What Came Before, featuring Steve-O: The Truth About Meat and Modern Farms

100 thoughts on “What Came Before, featuring Steve-O: The Truth About Meat and Modern Farms


  2. i was waiting for him to suddenly show his dick, or ride on a pig naked, but he didn't, nice! πŸ™‚ this video is so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, gonna share is with my friends and family.

  3. this coming from the same guy that has made a career abusing animals for laughs and profit. Swallowing Goldfish and punching gators for Jackass. Wild Boyz, where he and Chris Pontius did Jackass style stunts with animals, such as goading a snapping turtle into biting. Play meat soccer with heynas and lions

  4. im not against eating meat, athought i might be trying a new diet soon, but for health reason eating animals is part of the natural order but wat gets me madd are these fucking farms man even those catfish at the end looked like they were screaming that is not natural im acutally coincidering going veggie and eat only meat i catch myself

  5. Well, I like meat, I eat it all the time. But we humans kind of need protein and stuff so we eat it. This video doesn't really effect me in any way. I just don't think animals should be slaughtered like that. I'd rather my bacon be put down by something other than having their throat slit or by being locked in a gas chamber. Maybe something better would be a gunshot to the head, or.. maybe electrical shock? I would happily eat my meat if i knew that it didn't die so slowly or painfully. I would thank Mr. Piggsalot for keeping me alive and healthy. πŸ™‚

  6. I've been vegetarian for about two years now. This is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. Those poor animals.

  7. he touched on all the meat… cept shrimp. . . do vegans eat bugs? i feel bad when i look at this video, but vegan and vegetarian eating is so expensive. I love eating meat though. just tastes good, tofu, tofurkey, vegan food, is so gross, ive tasted lots and had plenty of options. i just do not like, not too mention how bad it hurts my already empty wallet.

  8. Like, I get it, it's horrible, but instead of making this video why don't you do something to stop this? Make a petition, raise money, do something. Don't guilt trip me into not eating meat. I wouldn't wish this upon anything, but making a group of people stop eating meat isn't really gonna do anything. This is still gonna go on even if you're not eating them. "Sure, as long as I'm not associated with it, I'm good. Nah, I'm not really gonna do nothing to help stop this, I've done my part." Seriously? Stop trying to guilt trip us and do something. I'm sorry, but the only thing you've accomplished with me is making me feel horrible. I'm not gonna stop eating meat, but if you wanna do something to help stop the horrible conditions, I'll gladly step in and help.

  9. I stopped this video at 1:31 ;-; Who could watch that? I am not a vegetarian yet but I am phasing out meat, I also don't consume it much anyway and It isn't the best thing in the world. Honestly I have tasted other dishes without meat that tastes way better than meat, but that's just my opinion.

  10. my heart my family has a farm but we don't do any of this we have the animals as pets and food yes but only the milk and eggs we have the animals in a large field where they can play and run as they should what this people do is sick and warped and there isn't any laws saying that there can't do this their living things they have emotions to

  11. I have a question. If the kill the boy chickens how do the female chickens get their eggs fertilized so more chickens can be born?

  12. My brother worked in a slaughter house. He said his friend found a dead mouse, they hung the mouse by its neck as a prank in someone's locker leaving a suicide note saying 'i can't handle being a mouse anymore, please give all my cheese to my wife and kids'

  13. Anybody watching this (especially those disliking) think that the way animals are treated is acceptable? Anybody think the way they're treated is actually good? Anyone feel proud to be human? No? Welcome to reality, folks. You're either part of the solution or part of the problem.

  14. Horrible, just horrible. Those people make me sick. Do those people have no souls or hearts? It doesn't have to be this way! It really doesn't. People just decided that money is better than animals? What the fuck. I hate these people. Terrible. Just terrible. I will help in anyway to help those animals. But alas I'm only a 12 year old girl. I'll try hard.

  15. 2:54 Body care advice coming from a Jackass veteran haha "Bottom line, a cruel diet is bad for your body and a kind diet is good for your body"

  16. Seriously though, love this video. Awesome stuff. Very informative, shareable, succinct and effective. And I love Farm Sanctuary.

  17. The industry has to change, not the diet. If u prefer to go vegan for your health then thats your choice. Human are omnivors, and dont say it is by choice. We have fangs, meant to rip meats. Human eats meat, its just nature. However though, of course we can question the inhumane practices by the industry. So what we need is goverment or other powerful bodies to set up rules and standard regulations. Governments, UN, OECD can effectively tackle this problem by setting up acceptable standard. Talking people out of eating meat just not going to be effective. I mean i still do wanna eat meat but i do want to change how we handle these animals i called dinner. I just cannot stand it when people say–stop cruelty against animal stop eating meats. It ticks me off more than a unilateral, radical, obsessed feminist. If i have the power to change the meat industry its not just by talking people out from eating it.

  18. Everyone please go vegan and show compassion. Www.chooseveg.com. Fight for animal liberation! www.directactioneverywhere.com

  19. I grew up on a farm and NEVER saw these cruel conditions or treatment of any animals. It appears like selective video hunting like the PETA film which had footage from 1968 in south east asia and tried to play it off as the USA to me

  20. When u buy animal products at the grocery store or order food from restaurants, you don't see the animal being slaughtered, B/c meat & dairy pays for laws that keeps the public uninformed. It's called the Americsn Enterprise Terrorism Act.

  21. I understand if you can't make the leap to vegan/vegeterianism but at least buy LOCAL meats from local farmers. They tend to be more humane. It is the big corporate farms that are most cruel to animals. At least if you buy local, you can meet the farmers and see how they raise their animals.

  22. I watched this many years ago, it took me two days and three tries to get through this 11 min video. I found it so profoundly sad! So I made a deal with myself that day, if I ever wanted to eat meat again all I have to do is watch the video again before I do. I will NEVER watch this again!! I had been vegetarian for 16 years up until that point but would eat fish sometimes or if on an all inclusive vacation I'd fall and eat meat. But the thought of having to see this video over again (it's burned into my memory) not another animal product has passed my lips. Thank you for making it so easy to stay on track πŸ’œ

  23. I literally cried buckets watching this video. I could never do this to an animal myself.. It's so easy when you don't know where your meat is coming from. I'm disgusted from watching all of this. I wanna be a part of the solution. As an animal lover and owner of 8 cats, I would be devastated if they were put through what these farm animals are put throug. I can't pretend that it will be easy, but I can try my best. Animals are our friends and they deserve better.

  24. 449 publicly subsidized Cargil or Tyson Foods employees don't like this video

  25. yup this is the main reason why im vegetarian!!! HOW can someone do those things to such defenseless inocent animals.. makes me sooo sick and disgusted

  26. I've been Vegan 5 days now and that poor piglet and chickens will stay with me forever! What I can't understand is HOW a person can do that as a JOB and go home and sleep????

  27. I know it's not cost effective for businesses, and male chickens don't lay eggs, but I don't understand why farms wouldn't keep the male chicks and let them grow up instead of shredding them. That's still meat

  28. Uh, factory farming is wrong but I'm not going to stop eating meat. This is why hunting is the best alternative. If you want to eat meat you have to earn it. Its also cheaper.

  29. Steve-O. Thank you for this educational video. It says everything that needs to be said. (I am vegetarian for 27 years and vegan for the last 4 years). Peace.

  30. My heart is breaking. I expected something different from organic farming.

  31. I had to stop the video when they castrated that little piggy. Thank god I'm vegan. This is so fucking disgusting it's insane.

  32. No one talks about all the cosmetics you use though….
    Those are made by experimenting on animals too, unless it specifically says that it's not.
    Just saying.

  33. I feel for the mammals but I've been killing and filleting fish since I was a child. I don't see a problem with it if you catch them yourself. All it was gonna do was eat other fish anyways…

  34. Studies have shown that pigs pigs are extremely intelligent but they, along with all animals except man, lack a most important attribute in this insensitive world: the power of speech. All animals pay dearly for this 'handicap'.
    In study after study animals have been proven to have feelings and emotions.not dissimilar from our own
    Humanity, please become aware of what you are doing to sentient beings who want to live as.much as any human does.

  35. how old are the footage steve-o is using in this? are we certain regulations are same, today in 2017 as it was back when these videos were made?

  36. Here's a good one, how about we stop popping out so many humans? Less of this and less people to perpetuate it. Win-win.

  37. I'm so sorry babies, I ask you all for forgiveness for all the suffering inflicted by humanity! Please forgive them and keep having fun and peace in the beautiful place called heaven or whatever, you all angels are for sure…

  38. The people that actually do such harm to these innocent Pigs and many other animals, are all MENTALLY DERANGED and certainly need to be taken to Court to explain their sadistic cruelty? Plus we need to know why the companies allow such barbaric torture? As well asΒ the manner the animals are made to live under?Β I'm so relieved that I live in a country where at the moment we still do not have these most foul Factory Farms, though attempts have been made over the last few years, to introduce them into the U.K, however, we the people have managed to stave off these sick, unethical Factory Farms, that are merely for making lots of profit from their lack of care, treatment, using people that have no animal knowledge what so ever,Β or training ect. WE WILL NEVER ALLOW SUCH MALICIOUS FARMSΒ IN THE U.K. America needs to stand up for these animals and to get rid of these evil Factory Farms now !! There are still not enough at the moment that are aware? Or feel the need to do something about this madness. I am sickened by America's love for lethal weapons, that are so easyΒ to obtain? The lust for Hunting innocent animals, that cause so much damage towards others that get caught in these hideous metal traps, Bears that are killed leaving cubs to starve to death..! The mentality behind America's twisted , shameful act towards ALL ANIMALS.Β Far more has too be done and quickly.

  39. I know 1 thing a dog or cat wont eat it own shit a cat even covers its shit up wiv dirt iv seen pigs eating ther own shit and even worse eating each

  40. This video is just perfect! If you need to explain to your family and friends why you've decided to go vegetarian/vegan, just show it to them. Then say: "Any more questions?" πŸ˜‰ I recently decided to become a vegetarian and all I just saw comforted me in my choice for good. I will share the French-Canadian version of this video on Facebook to let some of my countrymen know the truth.

  41. More reasons for going vegan:
    The slaughter process for animals is so cruel that many will think I'm exaggerating. However, the following is "standard practice":

    1.At least 10% of cows/pigs/sheep/goats are not affected by the stun gun. Most likely the number is higher. So this is what they suffer:
    -Pigs are boiled alive because they are put in boiling water BEFORE their throats are slit. This is probably the most painful form of death any living being can suffer.
    -Cows, sheep and goats have their throats slit while still conscious.
    -Because the assembly line is so quick these same animals then have their body parts, stomach etc. cut apart while still conscious and feel every second of it. Some really hardy animals stay alive to make it to the process where they are skinned and get skinned alive. These things were confirmed by the workers at the factory.

    2. Chickens, Turkey
    1. They are given an "electric water bath" to make them lose consciousness. However, just like above many are not affected.
    -They are also boiled alive because they are put in boiling water before having their throats cut.

    If these animals could speak they would think that their cruel treatment at the factory farms was heaven compared to the unimaginable pain they go through at slaughter.

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