We Made A 3-Course Bubble Tea Meal | Eatbook Cooks | EP 6

Warning. These recipes are not meant to be taken seriously. Morning. Is it alive? What the hell? It’s definitely not alive… PD: Ready, 1 2 3. Open! Bubble tea? Only got 1 and it’s mine. OMO! What’s that? Is it a love note from Maverick? What’s this? Oh my god. No, I don’t want already. Are you telling us to remake this shit? PD: So your objective for this episode is to create a 3-course bubble tea meal similar to the one you see in the picture. Are you serious? So you can add anything? Budget anything? I’m going to go for caviar, Qing: I’m going to go for crab…
Chiara: foie gras. PD: So you guys are confident right? No…. I mean it’s bubble tea, how to make into 3-course. Okay, recipe! Recipe. How to spell recipe? R E C I P T. She spells receipt but in the wrong way some more. Recipe… Orh… Okay recipe. We are done! I’m ready! Eyyyy! So now, we have a shopping list over here. Qing: How do you pick crab? Er… I will just pick the prettiest one! Opps, I have never cleaned a crab before. Today, we are buying Bak Kut Teh (baguette). Bak Kut… Oh my god, we forgot the most important thing, which is bubble tea. Order drink. PD: I need my pin. Errr… What’s your pin? PD: I’m not going to tell you. Both: Just tell us. PD: Go away
Chiara: You need to film Mav. Oh, I cannot lift it up. Need straws. PD: You don’t need straws. PD: Why you want straws? PD: You can’t even drink the bubble tea. Bam! We’re back from our groceries. Suited up! Both: Are you ready? No. I’m not ready. *Burp* Okay, so we have all our ingredients laid out, what should we start with first? I think we should start with dessert first because we need to give it time to chill . So first up, is the bubble tea sticky rice dessert, and the ingredients needed are bubble tea, rice, sweet potato and yam. Okay, then I do this. I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to do this either, it’s my first time handling yam. PD: It’s like a potato. Ya, it’s like a potato but have you seen this root. Let’s be real okay, nobody cooks yam everyday. Nobody cooks everyday come on. can I wash with soap? Ew! Okay, we are doing this together. Together, together, together everyone! PD: It’s a competition guys! 1, 2, 3, GO! PD: Qing, you’re losing faster… Life is not a competition. PD and Chiara: But this is! How to cut arh? Just like that. Oh, that’s smart! Can I just say that I hate cutting. Me too. I like that Qing is following my way of cutting now. Ooh this is such a perfect cube, take a look. Look at that, so cutteeeee! PD: AHHHH That’s not how I taught her. So we’re done with preparing all the ingredients, are you ready to cook now? Let’s just pour everything into the rice cooker, ‘cause the rice cooker is that simple. So we’re just gonna pop in the rice, some sweet potato, and yam. And for the milk tea right, we’re just gonna pour enough to cover the yam and the sweet potato. Prettyyyy. Wah the smell. Ooooff *COUGH* So what is this dish called? It’s called the bubbling crab ~bloop bloop bloop~ AHHH! Oh my god they look like they’re moving on their own. Let’s give them a good bath first. Scrub scrub. Okay looks quite clean, I’m proud of myself. PD: Good job! High five! While Chiara is preparing the crab, I’m gonna prepare the water to poach the crab. So the ingredients we need will be ginger, black pepper, salt and rice wine vinegar. Okay I’m done with the crab, let’s put it in. I’ll let you do the honours of putting it in. Thank you. So I killed the crab, I cleaned the crab, now I boil the crab. Oooooh… So we’ll let it poach for a few minutes before we put it in the bubbling bubble tea broth. Eh the smell not bad eh. Seems like we’re on the right track, we’re on the right track. Okay, scoop it up. Look at the colour! Okay the finishing touch, we’ll put the poached crab in the bubble tea broth. Okay now for the appetiser, we’re gonna cook XXL boba caviar. Atas. So our base is gonna be baguette, AKA your French bak kut teh. And we’re gonna use ingredients such as Butter, ham, mozzarella cheese, egg, pepper and topping it off with spring onions. Let’s not forget the most important item, Our XXL Chia- Chiara? Eh you calling me XXL?? HELLO. The XXL caviar. And we’re gonna drizzle some bubble tea reduction… to give it some moisture. We know what we’re doing okay. So when we prepare this atas three-course bubble tea meal right, we need to think of it as really fine dining. We cannot skimp on the ingredients, put as much butter as you can. So next step very simple, we’re just gonna lay some ham over the bread. And then we’ll have to give them some cheese. Well because people are paying a lot of money, we spam the cheese. We’re gonna pop this into the oven now. Yeah when you pay for good food, you need to use the finest gadgets in the kitchen. Oh my god… So for the reduction, we’re just gonna boil the bubble tea down. That’s all. Off, off I got a feeling it tastes bitter, look at the colour. Let’s have a taste. With a fork? Not bad, this is the best-tasting thing after an entire day of cooking. Should we wash it with water first? *indiscernible sounds* Voila! Oh my god, it looks freaking good eh. With this smell right, people in the office will think it’s Suphon in the kitchen, but it’s us! Final step, is to plate this. It’s 2019, we need some pepper bae. Mama Mia! The final ingredient, the XXL boba caviar. We’re done~ We’re done!!! So we’re now gonna present these dishes to our very finest guests. Okay are we the only pair that’s trying? No ah? Three, two, one… Okay bring on the food, ladies and gentlemen! I don’t know how to react, ‘cause it’s kinda cool. There’s a crab here, and I definitely see the pearls. You’re gonna enjoy a three-course bubble tea meal. Okay for the first dish, it’s our appetiser. It’s called… This one ah? No no, the other way. Oh this one…okay. XXL Boba Caviar. Oooh. Do you see how sexy the drip is? Look again. Damn underwhelming sia. A bit like Fear Factor now sia. Ya sia. Wah my one still got the ding ding dong ah. It’s stuck! Honestly right, it’s not that bad eh. It’s very extra. Freaking weird eh. It’s damn extra, don’t even need this. Okay la sorry. I can’t taste the reduced milk tea. Do you want more? No!!!!! I feel that you can taste each element but they all don’t come together as one. For someone who likes weird combinations, this is just too much. Can someone take a tissue, I cannot stop staring at that. Ok ok ok move on. What great service! Honestly, I think it’s okay. You don’t want ah? Please, please. You got see restaurant plate the whole crab like that or not? As a garnish. Is it as a garnish? PD: Yes. So the crab is only for display? It’s actually this cereal looking thing. Cornflakes with chocolate milk? No eh, it looks like bad cat food. But it smells good. I like crab. I like bubble tea. But I like these two to be separate things as well. I cannot, I cannot, what is this, I allergic. Wah actually not bad. You like?! I think the ginger taste a bit too strong for me. No I think it’s just nice for me. It balances out the milk tea. Is it tea halia or something? Teh halia? Ohh the ginger tea. Ya, this is like it. You killed a crab for no reason, chef!! Chiara: This is a spin-off of the internet meme that we saw. So we zhng-ed it up with diced yam and sweet potatoes. What’s the name again? Bubble tea sticky rice. Why do I get the feeling that the sticky rice around the world collectively got offended? There’s no taste. Oh! Actually this one not bad. These flavours are probably the set that comes together the best. Good effort la but…cannot make it sia this one. You have found your first customer. Peps: Ya this is good!
John: And her name is Peps. It was fun, the whole experience was fun. It was a very interesting experience. Fun we did. Did we have nice food? Nay. Qing: Would you ever come back? Nay. If it’s free? Still nay. If it’s free, call me. I never thought that you could have made this kind of dishes out of bubble tea itself, so I think that is interesting. And I like the creativity. Now that our customers are gone, do you think we should try our own food? ‘Cause I never tasted anything. Actually we have no idea how this three-course meal tastes like. Mmmm McGriddles Egg McMuffin, it’s something like that! It’s sweet, and then it brings out the savoury parts like the cheese, the ham. I don’t even dare to eat eh. I also don’t dare to eat sia! It’s like something you’ll put in your bubble tea. Like taro pearl. It’s too herbal-ish for me. It’s a hit or miss la. Something you would never try outside. I mean, Qing and Chiara three-course bubble tea meal. Where else can you find this? So comment down below, what other challenges you want us to try out. But don’t forget, we are both amateur cooks okay. We don’t cook on a daily basis. Thank you for watching the crazy episode of Eatbook Vlogs. If you like this video, don’t forget to watch more over there. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!

57 thoughts on “We Made A 3-Course Bubble Tea Meal | Eatbook Cooks | EP 6

  1. Hi, iJust u boil the sweet potatoes and that white vegetable looking thing for like 2-5mins to making soft alittle then cut after cut into pieces then cook until ready the. Take out again

  2. Ahh… i think it will be nice if d crab is cook like chili crab instead of d chili sauce u use the BB T instead U can call it fried BB T crab. but make sure the BB T is zero in sugar…. 😛

  3. Apart from being a more refined Nubbad's Fusion Confusion segment, there's really no purpose in this video. Same for the 72 Hours Challenge segment. I still feel the main focus of Eatbook should still be Eatbook Vlogs/Tries/Famous Rivals, exploring around finding for good food in Asia.

    To choose a good crab, use your fingers to press on the abdominal plate of the crab. If it's firm means is a good crab. If you're able to depress, means the crab will not be full of meat. One thing to note is never buy crabs that are stored in water. The last tip is checking for mottling, mottling spots on the shell. The best is to have it be less distinct or refined, means it's near its life cycle of maturity. A more distinctive one, means it has soft shells or finished its molting. Even though it may look like it's slightly larger, but actually they are stored with water and doesn't have much meat.

  4. The pearls are made of tapioca. Maybe instead of making it as a topping, boil it to use as thickener. The problem with it is that it is usually made with coffee or cocoa mixed in with the tapioca that's why you get the brown color. So using it as is might not work well, unless you're working with a dish that can compliment the coffee or cocoa flavor.

    Desert would be easy, I would make a flan made from the milk tea, and a coffee sauce reduction made from the pearls.

    For main course, I would go with a stew using the milk, maybe with chicken or pork and not something delicate like a crab.

    The tricky part is the appetizer, since it is usually on the savory side. Maybe a cracker or toast topped with pulled pork that is braised in the tapioca pearls with additional coffee to enhance the coffee flavor and other spices.

  5. Shouldn’t you guys be discouraging the consumption of Bubble Tea as much as possible? It’s so high in sugar and calories, and even your 72 hours challenge eating just mooncakes isn’t that healthy either.

  6. HAHAHA i know the concept was a bit funky but i rly enjoyed the team of chiara and qing! the two of them r rly funny together 🙂

  7. IIRC I seriously hope you got chop the crab's eyes 'area' of…. You can get food poisoning from the entre dish if you dont.

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