What Does Liquid Nitrogen Do To Meat?

Hey guys It’s turning into liquid nitrogen week on the king of Random and today is no [exception] for bizarre happenings Welcome back to the king of random cooking show I’m just joking this video [was] sponsored by a company called [hellofresh] They send boxes of food to your door to make it easier and more convenient to make your meals But my wife will tell you I am not much of a cook so rather than taking these ingredients and turning them into three Gourmet meals like you’re supposed to do [I] wonder what would happen if you took some fruits Vegetables and even meat and dip them in a bath of liquid nitrogen just to see what would happen Let’s start off with a piece of lettuce You know lettuce is Bendy, flimsy, and floppy, but if we stick that down into the [liquid] nitrogen that all changes very very quickly And all it takes is a couple of seconds You can see now. It’s actually super crispy. Just flake in your hands and turn That’s cool. What happened if we put the whole thing in there? All things getting pretty crispy now and watch this Well, that’s one way to shred your lettuce next up I think we be fun to try this chicken breast it’s really squishy, really flimsy, and it’s meat so let’s see what liquid nitrogen Does to meat start by cutting this thing open. There’s a healthy chicken breast You know it’s done when the bubbling starts to settle down now that right there is what you call flash-frozen There we go. There’s our piece of meat. You can see it’s completely frozen if we take something like a sledgehammer That’s impressive Figure this out if you move it around [know] what sounds like pieces of glass Dropping down it looks and acts. Just like shards of glass it’s amazing. That’s chicken Let’s try a little baby broccoli next you see this stuff is really limp and flimsy Put that in for a few seconds Here we go sautéed veggies extra crispy You see when that broccoli is done. It is super Super crispy That’s amazing. What else we want to try tomato? Look at it. Tomatoes change color as it freezes. It turns more of a whitey pasty color there we go See it’s already kind of cracked Have pieces everywhere Shatters That used to be a tomato. You couldn’t tell by looking at it. Could [you]? Sounds like rocks or broken glass and it is a little bit cold. I think for my last experiment I’m going to try ground beef because everybody knows what ground beef is like It’s not hard and [solid] it’s very very squishy. This is kind of stuff you make your hamburger patties out of There we go Look at that Turn it into a nice little hamburger ball I think that might [be] a little bit too big let’s turn them into smaller meatball [all] right There we go So I know this might seem a little bit wasteful It was a lot of fun and don’t worry every scrap that you see use here is going to be used for some purpose it Will be taken care of so there will be no waste well guys that’s it [for] this video I hope you enjoyed some of these experiments I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did as well big. Thanks to hello Fresh I’m really impressed with the [quality] of food. I mean, this is stuff that we could eat and in all honesty this is stuff We are going to eat now in a company like [hello] fresh reaches out to sponsor a video they also send these things called talking points Which are basically the things that they want me to tell you about their product and in this case They want to know that hellofresh is the meal kit delivery service that makes cooking fun easy And convenient and each week hellofresh creates new delicious recipes with Step-by-step Instructions designed to take around 30 minutes for everyone from novices to seasoned home cooks short on time They source the freshest ingredients measured to the exact quantities needed, so there’s no food waste They employ a full-time registered dietitian on staff who reviews each recipe to ensure It’s nutritionally balanced and it’s all delivered to your doorstep in a special insulated box for free so there you have it guys if you have any interest in the kind of service hellofresh has to offer go check them out and Use the promo code at the king of Random, but if you’re not interested, then don’t worry about it [I’m] just glad to have you along for the ride today of course Liquid Nitrogen is for professionals and experts only this isn’t something that I can recommend doing at home But it is something that I sure enjoy doing with you today. Now. Who’s going to clean up this mess, I? Can’t believe the guy is my wife salvaged all those scraps in the big mess that I made is turned it into this How awesome is that that is what [we’re] having for dinner tonight

100 thoughts on “What Does Liquid Nitrogen Do To Meat?

  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering, can you get rid of a body by putting it in liquid nitrogen and than grind it to dust? And no, I'm not trying to get rid of a body๐Ÿ˜œ

  2. Can we reverse the process? Just wanna know can we use those food items again for eating or it become poisonous after frozen?

  3. Wonder what would happen if you cooked this stuff first then froze it and ate it while frozen would it be normal or not edible

  4. It would be more interesting if you actually did something informative, like thaw it out again and cook it and tell how it tastes.

  5. Can you do a video on what kind of foods you can cook with ln2 like for example flash freezing that chicken and deep frying or something but if there's ways of integrating ln2 into cooking I'd be down for that video

  6. Ooo what happens if I put this thing in Liquid nitrogen ๐Ÿค” …. oh it freezes… letโ€™s smack with hammer. Ok now letโ€™s try this thing, huh it froze too… Noooooo way lol

  7. Iโ€™m not a scientist but wouldnโ€™t these melt and if they do this could be a very affective way of chopping food
    Or it would ruin it after it melts

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