We Test A Thanksgiving Vegan Meal From Beyond Meat | Inc.

– [Kevin] It’s plant protein. – Wow, alright.
– Whatever that means. – I’m just doing the sausage here. Should we do the wedding? – Oh, too late. (hard percussion music) – I’m Chris Beier.
– I’m Kevin Ryan. – Today, we are testing. – [Chris And Kevin] Vegan Thanksgiving. – So, Thanksgiving is typically turkey. – Typically. – You think about turkey, turkey, turkey. So, if you’re a vegan, then the mainstay of your Thanksgiving
is probably a tofurky. That’s the most popular vegan
thing to eat on Thanksgiving. – It’s been around since 1995. – [Chris] And it looks
absolutely disgusting. – [Kevin] It’s kind of
weird, like a beige loaf. – So, in 2018, there are far more options for a vegan Thanksgiving
than that disgusting tofurky. – Yeah.
– Right? – One of them is Beyond Meat.
– Beyond Meat. A company, super successful,
probably one of the most notable popular companies that
are making meat substitute. – [Kevin] It makes the Beyond
Burger, you might have seen. – What is in, it’s not meat, then? Is it meat? – It’s a plant-based
protein that they perform some magic to in a laboratory somewhere. And then, voila, we’ve got meat. – If you had in front
of you, a veggie option, and a meat option, what would you go with? – I would go meat every time. – Every time, no matter what it is? – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,
I rarely have a meal that does not have meat in it. – Ice cream? – Put bacon bits in it. – Kevin and I have starved ourselves. We have starved ourselves,
like you do before you have Thanksgiving dinner. – This is true. – And we’re going to stuff ourselves with Beyond Meat meat. – So, Chef Carolina
here is preparing us a, how are we saying this? – [Kevin] A meal with vegan meat. – This is what a vegan Thanksgiving dinner tastes like in 2018. We’re very excited. – Yeah, let’s eat. – Whoa. – A pumpkin risotto with a
Beyond Bratwurst sausage, cremini mushrooms, and then some parsley. – How does that smell, Kev? – It smells like pumpkin-y. Alright, here we go.
– Alright, here we go. – Should we try the sausage first? Let’s start with the
risotto, get our feet wet. – I think it’s about
putting it all on the fork. – Yeah, you’re doing it. Here we go.
– Okay, here we go. Wow, it tastes really good. In fact, I would argue that
this tastes better than, like your typical sausage. – Well, you know it has 16
grams of plant-based protein. – Okay. – Is that more protein–
– Fact one. It’s two grams more protein. – Two grams more protein
than your typical dead cow. Chef Carolina? – You want more, you want more? – Keep feeding us, should I
eat more, or is there like– – You have two more dishes, so save room, but like there is more. – That was a 10. – I’d give it an eight,
which is a very high praise. – So you’re cooking us
the next course now. – The meat loaf.
– Oh yeah. – The Beyond Burger, in this case. – Nice. So it cooks the same way as normal meat. – Yeah, I think it’s
not like rocket science, so it tastes like it and it
kind of cooks like it, too. (bell chiming) That’s my timer. – Ready for more food. – We’ve got the meat loaf
here, which, you know, is you cook it just the same way you would with regular dead cow.
– He’s like, “Quiet you.” – Right, right. – But it has a bunch of herbs, and spices, and you bake it for like
45 minutes to an hour. – Okay. – And then we have the
cranberry sauce, of course, because we’re having Thanksgiving. – You gotta do that. – And then this is a
cauliflower potato puree. – Wow, so there’s no butter in there? – No butter. – Okay.
– No butter. – Cheers. Whoa. – I would have no idea this wasn’t, – Meat, like beef. – Yeah, exactly, exactly. This is so good, wow. – Nice and crisp around the edges, and then tender on the inside. – What did you like better,
the risotto, or the meat loaf? – I think I like the
risotto slightly better. – I like the risotto. – This is delicious, but the
risotto was out of this world. – Risotto was so good.
– Oh yeah. – So we’ve had two dishes now, and they’ve both been delicious. And neither of them have had meat in them. – No. – And I feel like you could
have served these to meat-eaters and either tell them, or don’t tell them, they’re probably gonna like it. – Wow. – You’re filling up, I can tell. You ate all the meat already. – Hell yeah I did.
– Oh my god. – We’re about to move on to dessert. – I’m ready for dessert. – So, an apple crisp
is normally not vegan. – Well, usually it’s butter. And this one is vegan and gluten-free. – Oh, look at that, thank you. – This is vegan apple crisp a la mode. – A la mode. So yeah, instead of using
butter, I used coconut oil. In this case, I did pumpkin
seeds, and hazelnuts. It’s also gluten-free. – It smells so good. – Made with gluten-free oats. – Oh my god. – This is a non-dairy ice cream,
there’s so many out there. Well, enjoy, let me know what you think. I don’t wanna like, watch over you guys. – Wow.
– Oh yeah. – Wow. – Yeah, that was good. – Before this experience
today, if I was to say, Thanksgiving dinner, are
you looking forward to it, what’s the first thing
that happens in your mind? – Turkey, stuffing, mashed
potato, green bean casserole. – Yeah, yeah, but now?
– Yeah. – How do you think of it? – If you can find a way to skip the meat and make it delicious. – Which we have. – Which we have, then I’m all for it. I’m meat-agnostic, I
don’t care what it is. I don’t care if it’s meat, if it tastes good, it tastes good. It is better for you. It is better for the environment. – Absolutely, absolutely it is. – And be freaking delicious. – Yeah, regardless of
whatever you’re gonna cook for Thanksgiving dinner, we can now say that vegan Thanksgiving
has been IncTested. – And Happy Thanksgiving. – Happy Vegan Thanksgiving.
– Oh. (upbeat percussion music)

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