffering malnourishment from not getting enough of the other nutrients? I'm now more confused than before I watched it.

  7. My wife and I have done keto for a few year but wait stalled. And regained some weight.. We. Are fat adapted so started a fast.. My wife is at 19 days, me 9 days… Feel great.. No hungry.. Quite unbelievable

  8. Hej och tack! Jag är på OMAD nu, det gör det verkligen svårare om man äter en dag mycket kolhydrater, MEN 75-80% tänker jag för högt % av fett. Också grönsaker ger en stor mättande känsla, och att ha mycket av dessa på tallriken hjälper. Ät grönsaker frukt, kött och fett, men övertänk det inte.
    Thats my opinion!!! Whatever its worth 😉
    Jag tror jag testar detta smörkaffa alla pratar om fast jag är en espresso tjej hahaha. Tack för bra video!! Håller med om allt annat. (Jag gjorde detta gradvis och det är bäst om man vill kunna jobba och hålla samma tempo i sitt liv.)

  9. Dr. Sten, hope you get to respond to this. I am a woman in my reproductive years, no child and doing OMAD, I try to get as much calories as possible in my 2 hrs eating widow. I come from a family of obesity. Will this help with weight loss and conceive

  10. Great video!, but…..!
    One thing that is incorrect, is the bullet proof coffee recommendation. Adding MCT's and butter to coffee and drinking it during your 'fasting' time is not fasting.
    You'll start ''the Engine'' in your stomack with this drink!!!
    Even only coffee or tea will break your fasting!

    Drink only water!

  11. OMAD – Yes, I've lost over 100 lbs on Keto and OMAD – BUT I don't shovel my one meal in a one hour window. Why One hour???? That is not healthy. I average about 2 jto 2 1/2 hours to eat all my meal.

  12. I wish I could do OMAD but my chronic pains really make it difficult. I've done it but it's so stressful. My headache gets bad and all my pains just really get to me. Dr Ekberg, why have I not improved after 2 years of Keto then 5 months of fasting. Haye to be the odd man out but I'm not only not getting better but it's worse and lots of little problems have kept up that I didn't have before IF. I've lost 15 lbs though bug I really only did it for pain relief that Ive read others have success in. Why not me. Very discouraging. I'm going drive the 6 hours to your office and take that test Nutritional something something, to hopefully understand what's going wrong.

  13. You can't simply put general recommendations out there specially related to this topic.
    I can hire you to do concrete work and demolitions 6 days a week and put you in 1500 kcal a day. You gonna die my friend. Also 5'6" midget certainly needs less food than 6'8" tall guy.

  14. I'm doing Ifasting 16/8 for about 1month…newbies but it greet I'm losing wieght…thank you for LC diet or keto diet😊 I continue this lifestyle change for my health too.

  15. First I did the AIP diet, it made going to AIP keto wicked easy, now adding fasting to the mix. I do bp coffee and one meal, now try to do both in eating window, no snacks

  16. Dr. S. Elbert,
    How do I do this if I work at night? I return home at 7 am and sleep during the day until 1-2 pm.

  17. I'm a muslim and I have been fasting voluntarily for years and it's all for the sake of Allah … but now we can see how amazing that is…you get reward and also a healthy body… and we also are obliged to fast during the month of Ramad'han…

  18. One hour doesn't work for me. That's eating too fast, which is not good. I find a three hour window for the one meal, one course at at time, is more comfortable. But that's just one way to look at it.

  19. Does anyone have any tips on how to get past the feeling of “I haven’t eaten, so I should eat” and just the habit of eating, even when not hungry? It’s just been a major activity multiple times a day for so Long. I do two meals a day, IF, usually. Im still eating more out of habit and so much food accessible to me daily, instead of Omad. Thanks!

  20. I eat and drink whatever I want on one meal a day…it's all about calories…losing weight still….no rules except to have all my calories in one hour….that's it.

  21. In the morning, I make myself a smoothie and sip it till 12pm. At lunch I eat a 5 ounce trail mix, and for dinner I eat an avocado salad with baked potato. Now I started doing 3 day fast at every end of the month. OMAD would be extremely simple to me, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat enough calories/all needed vitamins in one meal. I’m on a plant based diet, so omelet with veggies is a no go. I love omelets and I miss them lol

  22. Hey doc…as a muslim it s recommended to fast every monday and thursday + the 13th,14th and 15th of every moon month+ 30 or 29 days in Ramadhan (the 9th moon month)+ 15 other days ….In our fasting we fast from sun rise to sun set(16-8).in general we have one big meal when breaking fast…we break it with 3 dates and a cup of water…. and we have a small meal 10 min before starting fasting…one more thing is that we don't drink water while fasting at all…do your research about that and let me know what u think about it…

  23. @Dr. Sten , it would be better for us if you used less words pertaining to metrics…. like 80% , 50% carbs, proteins etc……… It would be much easier for us to understand if you said 1 bowl of rice, 2 pieces of bread, 1 spoon of butter etc. Its just my opinion. I may be wrong

  24. I'm doing Keto simply because it makes me feel better. Better sleep and not crashing from lowered blood sugar during the day makes it worth it. And it produces alot less "waste" to get rid off. But never tried OMAD. Since I don't want to loose any weight should I eat like 3000 kcal in one meal?

  25. I read that OMAD should be eaten at 2pm along with supplements . I think snacking when your not hungry is a bad habit. My friend calls it eating for entertainment

  26. Hi doctor…my question is this..is there any problem if I have a bulletproof coffee at the breakfast and other at the dinner time, Doing OMAD??

  27. Been doing 1 meal a day for years , loving it ….Hershel Walker my favorite athlete also has been eating one meal a day since college .

  28. very thankfull that i started following you. really making progress here and achieving my weight loss goals. thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  29. Fact : not eating will help people lose weight and get healthy .in order to make not eating easier, stop eating sugar and grains.that is first step in keto direction. eating once a day is enough for almost everybody and it can be easy.i wish i knew that a long time ago but it helps regardless of age .pay attention at dr. Sten, it does not get simpler then that.and IT ALWAYS WORKS .you have nothing to loose, just try what he said for 1 month and you can come back and thank him after that

  30. Wish I cd do keto…healthy fats are too expensive. I wind up eating too many vegies, Vegies are often free from the church food boxes. Oh, oh…just ate 3 cups summer squash, a can of diced tomatoes and 2 eggs for breakfast. Tasted so good,but …29 net carbs! I do stay mostly grain free. It's hard…we get rolled oats and lentils in the food boxes, too, so I wind up factoring in a bit of those, but only 1/2 cup per day, when I do .I mostly maintain a 16 hr fasting window.

  31. Hi dr. Is it true that if you drink coffee or tea in an empty stomach it will make your stomach upset? And it will make you acidic?

  32. I am trying to do this, but I find I want breakfast bad… I'm doing two meals now. (I never even thought I would get to that!) Plus when I get to the feeding window I am really hungry but get full fast. (I think my stomach is smaller, so I can't eat as much as I used to.)

  33. I like your videos, I learn alot. I am fasting and having bone broth while I fast. What is your opinion of that? Also, I saw the movie: 'forks over knives' which is regarding a whole foods plant based diet. What is your opinion of a whole foods plant based diet? Thanks!

  34. Sounds great and logical, until the talk of "organic". I have yet to find hard science supporting the assertions organic foods are actually different from non-organics, and that they are necessarily better for you. Dr. Ekberg, do you know of any good peer-reviewed studies on organic foods?

  35. So, if I do OMAD most days of the week, will I get into autophagy? How long does a fast need to be to get there? And how many days in a row, or per time period, are necessary to experience autophagy?

  36. My wife and I have been on OMAD 13 months. She is now below her ideal weight but will not go to two meals a day for fear of weight gain. Anyone have a suggestion?

  37. Dr berg says divide your dinner plate in half. Fill one half with leafy greens. Divide the other criminals half in two, one half for good fats and the other for good protein. As a rule of thumb. Hope this helps someone.

  38. I've started eating OMAD for the past week just to try but my window is long – 3-4 hour instead of one. I tend toward more protein (steak, chicken, ground turkey burgers, etc.) and vegetables, with a few carbs. I have an egg allergy so I tend to avoid those. I notice when I do eat I can only consume 1/2 of my normal plate (no seconds, and I have a LOT of leftovers, LOL). I'm confused by the 70-80% fat in a meal, and not really astute when it comes to food weights and measures; what foods would give me that other than cheese, and occasional butter while cooking? I'm not much of a dairy fan. As a T2D, my goal is to reset my insulin sensitivity. I've lost about 12 lbs since 8/2/19.

  39. I eat whatever I want within a hour until I'm full…and I mean anything,large Italian hoagie with the works,hotwings,pizza,ice cream, soda…whatever….still losing weight and feeling great because I don't have as many calories to go over…the only rule i have is eat and drink whatever just in one hour…no calories around the other 23….that's it….everything evens out and it keeps me sane not just eating salads and watching carbs like a retard.

  40. 😂MG this is the best explanation i really like. Very simple and informative. Its answer my question how i can gradually change my eating window from 16-8 to OMAD. And how to lose weight in a healthy way. Thank you doctor 🙏👍

  41. These videos are very informative and worth while, but listen to your body as well. The 80/15/5 that's suggested is only 50g of protein with a 1500 calorie OMAD. If anyone does that consistently, prepare for your hair to fall out. Our bodies definitely require more protein than that unless you're a seditary petite woman.

  42. I've been eating "meat only". What do I need to do to become fat adapted ? And how can I become SAFELY fat adapted, without starving and without over-indulging ?

  43. Can someone explain the 80-15-5 percent ratio. Percent of what ? Weight? So i eat 8 oz. of chicken breast then in proportion I need to eat two pounds of butter…I don’t think so.

  44. Dr Eckberg the way you explain things makes my keto diet much easier to understand and keep on track! Thanks so much!

  45. my question is how much protein should i eat 70grams of protein at 1meal dr berg say i should eat 52 grams i eat 20 grams of carbs.

  46. i don't understand % is there another way you can explain this? i hope i'm not just dumb. i worked as a nurse for 20 years.

  47. I am trying to loose weight after child birth and trying out IF and OMAD… Thanks for the simple explanation 😃😃

  48. Thank you for all your awesome videos Dr. Sten Ekberg. Regarding this video, where do vegetables fit in this plan? Thanks.

  49. Hey! Love these videos ! Amazing and Radical info ! How do i figure out if i am in ketosis? I am 40… i.f. Last 3 months- 6 hr feeding window… loosing 1-2 lbs per week, some carbs in my diet… hard to cut out! They sneak in fast !

  50. Dr. Ekberg how do you explain the rice diet of Dr. Kemper? It is completely outside of your teaching of a low carb high fat diet.

  51. Thanks for these videos. They are really helpful. Could you sometimes explain how people like me who have no gall bladder anymore can get fat adapted? Thanks again.

  52. Dr plz reply me i am doing omad one day on and one day off directly although i am not starving its like 36 hrs fasting can i loose weight fast orelse its not good???

  53. Your humility is extraordinary….
    I wish you were the president of the USA… Please have a video about 1 week of your life (exact food and exact timing)

  54. Thank you Doctor. Can you tell me what about gall bladder? I heared that it start getting stones because of stagnation of biles if person is eating rare. Is it truth?

  55. Good Afternoon, I’m on the Keto way of eating for 3 weeks now. I haven’t weighed myself but I can tell I’ve lost inches. Here’s my question, I be been putting 1 tbsp full of nutritional yeast on my salads everyday. Is this good for a person who has type 2 diabetes and on Levoxyl every day for slow thyroid?
    I did go through the Keto flu and I have no carbs or sugar for the entire 3 weeks. I never thought I was going to lose weight but it is noticeable. I want to thank you for explaining this way of life for me so that I can manage my eating habits. I LOVE IT. Oh I have fatty liver disease also. I can feel swelling on my right side. Otherwise, I’m feeling fine. I plan to attend your event in Maryland whenever you start planning. Again, many thanks. Net

  56. I put a scoop of Keytone brand collagen vanilla flavor in water with ACV every morning or without ACV in a half cup of decaf coffee mixed with hot water. I’m not a butter person. Is this a great substitute for BP coffee and Is this good for me.

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