Vegans: Greedy Monster Insect Killers?- Silly Meat Eater Comments #6 (Remastered Edition)

1) Our first comment is from LiberatedGodlessness
who said… If no one ate meat, there would be know fertilizer
for the plants we would be eating. No way to boost the plants growth or sustain
the ground’s soil. So meat production is undeniably necessary
for the survival of the human species, in the modern sense of course. You couldn’t be more wrong… As clearly shown in this video veganic farming
is a viable method of farming that has been going on for decades, all over the world. When there is a will, we find a way. 2) Next, BastardfromtheBush said… How many vegans and fruitarians do we know
who live to be 100 years and over? Why do vegans complain of either tooth loss,
teeth problems, irritability and inexplicable hair loss? The great empires of the world were built
and maintained by aggressive meat-eaters. India’s Mahatma Ghandi saw the error in his
ways in keeping a vegetarian diet and said, “Anyone who promotes vegetarianism is a traitor
to India!” The problem is not eating meat per se but
too much of it. The vegan movement is relatively new and so
finding centenarians (people who have lived beyond 100 years) is challenging. Most people, regardless of diet do not make
it into the hundreds. I suspect that in the next few hundred years
you will find a higher proportion of people living longer on a plant based vegan diet. Here are just a few examples of very old vegans
and vegetarians thriving on a plant based diet (some have subsequently passed away… Blanche Mannix 105 years old
Angeline Strandal 104 years old Beatrice Wood 105 years old
Fauja Singh 100 years old Florence Ready 101 yeas old
Gladys Stanfield 105 years old Im not sure what vegans you’ve talked to
regarding tooth loss, irritability and inexplicable hair loss. My teeth are in excellent shape, I’m generally
in a good mood (unless i have to deal with annoying meat defenders) and i have a full
head of hair. In regards to great empires of the world being
built on aggressive meat-eaters, how is that relevant to a discussion on what we should
eat today, given our available options? The great empires of the world also depended
heavily on slave labour to achieve their greatness… would you suggest that we start rounding people
up and force them to work without pay? Obviously not. Mahatma Ghandi, a vegetarian for most of his
life, was a proponent of vegetarianism as he believed that food was an integral part
of shaping our consciousnesses. I cannot find any quote in which he ever criticized
fellow vegans or vegetarians. You sir are making shit up. 3) Stannisbaratheonking had this to say… My question to any vegan is: would you rather
torture animals or would you let people die out of starvation? I do not really understand vegans and I never
met one (i never met true vegetarian also) but my answer to “Should everyone go vegan”
is one big no. Way to create a false dichotomy. The majority of people on this planet are
not in a position that they either have to torture an animal or starve to death. Unless you are incredibly poor, or live in
an area that you cannot eat a wide assortment of vegan foods, you have no excuse to continue
to use, kill and eat other sentient animals. For those in the world that have no other
options other than to eat animals or starve, then the rest of us should be obligated to
help these people in any way we can. Unfortunately a lot of the world’s poor
are in their predicament because of their religious stance on contraception and education
of women. Those who can go vegan, should. Those who can’t, we should help so that
they too can. If you do not understand veganism, read some
books, watch some videos, listen to some podcasts, and ask a vegan some questions. Send me a private message and I can do my
best to answer any of your questions. 4) wjestick is up next with… Humanism is a religion. I would feel more comfortable if vegans who
believe meat is murder acknowledge this. Those who do it for health reasons are a different
story. The moral argument is bunk. If I watch a lion eat an antelope, and I don’t
shoot the lion, does that make me an accessory? What am I if I shoot the lion, or chase away
the prey so the lion starves. Animals are like fruit, treat them well and
allow them time to replenish. Humanism is not a religion. Humanism is a movement of philosophy and ethics
that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, that prefers individual thought and
evidence over doctrine or faith. I do not see how humanism has any direct connection
with veganism. How would believing that humanism is a religion
impact a vegan? The moral argument against eating animals
is very strong. Most people would agree that it is wrong to
unnecessarily harm animals. If necessity means anything, it surely would
not include matters of convenience, amusement, tradition, and entertainment. If we caught someone torturing a dog for fun,
we would all agree that his enjoyment does not justify his actions towards the dog. Now lets investigate our uses of animals and
see if there are true necessities that justify our uses. Animals used as food accounts for the largest
quantity. 58 Billion land animals and potential a trillion
sea animals each year. Leading heath care professionals and scientific
studies are showing that we can be very healthy on a diet free of any animal ingredients. If we can be healthy without animal foods,
then we have no nutritional requirement to eat animals. What reason do we then have to continue to
eat animals? Convenience? Tradition? The entertainment of eating them? If we take serious our moral intuition that
it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals, we have only one option:
stop using and eating animals for food. In regards to your lion vs antelope comment,
a lion needs to eat animals to survive. It has no alternatives for survival except
to hunt and kill. If humans needed to eat meat to be healthy,
i wouldn’t be vegan, however i would feel morally obligated to fight for the best possible
treatment of them during their life and death. Unlike fruit, animals do feel pain, have a
will to live and survive, have relationships, play and communicate. 5) And our last comment is from lighto lineo
who had this to say… vegans claim peace and Mercy with the animals
yet they are using Insecticide on crops to kill the live poor insects for the sake of
their bellies you vegans are greedy ravening monsters insects killers free the poor insects
and let them be they also deserve to live not only animals you greedy Im not sure if all insects are sentient, but
I side on caution and give them the benefit of the doubt, and avoid killing or harming
them whenever possible. I buy and encourage others to purchase produce
that has not been farmed with insecticide. Not only do I not want insects killed in the
production of my food, i do not want to consume trace amounts of it for health reasons. Your mocking comment is all to familiar amongst
non-vegans. Rarely does a day go by that i do not hear
a wise-guy meat eater claim that vegans cause more harm to animals then they, or that plants
are sentient, or that we care for animals more then humans, or that meat is delicious
and we are somehow missing out. Most of these comments come from people who
have done little background research on the topic, feel threatened and uncomfortable that
someone objects to their lifestyle, and then try to belittle the animal advocate. If you have a few minutes to waste by typing
out baseless assertions meant to denigrate vegans, then you have a moment to spend with
your friend google to research the subject matter properly. POLL:
There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would you vote to win the Dumbass
of the week award? Would it be: 1) LiberatedGodlessness who thinks that you
need animals to grow crops 2) Bastardfromthebush who thinks that vegans
have tooth loss, irritability and inexplicable hair loss
3) stannisbaratheonking who thinks that you either have to torture animals or allow people
to starve to death 4) wjestick who thinks that humanism is a
religion and that vegans should acknowledge this, for some strange reason
or 5) lighto line who thinks that his mocking
comment regarding vegan’s supposed disregard for insect life is noteworthy Please leave your votes and comments below,
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12 thoughts on “Vegans: Greedy Monster Insect Killers?- Silly Meat Eater Comments #6 (Remastered Edition)

  1. In all fairness for the first comment inwas watching how its made the other day and saw mushrooms are farmed with mostly horse manure like a ton of it. I was wondering what your thoughts were about it.

  2. I wonder about what happened to you. Could it be that you are no longer vegan?
    For those who do not know, the cutting point is around 9 years for those trying this unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyle.
    I am going to make a reaction video about this one eventhough is 2 years old.
    #TooManyIdiots #EatMeat #meatheals #FuckVeganism

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