What is Lab-Grown Meat?

Unlike a traditional burger, steak or chicken wing the production of lab-grown meat, or cultured meat as its primary researchers most often refer to it, does not require the slaughtering animals. Lab-grown meat start with stem cells, which are harvested from an animal. With current publicized efforts focusing on beef. The cells are then cultivated multiplying trillions of times! Eventually and with more than a bit of work the process produces edible meat When lab-grown meats were first demonstrated back in 2013 the process of creating them was rather expensive. It was estimated to cost roughly three hundred thirty thousand dollars to make a single beef patty! Today the price is dropping rapidly It currently only takes about eleven dollars to make a lab grown patty. And it is believed the price will continue to plummet. Pundits and activists have offered many reasons why lab-grown meats will be beneficial or even crucial in the future. The meat industry uses an enormous amount of land and resources Compared to many other methods of obtaining food But there is an even bigger problem with industrial scale meat production, and it has to do with the health of the planet Particularly greenhouse gas emissions. It happens to be the case that cows are extremely flatulent excellent methane manufacturers and expert smog producers According to the food and agricultural organization of the United nations livestock admit nine percent of total carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions Thirty-seven percent of the methane emitted and Sixty-five percent of the nitrous oxide. Both of these gases are much more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide nitrous oxide in particular beings three hundred times worse for global warming effects It’s hard to know exactly how lab-grown meat Environmental Impact will stack up once grown to industrial scale But most estimates suggest that it will be radically less polluting What do you think the future of the meat industry will be? Will be all the eating cheeseburgers grown in a petri dish one day? Will the meat found at your local fast food restaurant be something that a high school student can grow in science class? What impact might animal free meat have on vegetarians? Would you be interested in eating lab-grown meat? If you enjoyed this video like, comment, subscribe and check out our other videos. Thanks for watching!

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