What is the History of Processed Food in America

hi this is dr. Steve Hughlett from
balanced fit lifestyles.com and this is just gonna be follow-up videos from
once we had before and earlier we were talking about diabetes and we were
talking about how diabetes really wasn’t a huge player in the United States
before nineteen basic before nineteen fifty-eight we talked about a
score in the CDC guidelines we only had about 1% about 500,000 people in the
United States that had diabetes at that time and now in 21 not now but back in
2015 that numbered risen from 500,000 up to over 30 million people with diabetes
so this made me look at what happened in 1958 why did things change around that
time and I found out that there was a whole series of extremely unfortunate
events that occurred that led us to to this devastation of type 2 diabetes this
horrible rates that we have going on right now and basically what happened is
back in 1955 Eisenhower had a heart attack and back before this time heart
attacks really worth that comment of a thing so this led a bunch of people out
to try to figure out what causes heart attacks well when they did this this
kind of brought up two big players this brought up one man by the name of John
yudkin and John Yudkin he was a British nutritionist and physiologist
and um he said that the reason he did some research and found out that what he
thought was was because his sugar and so he went and he started telling everybody
how sugar was horrible damage to your body and this led to in 1972 he
actually wrote a book called pure white and deadly which was a fantastic book
and I really highly recommend John Yudkins pure white and deadly now the
other one was Ancel keys he was a minnesota
epidemiologist and what Ancel keys did was and he was also the one who invented
k-rations for World War two well Ancel keys he took a sabbatical and
he went over to england and around 1952 and he came back and he
came up with the conclusion that he thought that dietary fat and dietary
cholesterol is what caused cardiovascular disease and he put on
this this big study it’s called the seven country study which it’s Bentley
was a 22 country study but he only found seven countries that actually fit his
model and since then and what this model said was like I said he said that it was
dietary fat and dietary cholesterol that causes um cardiovascular disease which
was wrong and there were a ton of flaws with this 22 country study or what was
later called the seven country study and there’s so many flaws some of yeah one
of them was he didn’t include any of the Inuit which is the these are the
endogenous and the endogenous people of the Arctic Tern or northern Canada and
Greenland this some people call him Eskimos
but these people they had a high intake thermo slurred dietary intake came from
animal fat and from animal meat and they had the largest one of the lowest
cardiovascular disease rates in anywhere in the world and the other thing that it
didn’t take into account was um the fact that when he was doing his studies he’d
forgotten that this was also the advent of all the trans fats this woman
margarine was making its big debut with all the trans fats which now we know how
horrible trans fats are but anyway there were several several flaws with this
this study and the reason why this is so important is because back in 1973
President Nixon wanted to take food off the off the platform he want to make
sure that the price of food wasn’t going to be a problem as far as an election so
he went and he tasks his Secretary of Agriculture and Earl Butz or all rusty
butts and told him that he needed to make food just as cheap as he possibly
could well this is extremely important because right around the same time in
the early 60s there’s also a man over in Japan who just came up with
high-fructose corn syrup and this was extremely important because before this
time all of our sugar came from either cane sugar or beet sugar and cane sugar
beet sugar were further expensive and the prices went up and down and up and
down and they wanted to level eyes that they wanted to level it and this is when
they decided we can use high-fructose corn syrup
instead of this cane sugar beet sugar and that’ll bring the prices weighed in
and down in our food so that was one thing that happened and this leads us to
1977 and this was when Senator McGovern was tasked with coming up with new the
National Dietary Guidelines for the United States and this was so important
because the person that he put in charge of this had no scientific background
whatsoever all he did was through a series of events went back to ansel key
study that said that fat and dietary cholesterol is what caused
cardiovascular disease and this was huge because without any scientific
background whatsoever no more studies this was automatically endorsed by the
American Heart Association the United States Department of Agriculture and the
American Society of Clinical Nutrition and this became basically law and what
they did after this was they went back to all the all the food manufacturers
said now you’re gonna have to retool what we want you to do is come up with
five things we want you to be able to make us much food as you possibly can to
take care of our growing population they also want to make it cheap as possible
so it can be very affordable for everyone they also needed to be able to
stay on the shelves for longer periods of time so that could be in a grocery
store they also needed to be able to be frozen so it can be transported across
the United States and because of Ancel keys flawed study they also had to take
out all the good fat and either take it out or reduce it and that’s exactly what
the drug manufacturers did they went and they took out all the good healthy
animal fats and they replace it with all the extremely toxic seed oils
vegetable oils and trans fats but this allowed to stay on the shelves for a
longer period of time the other thing they did was they had to take out all
the fiber because this allowed to be frozen so it could be transport across
the country but now when they took out all the fat and they took out all the
fiber that also took out all the flavor so what they do to increase the flavor
they went and they put in high fructose corn syrup because it was cheap and it
was sweet and it wasn’t fat and this was the advent of high processed food
and this this of the high processed food that’s when our diabetes rates start
skyrocketing which leads to more problems that we’ll be talking about in
future videos so I hope this wasn’t too boring I just want to give you a little
brief understanding what was going on and hope to see you in our next videos

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