We Tried Turkish Street Food in Istanbul

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  1. Thanks SOOO much for your support on this video – we took some of your suggestions and tried more Turkish food – new video out 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wcjx-L5wj0&

  2. Love from Pakistan to our brother country Turkey its my dream to visit Turkey once in my life I love to visit Turkey and I wish one day my dream come true and also want to eat street food of Turkey or Istanbul one day insha Allah
    I also love Turkish serials specially (pyar lafzon main kahan) I don't know what they say in Turkish I think (Ask Laftan…. ) I don't know but I love this serial after watching this serial it becomes my dream to visit Turkey once in my life

  3. Hi mate, I'm living Sydney 🇦🇺 enjoy your travel, when i watched this video I'm feeling happy. Thank you for experience food also i missed Turkish food 🇹🇷

  4. You ate the most famous dessert of Turkey. The Greeks have been trying to claim it, but baklava and Turkish coffee have been our traditions for centuries. I've been baklava.😎

  5. Bu yabancilarda nerden izlenme kazanacaklarini. biliyorlar tabi bizim millette aaa yabancilar Türkiyeye gelmis diye açıyorlar videoyu, adamlarda paranin amina koyuyor

  6. Eminönü balıkçıları için denizden tuttuğu gibi pişiriyor diyor halbuki norvecten Eminönü çok uzak degilmi yaw

  7. whe call this single mans dinner deu its easy to make and healthy and deliciouz 😀 it gives a feeling lik your shef ramsey when you make the ''mennemen'' 😀

  8. Ülkeye gelen yabancıları çok güzel ağırlıyoruz (!) Bir dondurmadan 25 tl almak nedir Allah belanızı versin. Bu insanlar olayın farkında değil bir farkında olsalar ülkelerine döndüklerinde nasıl anlatacaklar bizi. Sonra da Türkleri kimse sevmiyor oluyor. Lan bana böyle bir şey yapsalar bende sevmem böyle bir milleti. Ama dürüst ve sözde müslümanız elhamdülillah!

  9. Hello everyone! we're a family of mother, brother and sister, we are coming back from Turkey and our experience in the Turkish airport wasn't just horrible, it was unbelievable
    It was a problem of Visa because of border police who has stamped our passports without understanding (during the stoppage of the plane while we were going to another country passing by Turkey and we had this problem in the return), he did a big mistake and we played for it!! They treated us like it's our fault and not just that, they have stopped us and locked us up in a small room as we are in an irregular situation and as it's our fault. They let us imprisoned for 20 hours in a small room, they have treated us in a horrible way with Terrible, disrespectful way of talking, they lied to us and didn't let us go out even for taking air, we had neither internet nor sim cart to contact our family, me the daughter was sick, my medecins were in the baggage, we asked for them they didn't respond, I had a strong epistaxis because I can't stay in closed places and because of stress and the way we've been treated! We asked them just to explain for us what was happening because we didn't understand anything, they didn't treat us like humans, like we have the right to understand what's happening to us, thank God a good man of security came and shared with us internet for a little while to contact our family and our trip agency so we've finally understood that it's their fault…We told them that we've buyed tickets to return to our country they have just to advance the date and let us go we don't need to stay in this —– place they didn't respond, we asked them to pay for new tickets we wanted just to go out from that bloody place, they didn't respond either. And the catastrophe is that they were lying to us to calm us down! When we call them and they see us in panic they told us that our flight after few hours, and everytime the time came they said that it's after more hours….
    After 19 hours in that prison, my mother was very tired especially psychologically, she asked a policeman for help, he said "I won't help a person who talks like you, I am a policeman WHO ARE YOU? " Do you imagine??!!! She said "I am a doctor" then he shut up
    Police men and women didn't know that I understand a little bit Turkish and I didn't say it I preferred to know what they were saying about us so I heard bad things, they were making fun of us while we were terrified, a police woman has even said to a person who was there (similar situation) in Turkish "sit down or I will spit on your face" just because he asked about her flight's hour!!!
    They treated us like criminals despite we did nothing, we are just tourists and in addition to this it was their fault, even if we did something wrong we are humans, WHERE ARE HUMAN RIGHTS??!!! WHERE?!!!! WHO ARE THEY TO TREAT US IN THIS WAY ?!! IS THIS THE CIVILIZATION OF TURKEY!!?? We've been there before and we loved it so we wanted to visit it again, we've never imagine that we would be treated in this way
    Today 1/10/2019 we're back to our country after two days that will never be forgotten, 2 days of disrespect, injustice and abuse; we will do everything to take back our rights and to punish those horrible "persons", I hope you'll help us to do this by sharing our story; injustice is spreading because people don't talk so let's stop it , I don't want this to happen to any other person. Thank you

  10. It makes me really happy to see people from all over the world in my homecountry and telling how amazing our food is. Thank you!! I appreciate that❤️❤️❤️

  11. I think you mix the Turks with the Arabs. We don't travel with camels in the desert. These are in the Arabs. The music in the background is bad.

  12. Türkçeye çeviren arkadaş;
    Vallaha, Hemfikirmisin bacım gibi kelimeler kullanan adam gibi adam 😀 ((Türkçe Terimlerdir ve ingilizce karşılıkları yok.))

  13. You called pizza to our pide, but we mad at that. Because, pide have explored from 3 th century in middle asia and anatholia. So it's too old. But first pizza made at 14 th century. So pide is grand grand grand father of pizza. Because of this, we mad pide is calling pizza. For us, pizza must call pide.

  14. Pide is not shaped like pizza like she already saud, this restaurant Is only for tourists I think I can't imagine a turk eating a pide like that. Normally it has absolutely nothing in common with pizza, total different thing.

  15. Dolar 5 Türk Lirası olunca rahat gezersiniz tabi 🙂 aynı performansı dolar 1 Türk Lirası olsa gösterir miydiniz? O kahvaltıya 25 dolar verirse tebrik ederim.

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