We Tried the Meat Chopper | Ground Beef Spatula Tool Review

– Another day, another gadget. Today, it’s the meat chopper. (upbeat music) So this is for your
ground beef in a skillet. I’m gonna let this go right
up against the wooden spoon. It is sometimes annoying
to sit there and break up ground beef when you’re
crumbling it in a skillet. Is it so difficult that we
need a separate utensil for it? I don’t think so. If this is just gonna make
this experience so cool, then maybe it’s worth
the small investment. It was only $5 on Amazon,
so let’s just test it out. All right, I’ve got the same pans. The same meat. You might tell me that I shouldn’t even be using a wooden spoon
when I’m working with raw meat. Listen, I’ve done it my whole life. My mom did it, her mom
did it, her mom did it. We’re all still here to talk about it. Everything’s fine. (food
sizzling) Okay, here we go. Spoon. (tapping) And meat chopper. (tapping) So I just kind flip and break at the same time. Seems to be working okay. I can’t really flip it
like with the spoon. So far they’re looking about the same. (tapping) I seem to be using the same
amount of effort and force. (tapping) Might actually be using less force and making less of a mess
with the ol’ classic. The meat chopper. (banging) It looks like you’re probably
gonna be able to get finer little pieces of meat. I’m a stirrer, so if we
were making taco meat with this and we had our
seasoning and our water or whatever, you’re gonna
have to get another spoon for this pan cause you
can’t really stir it. Whereas this one, you can just still use the same utensil. (thudding) So there we have it! Same cooking time. To me, they look about the same. So here are my takeaways. If you make a lot of ground beef and you like your pieces really small, go ahead and pick one up, it’s only $5. Otherwise, I think the wooden spoon is less work, cleaner, and you only need one
utensil for the entire job. With the meat chopper you
could get some raw meat stuck inside, you’re going
to need a spoon in addition to this is you’re going
make any sort of sauce or chili or taco meat
or anything like that. So, easier and cleaner. Just a novelty item as
far as I’m concerned. If this is too annoying
and if you really wanna get the fine crumbles, you
can use a potato masher, which you probably already have. For more great videos like this, don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And if you have any other great
products or kitchen gadgets you want me to try out, leave it in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “We Tried the Meat Chopper | Ground Beef Spatula Tool Review

  1. I think if you're working with bulk amounts it would be helpful I literally just had to take a mashed potato masher to break up beef prepping for dinner. But I cook for a really large amount of people everyday. So there's that.
    E.T.A….Ohhh, hahaha yeah potatoe masher. Lol

  2. I got one on an impulse buy. For me it does break down the meat faster and finer; I don't have to hunt down lumps as often as when using a wooden spoon. Did I need it; no, does it save me time whem breaking down meats specially for faster cooking, definitely. I guess it's like a garlic press; do you need one even though your chef's knife can do the job; no, does it save you time, hell yeah!

  3. I have had a Pampered Chef version since I got married 10 years ago, and I do like it because of how fine it gets the crumbles- though it is a little different with 4 'paddles'. I tap it on the side of the pan to get the meat that sticks and use it to stir. I actually don't have a potato masher, but since I prefer my mashed potatoes a bit on the lumpy side I use the chopper in place of that too. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I have a Pampered Chef version that I paid a lot more for a number of years ago. I like it for ground beef and I like it for mixing meatloaf. As you pointed out, once the meat is cooked and chopped you need to use a different utensil to stir in spaghetti sauce or taco seasoning. It's a handy tool, not perfect , but it' good at what it does.

  5. I make a lot of taco meat and sloppy joes. I can see the need for it. Different stores have linear texture different from another store. I won't name name's, but where I live I would like to have one, but not always. Thanks for the video.

  6. I use that big serving fork that came with your set of silverware that you really don’t use for anything else. That’s my ground beef chopper.

  7. I have two meat choppers. The one that looks like yours I only use to initially break up the meat. I also use it to break up cooked meatballs so when I make my meatballs and spaghetti, the meatballs are quartered so there is a meatball in every bite. I spent 3 dollars for my more blunt one in Dollar General.

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