Vegetarian MRE Menu 11: Vegetable Lasagna – tasting a Meal, Ready-to-Eat

Greetings my lovelies~ Hi it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another MRE tasting. Today, I have this one for you: and this is a vegetarian MRE. For those of you that are new to MREs,
MREs are Meals Ready to Eat and they are issued to soldiers by the US government and they are also given to those that are in need
in national disasters and things like that. So this is menu two; this is the vegetable lasagna. This is my first vegetarian MRE. It comes in this khaki, thick, mill bag, And it’s issued by the Department of Defense. If you’ve missed my other Military Ration tastings, I shall put the playlist down below in the description box where you can watch all my other tastings. I’ve done different countries
including the UK, Japan, New Zealand …and yeah, so yeah. Lots of cool stuff to be learned
from these military rations, so… it says it’s a peelable seal, so we’ll open this up here… My apologies for the background noise. If you hear any lawn mowing, leaf blowing — yes, my neighbors… yeah. It’s not that peelable. [small victory sound] In this one we have a sundries bag, wheat snack bread. This is my flameless ration heater… This is my hot beverage bag… Here’s my spoon. Tabasco sauce in a packet. Peanut butter. Vanilla pound cake. Ooh! French vanilla instant cappuccino, awesome~ And… here is the ration itself. Vegetable lasagna. And this is a peach mango applesauce. But look at this! It has a postcard! That’s great! How awesome.
So you can cut out that out and send a postcard to someone you’re thinking about. Love that. Let’s open the sundries bag first, because there are often beverages in here
that are hiding. The sundries bag includes a beverage base lemonade, some toilet paper, salt, and moist towelette and some gum. So let’s go ahead and heat up our entree first. And there it is in this kind of khaki package. It’s kind of squishy, and cold. Here is our flameless ration heater, which is amazing. Here we go, there it is inside. I love this thing, it’s so clever. So, what we’re gonna do first ….is open it here… like it says. Then we’re gonna place the MRE packet inside. So you hold it to the top
and then we’re gonna fill the water to here. Just like a teaspoon, really. The bag’s starting to inflate. And now it’s getting hot. I’m gonna slide it back in here. While our MRE is cooking, let’s taste some other things. Let’s make our French vanilla instant cappuccino powder. Hot water. And six ounces is about three quarters of a cup. Pour that in there. Ooh! Looks like a creamy… Smells pretty good. [sniffs] Smells… French vanilla-ed. [sniffs] Kind of sweet. Here we go, kampai*! (“kampai” is the Japanese equivalent of “Cheers!”) Wow! [sips] That’s very, very sweet, like as sweet as hot chocolate. It tastes a little bit like coffee,
but mostly it tastes like artificial vanilla flavoring. [sips] It actually tastes a little bit like cake, like cake in a box. It’s pretty good! All right, let’s try the mango peach applesauce postcard. [laughs] And.. it comes in a packet. ….like this. There it is! Not all that appetizing… but it is applesauce… and it smells like applesauce. Gonna use my government-issued spoon here. And…there it is. Hmm! It’s not bad! It tastes like applesauce
with a little tinge of mango in there. It’s pretty good.
Not overly sweet, a little bit of acidity. Pretty smooth puree. It’s good! Let’s open up the wheat snack bread. And it’s made by Sterling Foods. Wow. Comes with one of these preservatives. I love the shape of it! [laughs] Isn’t that great? It looks like shokupan. It’s a pretty dense-looking bread,
almost looks more like a biscuit. And… [sniffs].. it smells very yeasty. And let’s just have it with some peanut butter! I’m gonna knead it here. Okay. Spread it a little bit here. So it’s a creamy style peanut butter. Itadakimasu* (“Itadakimasu” is a Japanese phrase
usually said before eating.) Mmm! [muffled] Oh! That’s a mouthful. [laughs] The bread is very, very dense. But imagine stacking like six pita breads on top of each other. It’s a little bit moist, dense… ..and yeasty. It’s not all that great. But it’s substantial. Along with the peanut butter,
which tastes like regular store-bought peanut butter, nice and creamy, sweet and nutty. But there’s something about peanut butter that kind of draws out every drop of saliva in your mouth. And combined with this really dense bread, It does something to your mouth which really
kind of eliminates any kind of moisture, but… the taste isn’t too bad,
tastes like yeasty bread along with peanut butter. It’s the texture, and the sensation of your mouth kind of drying out that’s kind of strange. Again, after a long day of trompin’ around, this is probably really great. So I’m kind of confused about this…? Because they gave me a hot beverage bag… to make a hot beverage but I didn’t get a hot beverage. I got a… beverage base powder. Which says to add twenty ounces of water. But I guess I could just make it in here. So twenty ounces is a lot of water,
it’s actually two and a half cups. I’m going to add it to two cups and see how it goes, since this bag doesn’t look to be too big. And then we’re gonna add twenty ounces, well, I’m gonna– Whoa, look at that color! It’s immediately turning yellow. Looks like Country Time lemonade, actually. It is dissolving rather well, which is good. Here we go. Kampai. Mm! It’s a little more concentrated I think the four ounces of water
would make this just perfect. And that’s what it tastes like.
It tastes like Country Time lemonade. But actually it’s a little bit better
because it’s not as sweet. It has a nice bit of sourness to it. It’s definitely artificial lemon flavor, but… Very quenching. Let’s check on our main entree! Pull this outta here… Ooh, there it is. Wooow! And it’s lasagna, but it looks a little more like pasta. ‘Cause the pieces are kind of broken up. And there are beans in there… Alright, here we go! Itadakimasu. Hmm! It’s actually not too bad! I like the addition of beans in there, there’s a nice amount of protein. The beans aren’t too mushy, they’re nice and whole. The pasta’s quite soft but that’s what you get
for having precooked kind of meals. And it’s a marinara sauce that tastes
a little bit of basil and tomato, and I have to say, pretty good. And it’s not overly salty. I also like that’s it’s not overly cheesy
or too rich or anything. But you know what makes everything better — Tabasco! So let’s add some of that. I’m sad to see that’s it’s not in
an old-fashioned glass bottle, but… Tabasaco’s Tabasco, so… What can you do? Mm! That certainly changes the flavor
and makes it a lot more vinegary, but it adds a nice punch of heat, which is great. I’m actually quite surprised by this.
I actually like the bean… lasagna. All right! So the last thing we’re gonna try is this. And this is the vanilla pound cake. Mm, smells… very… artificial vanilla-ed. That’s not such a bad thing… And look! It’s brightly yellow in color. Mmm! It’s very dense, and has the texture of pound cake, very rich, a tight, small crumb, very sweet. You can almost kind of feel the kind of grittiness
of the sugar in there. But, as a dessert, it’s not bad. It’s much like those kind of boxed… little pound cakes that you might get
at the supermarket. Very, very similar. But, after a long day, and you’re starving and you’re hungry and you have a hot meal, I think this would be a nice way to finish it off. So the previous MREs I’ve had,
this has been mint gum. And we’ll see if this one is as well. And it looks… a bit like a Chiclet. Wow! It’s not! It’s cinnamon! Maybe that explains the red packet. Right? Mmhm! Same candy coating on the outside, and rubbery gum in the middle, but cinnamon flavor. Nice! Nice little change up. Menu 2, vegetable lasagna. Vegetarian MRE! And I have to say — pretty good! For an MRE. I mean, MREs — these are precooked meals, they taste a little bit like cafeteria canteen food, a bit like canned food, but, you know, it’s an instant hot meal, and with that you can’t really complain. So, yeah. So let know in the comments below if you’ve ever had an MRE and if so, which is your favorite,
so I can see if I can find it. But I’ve only had a few, so… yeah! I’d love to collect more. All right! I hope you guys enjoyed that!
I hope you guys learned something. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and follow! And I shall see you in my next video. Toodle-loo! Take care! Bye! Today I have this one for you… And this– Is an upside-down MRE. [laughs]

100 thoughts on “Vegetarian MRE Menu 11: Vegetable Lasagna – tasting a Meal, Ready-to-Eat

  1. I remember when these vegetarian MREs came out. They taste the best but the tomato base leaves wicked heartburn. Lots of acid.

  2. 4:34 when I was in basic (April 10th-June 24th 2017) that was the goat of an MRE peanut butter with strawberry or grape jelly haha.

  3. I really enjoy your videos but if I have to be honest you're kind of a prude. It seems like you expect caviar and truffles. You'd think they were really good if you had eaten for a few days. I do enjoy your videos though you're very thorough. Also I don't like to see people waste food God bless and have a great day

  4. I just came across this randomly and remember having to eat these during hurricane Matthew in 2016. Tree fell on the house and we had no electricity it was terrifying but the mres were really a life saver. I called my marine corps father for hacks on how to make them taste better

  5. I need Emmy to try the breakfast omelet MRE
    When I was in, it literally came down to the least liked soldier on who would eat it 😩

  6. Love watching these videos and all the different things you try and that you make. Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  7. LoL, I think I have had some of every MRE type from the 70s through 2006. There is a freeze dried beef stew pack, but I don't recall if those were from an LRRP ration pack or an MCW, anyway it wasn't bad when water was added, kind of like Dinty Moore. There was a breakfast omelet MRE that was fair. Also there was a Jambalaya that during the Katrina/Rita op some N.O. residents told me tasted better than what some of their restaurants had served. <Of course they were hungry and I suspect they would have liked the Vietnam era frankfurters at that point.> My favorite ingredient was the oatmeal cookie bar, I loved them, but half the military hated them so they vanished (sadly). I detest the veggie wheat crackers and preferred the non veggie type. There exists a cheese spread which when not too old isn't bad. Just about everyone loves the apple sauce and strawberry jam packs. I ran into a few bags of chocolate covered coffee beans. They were interesting. Keep an eye out for them.

  8. What is really cool is to see how you have become so familiar with MRE organization and are becoming more and more of an MRE pro. Thumbs Up 👍

  9. The poundcake in the vegetarian MRE's was my fav. I only ate the snacks, candy, and drinks. I never ate the entrees.

  10. My favorite way to do the Cappuccino + Poundcake meal is to chop up the pound cake with the spoon and add a bit of the Cappuccino… sort of an English pudding. (not so great with the orange poundcake… but also works with most of the muffin-tops…)

  11. try the MREs from the late 70's when they were experimenting on soldier. My B-In-law said they were called Meals Rejected by Ethiopians. I tried a beef stew he had laying around and it tasted like salty funky canned Dinty moore stew. Yuck!

  12. OK I've had just a terrible day but then I sat down & just binge watched a bunch of ur videos & I feel so much better now! U are awesome…just like ur videos!!!

  13. I can't tell u what my favorite MRE is Emmy,but the one that still brings me Nightmares is the "Veggie-cheese Omlet" or "Vomlet"if you ask Steve1989 @ MRE info!
    Great video as always Emmy!

  14. 4:50 that bread looks like if you took a knife and sliced it it's about 1/2 as fat you would have to slices to make a sandwich

  15. My family and i just went through hurricane michael and we got loads of these my favorite was the beef brisket and cheesy potatoes

  16. If you can get your hands on coco beverage powder and creamy peanut butter. Add water to the powder, a little bit at time to make a paste. Then add peanut butter to taste. Tada a Reese's peanut butter cup in a bag.

  17. 'Scuse me, privileged millennial coming through, but wouldn't resources during a war or natural disaster be directed towards something that isn't… Mail? Who would deliver that during a crisis?

  18. If you have special dietary requirements that are purely religious or ideologically driven, then I would venture to guess that you have no business being out on the field fighting. If you refuse to eat beef or pork or any other food you're useless in battle.

  19. whats the point of being a vegetarian? i dont get it. dairy products are one of the most unhealthy things ever and are responsible for animal suffering via rape and then killing the calf for veal. just go all the way, go vegan. i get that the casomorpheans in the dairy products are addicting but shit

  20. Cool!!!! I am a vegetarian and have always wanted to try an mre, but didn't know if they had any for vegetarians and vegans. How much are they?

  21. I never used the powder drinks b/c I’m slightly lactose intolerant. PFC… vegetarian (I once ate a meat MRE by mistake but, I was so sick and yelled at.) We didn’t have post cards in ours but, could buy them at the PX. I send letters.

  22. Mre are high carb meals, for soldiers to keep them ready for combat during months long missions. They are not emergencyratios for folk.

  23. When you know you need to reevaluate your priorities:
    When you're a trained human killing machine, but you refuse to even eat animal meat that you're not allergic to.
    Some people actually are allergic to meat though, but wouldn't have a problem, like me, in killing animals for food, experimentation (better to try something on non humans, before testing on real humans, people come before animals and experimentation is how we get / test, butnew technology), leather, fur, etc.

    Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian. Not sure if he just was allergic or just hated seeing animals suffer. Reminds me of Greenpeace. Screwing over third world peasant families, to "save the animals/rainforest".
    Everyone probably knows someone that cares more about there dog then there family / friends, like Adolf Hitler apparently in the trenches of WW1, back when he just just an ordinary solider-messanger, one of his fellow soldier's wrote that cared more about his dog, then any of his fellow soldiers.

    BTW, this is nothing against anyone in the military. I have the utmost respect for honorable soliders, but if you can kill a man, but can't kill an animal for food, then there's something wrong with you. Again God bless the US and Irish military's (I'm Irish) and all honorable soliders of Judeo-Christian morals.
    The Irish War of Independence would have probably ended in genocide, without the military threat from Irish American involvement in the war. Thanks for the arms and logistical support in helping us to fight for our freedom against, fake protestants (a tree is known by its fruits, non state protestants joined our cause against the British after being led by God to do so. I know of the abuses (not just the sex abuses) of the Catholic church, God's path for me is to fight against them from where I am).
    BTW, the modern Irish anti British rebels are mainly Godless socialists, the Christian's have been lead away from active involvement in the war decades ago.

  24. Okay, count me astonished about the gum because I was gonna say not to kid yourself, it's always freaking mint. As someone who has never liked mint but learned to tolerate it in some things, it gets real old to find it everywhere while cinnamon, at least as a gum, gets harder and harder to find.

  25. Here's the Dollar Tree Version:

    American Classic Original Gourmet Pound Cake, 5 oz.
    Applesnax Homestyle Applesauce, 4 ct. (no peach-mango, I'm afraid)
    Assured Antibacterial Wet Wipes, 3 ct.
    Brown Plastic Utensils, 48 ct.
    Campbell’s Spaghettios Original Pasta, 15.8 oz. (closest I could get the the veggie lasagna)
    Colorful Letter Set in PVC Pouch (military guys will find this way too cute, but I like it)
    Dakota Vanilla Iced Latte, 9.5 oz. (no mixes, I'm afraid)
    Everyday Table Shakers Salt & Pepper Set
    Frank’s Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce, 5 oz.
    Golden Home Ultra-Thin Pizza Crust, 4.75 oz. (for the bread)
    Goya Premium Pinto Beans, 15.5 oz. (to mix into the Spaghettios)
    Jif to Go Creamy Peanut Butter, 3 ct.
    White Guest Napkins, 18 ct.
    Wrigley’s Big Red Gum, 4 ct.
    Wyler’s Light Lemonade Singles to Go, 10 ct.

  26. I love how you always try opening the MRE's with brute strength before you grab scissors or a knife 😊

  27. I'm thinking the addition of 2 stool softeners in the sundries bag would be appropriate. Eating those MREs for extended periods of time can stop a person up.


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