What a REAL Chinese Home Cooked Meal in China Looks Like

I think we should kill the fish first i think, i can see it at least Hallo eNOS, this is vivi here. I’m gonna show you guys what a normal Chinese meal looks like most people might think we can’t go to the supermarket But most people still go to the one market versus they are pretty fresh and the second is they’re cheaper and a lot of Supermarket, their fish are really like dead.this one, you can see their life. That’s more reliable I think I can see it at least. This is gonna be a Completely normal average meal like i’m not a chef, and I’m just a regular housewife This is like the ocean fish, so usually you can’t they can’t keep them alive So that’s why they put ice in the bottom and then like you can see all different kind of we’re fish here and Yep Don’t interrupt you is it an aquarium parrotfish Yeah, they do call it parrot fish those it taste pretty good, but this one. I don’t know looks like a shark fin dont worry,he’s not gonna film you! How much for the butterfish? $4.00 for you! He didn’t get to see his own death hahaha. I gotta get some get this onion Okay we need bones for the pork soup So we got our bone for our pork soup We got veggies and we got our fish in total we spent about $10 let’s go cook! so Guangdong people, everybody knows soup for life, so every meal we Definitely need soup in our meal so today. I’m gonna cook bowls it and then of course because we have like pork bone We need some ginger first of all we need to boil the water so in this package we have this is Huaishan and This is fuling, xingren, which is almond That’s a clay pot I mean like every Chinese Home have this you have to have this it’s not your night at all well-known people love flower for Tang which is like a slow cook long time a Soup which it tastes amazing? What uh, and I gotta watch this It’s artist ed To shove some of this ginger inside of a family video Is a violin you need to sprinkle with this? This is Leo Jo we use alcohol to get rid of the fishiness It’s very simple we need to use this the bottom the onion bottom change the name bottom put in Put it in the bottom Then we can directly put it in a steamer because like I Don’t know it’s it common in the West the steamer is like in the bottom. You’ve got to put some water in here and We got an electric steamer So we just put it down here This fish is not that big just let’s do it 15 minutes before into water. That’s really funny of course Like the food thing if you buying a good vegetable, which means they only Like put the human poop in it and probably just eating that you Or he pretty much every South One in some China eat rice in every meal the funny thing is like usually if we couldn’t finish our rice Most of the time we’re not going to dump it because as everybody know Fry rice is cellophane so the first day if we can’t finish all the rice We’re gonna Pete put off the rice it back in the fridge, and then the next thing they can cook fry rice dry rice Specifically you cope you can’t cook it with the fresh rice. That’s a fresh rice, and it will become a fly life Washing the rice Is dirty with dirt and stuff in it have sand and dirt, you don’t want to eat those if You want the rice taste better you tray you put like two drip of rice vinegar I’ll just play it song. Yeah, see dead man Nobody walking over blood baby. Yeah, you got to wash your feet Is this normal to get blood all over your kitchen in China? Yeah, you should try a kitchen a pretty bloody You remember, I killed a fish in your house your mom is pretty upset Bitch this is Chinese onion and the ginger Since the fish is almost done I’m gonna put it on top of the fish So you can see the eyes is pop out so it’s definitely cook, so usually we cook veggies at the very last process because we don’t want the veggies become really saggy so make sure the Wok is totally totally hot Then you put some oil look I know Auto it doesn’t matter. I’m using from the oil the oil is totally totally totally hot you need to separate two part of garlic put one pot talked too long For announcers to make it have a flavor, okay? You don’t need to Poke it for too much. We need to cover. It don’t stir it Just let let the chill for a little bit two to three minutes. It’s like holy soft Stir it a little And pick it up I Need to boil up a little bit of oil You need to put a little bit of ground chicken stock Sugar And this is soy sauce make sure if you’re eating Chinese food Don’t forget you have to have to eat Chinese soy, sauce it’s really different than the Japanese one The one last bit of here So this is the normal southern China Everyday meal normally we about a soup we need to drink the soup first. That’s our process and normally We don’t really eat this Eliz item all my family don’t so Hmm paced play my mom You drank your mom my veggies I Cook some pretty damn good Veggies I’m gonna tell you that I usually love the back because I always thinking don’t really have that much bone, but which this fish don’t really have them To myself in oh Look how scary they’re now Let me give it a shot, so I can’t confirm. This is definitely an average southern Chinese Chinese meal It’s usually a meat and today. We got fish fish is super common, southern China We got vegetables. I don’t really eat rice But I always thought it was a bit of a waste that they don’t eat anything in the soup They believe that the nutrients actually just come out of all the ingredients stay in the broth And then they throw everything else out that pisses me off It seems kind of wasteful so baby always gives me here like leftovers like a dog Mmm with slow-cooked pork pork and I have pork and chicken and China all maintained tastes better than in America See how this poured something fish. Yeah, it’s succulent and tender isn’t it No scales, so you get the whole thing mmm Personally vegetables, that’s really tender nice fish no fish in the studio Well Maybe an average meal in China, but Vivian gonna say high-five you do a great job It’s super fun to shoot this video And I’m wanted to say thank you to all the patrons that actually made this happen I actually put out a poll and I’m starting to do this now on patron comm Lobby 6 you guys can vote for what topic I actually cover, so we really really appreciate your support I want to say thank you so much like I’ll continue on the next one. Okay, you want some fish, yeah Chiba see if this is the baby test ready one two Okay, I get Keanu mmm. Let’s see if she comes back for seconds. Yes, she does

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  2. Chinese woman: This is an average southern Chinese meal.
    White man: I can confirm this is an average southern Chinese meal.
    Me: ………………

  3. the young lady is delightful,…. and she married a young version of Eugene Levy… consider yourself lucky…

  4. why are the Chinese so inhumane when it comes to eating other beings,, at least put the creature out of its misery fast and painless as poss before eating it, they lack empathy as a whole. like why keep a fish alive out of the water to die slow? , I apologize to those few Chinese who totally unlike the masses in china, as some of you are going out of your way to help animals and save dogs and cats from the horrific torture deaths in china from your own limited resources, I want to say huge thank you to people you and true heroes,

  5. kill the fish asap as soon as it's out of water or it suffers, it's slowly suffocating, its unnecessary to cause more suffering to a living being. shame on you people who think this is okay, that says a lot about you, the people who think this is okay are likely to eat live octopus, humans are the only evil beings on this earth.

  6. never be afraid to be that only voice in the comments who speaks up. AGAINST WRONG DOING.,, ANIMAL ABUSE TORTURE ETC.

  7. here's something that we first nations cook our geese. One of the methods, slow cooking the goose, first I debone the goose, cut it into pieces and place it in slow cooker, let cook for 2 to 3 hours. in a final hour add some potatoes, carrots, celery. Salt and pepper to taste.

  8. you forgot to tell us all Chines girls have the exact same rice cooker! I am an American dude and I have the exact same cooker!

  9. Wish I was eating that right now!! Oh and Viv, you have an awesome attitude, I always thought chinese were so serious and only had sarcastic humour, nice to see you joking around!!

  10. I NEVER thought about there being a difference with Japanese and Chinese soy sauce! Thanks! Now…where do I find Chinese soy sauce in the US!? Kikoman is everywhere.

  11. Your wife is a sweetheart. But my mom can’t watch a Chinese girl eat. I watch different cooking videos and she makes me turn it off bc she can’t handle watching them eat. They tend to smack and to eat with their mouths open. 😂 I hadn’t noticed before she’d said that!😂

  12. Home Chinese kitchens make me nervous. I've lived and worked in China and have experienced this in real time. Just too much going on. Kind of like China as a whole, HA!

  13. so, the lesson i learned is that asians all look so frail and sickly due to malnourishment. that is bound to happen when you ingest rubbish.

  14. Cute baby. Congrats. I just started following you this summer… and its good to see nice, happy, everyday china life videos. Keeping it positive!

  15. At around 38 seconds as she talks about how you can see the fish's life at the market, there is a fish in the background very slowly floating upside down (clearly dead). Hilarious.

  16. A clay pot for the stove is a great idea. No one even thinks of this in Canada, but I'd use that every day for dinner.

  17. Mom: "Finish your plate sweetie people are starving in China"
    China: "Lol throw that meat out just drink the broth"

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