“WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC – The Mystery of Meat

Doog: So you’re a vegetarian…
Weird Al: I am. Doog: Tell me a little bit about that.
Weird Al: Well I used to, uh… eat a lot of hamburgers until I found out… I read
a book and I found out that they were made out of dead animals… and it GROSSED me out.
Doog: What did you think they were made out of before?
Weird Al: I don’t know… happy fun things! Just like… you know… Ronald McDonald doesn’t
tell you about… the factory farms. You don’t know about this stuff… Doog: I suppose if
they… in the McDonalds commercials if they had Ronald McDonald right next to a huge dead
cow, that wouldn’t sell very many Happy Meals. Weird Al: Probably not, but it would be good
truth in advertising. Doog: Sure, yeah… Ya know, some people would
write in a be like “We respect your honesty when it comes to hamburgers.”
Weird Al: Keepin’ it real with Ronald McDonald… (Doog laughs)

39 thoughts on ““WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC – The Mystery of Meat

  1. So did you interview Weird Al years ago and are slowly animating bits and pieces of it? Or do you keep re-teaming up?

  2. i would still eat burgers, even if i had to slaughter the cow myself, and i also had to slaughter a pig to get me some bacon on those burgers

  3. That's a completely dumb reason not to eat meat. The best way to save an animal from extinction is to eat it. Prime example is the bison which were endangered until we started eating them. Now they are plenty of them and more every day. And here I thought he was a vegan for health reasons, which would only make slightly more sense.

  4. Great video. Much more respect for Weird Al. 

    No offence Weird Al, but I can't wait for your generation to die off :/ You are one of the few boomers who gets it. 

  5. We're omnivores now, but we weren't always. It came down to having to adapt to eat meat, our intestines resemble that of an herbivore. Carnivores have short intestines to pass the meat quickly.

    We're really not supposed to eat meat, and the whole industry and principle of eating meat is fucked up. Humans could easily thrive without meat, if we could only sacrifice our (as the common person) petty "yummies" complex that works in multiple ways to slowly kill ourselves and the environment.

  6. He may be a vegetarian but he still makes songs that have some meat references. One example is Trapped in the Drive Thru which mentions the Chicken Sandwich and Cheeseburger.

  7. That might have been truth in advertising when McDonald's started but they long since stopped using real meat.

  8. I don't give a damn about the animal farms, I'll eat that meat. Besides they're going to go obsolete in the near future

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