What Physique Pros Eat For Breakfast | Ryan Terry’s 1st Meal Of The Day

this is unbelievable compliments to the
chef hi guys Ryan Terry here today I’m going
to show you my typical breakfast I like to consume on my offseason so today I
alternate this this meal so I have oatmeal on one day and then this is more
of a treat where I can be bothered to cook it so here we go for poached eggs
that’s something I’m obsessed with by poaching eggs rather than frying them or
scrambling them and then avocado for fats and some whole wheat bread then we go for three whole eggs 18-20
grams of protein I’m not a fan of just egg whites and one whole egg I just
think it’s a waste and then we’re gonna get some avocado as well we’re gonna
have half an avocado so that’s around 10 grams of fat I take it to boil the water
to boil and you can put vinegar in it in order to keep the eggs together and but
I’m not a big fan of vinegar so I just put them straight in and it’s normally
between 3 to 5 minutes to keep the yolks runny and the egg whites solid and it’s
not that don’t like egg whites I just think it’s a waste I have been brought up
that not to waste food and I think there is there’s a lot of good in the yolk as
well yes it’s bad fats but I don’t see how cutting half the egg out is a problem so
again I’m gonna go for 3 eggs because it’s around 20 grams of protein because
we’re trying to consume more over the day instead of trying to pack as much
protein into each meal I’m just spacing them out over more meals so this is like
a good fat basically and it gets the calories in I’m on an off season so I’m
trying to get those calories in but in a clean way
I’m not into dirty bulking like to do as clean as possible so the only way I like avocados it’s a
weird thing I’ve got a smash it all like smashed avocado I hate and for some
reason in chunks but I’ll show you why I use it as like a spread and then we’re
going to mush it all so again this meal has a good amount of fats like I
said 10 grams of fat you’ve got the the carbs in the in the toast which is about
30 grams for 15 grams per slice the protein around 20 grams depending on the
size of the egg you use if you want to use more protein obviously increase the
the eggs to 4 well yeah and then if you want to
increase the carbs put another slice on there since we’ve been here eight
months now but we’ve not actually been in the country 8 months so we’ve had this
place for eight months but we’ve been touring Europe back in the UK or in
South Africa Korea so yeah it’s been pretty immense travelling and we came back
here what two weeks three weeks we’re just finding our feet again but that’s
something I need to get toaster & a blender obviously can add salt to it you can add
spices a lot of people put lemon juice in their avocado yeah this is the fun
part there we have it
breakfast is served we’ve got the whole-wheat bread which is two slices
and that’s around 30 grams of carbs we’ve got the avocado which is half an
avocado which is around 10 grams of fat essential fats good fats and then we’ve
got three whole eggs which dependent on the size of the egg is around 20 grams
of protein I like to keep them whole other than just the egg whites like a
lot of bodybuilders like to do because I like the yolk and I don’t like wasting food so for me the sign of a good poached egg
is when you cut into the yolk and it runs off into the toast so fingers
crossed this is unbelievable compliments to the
chef so I’m trying to increase my calories
obviously like you do on an offseason but in a good way so I’m not trying to
put bad calories in ie fast food and stuff so I’m trying to keep on what I
would normally use on a diet ie for prepping will just increase the
amount of food a couple more meals a day so I was on five meals when I’m prepping
up to six to seven if we can and getting more calorie dense food avocado eggs
putting walnuts with quite a lot of meals and using coconut oil my salads
just anything to get the calories on but talking in a clean way wanna bite what about that

100 thoughts on “What Physique Pros Eat For Breakfast | Ryan Terry’s 1st Meal Of The Day

  1. Eggs are bad fat? I think you need to check your sources sir. Bread is bad carbs then too right?

  2. 2 slices of toast, half an avocado and 3 boiled eggs. Thats it!? Lol that's like a snack for me. 6'3" 260. Sack up fukboi

  3. Jesus man, waaaay too much fat for a first meal. I get 45g of fat daily, that’s more than half my daily intake

  4. 20g of protein in the first meal? Are you a real body builder? How you can consume more than 200g of protein everyday eating 20g in the first meal? Wtf

  5. My favorite breakfast is
    Grain toast-1 piece
    Almond butter on toast
    4 egg whites cooked in coconut spray, and half avacado- I eat ever 2 hours clean as possible, however sometimes I'm not in the right setting at work to bring in lunch and than I improvise with a salad, and a piece of fish etc

  6. Praise the lord, someone who acknowledges the benefits of egg yolks, especially since he doesn't cook them through. B2, B5, B12, Folate, Choline, vitA, vitD, vitE, selenium, phosphorus, Omega3, good fat profile (sat, mono, poly), a little zinc. Stuff you absolutely want. And since some folks here talked about cholesterol, I'mma drop a few words on that too…

    Nothing wrong with dietary cholesterol either since most people's blood cholesterol doesn't even rise with that. That has been proven by Ancel Keys in 1950 who was the guy that actually first started the hunt on cholesterol but then got demolished by objective researchers and when he injected people up to 3000mg cholesterol per day, which equals 16 egg yolks, he didn't see an elevation in blood cholesterol. Many people fail here….saying dietary cholesterol is bad because it raises blood cholesterol, which it actually doesn't do in most people. You can experiment with this very easily by yourself. There's also enough research showing that too little cholesterol is bad, and the LDL particle size may be the most important marker to look at.

    Then he jumped to saturated fats and started to hunt down those with yet more skewed research (meta studies where he picked the data that suited his bias and left the data that disprove him, like they did in the China Study). Not saying we should all binge on saturated fats – there are a couple hyperresponders who's cholesterol and other markers turn way worse when upping saturated fat. But besides those guys, saturated fat has important roles in the body, and if we don't overconsume coconut oil (almost exclusively saturated fat with close to no nutrients) or palm oil or drink cups of whipping cream, I don't think we need to worry about saturated fat, but more about omega3:6 (peanut butter is not a good fat), rancid vegetable oils, rancid fish oils, overheating oils, eating high amounts of fats with simple sugars.

    Strength and Love,

  7. Dude just went up several notches 1: for his superb food wastage principles 2: for his absolutely scorchin hot missus….fwarrrrrk she's a stunner. Kudos Mr.Terry.

  8. Who the fuck chops up avocado with a knife then mashed it with a spoon? You could just get a fork and a plate and mash it that way…

  9. Why this guy knows what's up
    – Doesn't waste food
    – Eats yolks (therefore understands that you should not a diet elitist and that ultimately means nothing)
    – Is a good guy

  10. Whaaaaaa!!!!!! He’s not eating egg whites and oatmeal or cream of rice😱😱😱😱

    Bravo 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. Your voice is so posh, even your breakfast is posh even though it's so simple. I'm buying whatever you're selling dude.

  12. 3 x egg whites, 1 x whole egg, half a RIPE(!) avocado, bit of cheese all done together as an omelette. Bowl of oats with blueberries and honey. Cup of good strong coffee.

  13. What's great about this, easy to make, doesn't take a lot of time, and no quibbling about things like the yolks, etc. Healthy as well as tasty–just gotta think into breakfast a bit more.

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