Villagers made to pay more for ration | Basanti Soren reports for IndiaUnheard

According to the Public Distribution System, every Below Poverty Line card holder is entitled to receive 35 kg rice as per the scheme. But in Ramgarh district’s Mandu block, there are 19 people along with Siris Soren who are receiving only 32 kg of rice instead of 35 kg. This is the story of Noniyabeda hamlet in gram Mandu where these are paying 40 INR for this rice. I’ll tell you madam, we don’t have any salary. The commission is low. Now the government makes us spend in so many ways. No we have to put to the list on the wall, government doesn’t get it done. We are made to pay 40 INR No-no, 35 INR madam, 35 INR. You take 35 INR? Yes, 35 INR. Some pay 40 INR. When I don’t have change, we adjust. Otherwise 35 INR only. The problem is we guys don’t get a salary. The commission is also very low. And for delivering the stock to us, even the dealers have to bear costs. The dealer is not paid for all those expenses. The grains that we get are also less, about 2-3% less. We raised this issue in the last Deputy Commissioner meeting. He promised us that they will get a digital weighing machine fixed in the warehouse. It hasn’t been fixed yet. On one hand, the government tells us to keep the shop open for all 30 days. They give us stock only for 50 cards or 100 cards. We distribute to 100 cardholders in 4 days and we are done. What do we do sitting at the shop for rest of 26 days.? Give us salary! We’ll keep the shop open for all 30 days. The system is responsible, who else is there to blame? It’s happening all over Jharkhand. If it was only with me, then I would have said it’s only with me. But this is the case all over Jharkhand. I appeal to all the viewers watching this video to please call / message the BDO of Mandu Mr Jai Kumar Ram on 8084383406 and make him aware of this issue so that the card holders can receive the correct amount of rice at the correct price I am basanti Soren reporting from Mandu, Ramgarh for IndiaUnheard

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