Weird Food Flavors From Around The World

When travelling around the world, people often try to eat traditional food of whatever country or city they’re visiting. What they might miss, however , are the crazy flavors of various snacks, desserts and drinks that exist. To help you find these insane for the next time you travel Here are 20 of the craziest flavors from around the world Number 20: Horse meat ice cream Japan defenitely has some of the weirdest ice cream flavors that ever be created. But by far some of the craziest flavors has to be horse meat ice cream Just to thought in horse

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  1. In philippines this Moby chips look like chocolate cheetos but its just foam covered in chocolate

  2. The thing is ,is that alot of those flavors are probably pretty good still ,it kind of reminds me of jelly belly's how they have butter pop corn flavored jelly beans ,and they are definitely my favorite now lol

  3. triggered It's soda… THERE is no excuse to call it coke or pop. Coke is a specific company, and pop is a verb. NOT A NOUN!

  4. One summer about 2 years ago i really wanted some soda and it was really hot so i picked up a a a a BIRDS NEST THING and i tryed it and i told my dad and said “Hey dad whats in this” and he said “Birds nest” and i ran to the bathroom like SONIC AND IM FROM VIETNAM

  5. yo i am from india and i know that lays potato chips but i don't know that it has the word "india's mint mischef chips" also i saw that chip package in a store

  6. LOL I am from britain and we don't have lays, we have walkers instead! Lays has the same logo as walkers, but instead of the words L🅰YS we have WALKERS, come to britain if you want this delicious crisp brand!!

  7. Warning other countries we Americans don't seek out weird gross stuff like vegies ice cream and things like that.

  8. Do you like broccoli, yes I do do you like ice cream, yes I do do you like broccoli ice cream……..I DON’T KNOW

  9. Every now and then on these be amazed videos there's an obviously mispronounced word.


  10. When I was in school we had a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise and it was pretty good so I can see where mustard and mayo comes from not too crazy

  11. I had a drink called "For the love of kale" , it had kale , cucumber , and pineapple. …yuck 😝

  12. Mayo & Mustard isn't that odd… they sell it in Lidl! Now granted, there are some VERY strange flavours on this list – I really don't get buffalo chicken soda or pork and seaweed donuts, and pork intestine flavour ramen noodles is shocking, but mustard/mayo… Yeah that's okay! 😁

  13. i had green tea oreos, not as odd as the things on this list but still interesting and delicious, sadly they are no longer produced

  14. There's a little ice cream shop in Renfro Valley Kentucky, U.S.A that occasionally sells lobster ice cream. With chunks of real lobster and butter mixed into a vanilla cream base.

  15. Lays also makes chocolate-covered potato chips.
    2:17 Cucumbers (like tomatoes) are fruits according to the scientific definition. Also, rhubarb is a vegetable. It's not the flavor that determines the definition. It's the biological function.

  16. Mint flavour is not the kinda mint you're talking about. There's this mint plant/herb called pudina which is the flavour on the lays. @beamazed

  17. I saw this video and thought that Japan must have a prominent place in the video. Watched till the end and counted 9 foods from Japan on this list

  18. Ive been making mayo mustard and bologna sandwiches for over 15 years lol. i visited japan and had wasabi kit kat Amazing

  19. I have a tube of mac and cheese flavoured lip balm, and that's probably the weirdest flavour I've ever come across (I bought it because I didn't think my friends would believe it was real unless I showed it to them).

  20. I love it how over 10 of these are from japan

    Now us weebs can give the haters a reason

    Weebs just be like hold my mountain dew cheetos

  21. Wasabi candy…I've tasted wasabi that stuff is soooo spicy !! Jalapeno ice cream !! Who comes up with these flavors…OMG

  22. This video seems like a joke or something…!! I know Japan/China got wayyy more flavors than the U.S but some of these flavors don't even sound actually real.

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