Vegan Spends a Year Talking to Meat Eaters

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  1. Ed, I am currently vegan. But I have seen a man, who I hold a lot of respect for, after taking a hunters safety class, buying a licsece from the Department of Fish and Game, and practicing for months, sneak up on a deer (he prefers 40yards or less), and sever it's spine just below the base of the skull with a razor sharp arrow, dropping it in it's tracks, then slit it's throat, drain the blood etc. He takes 1-2 a year and an elk when he draws out (he makes beautiful artwork with their skulls&antlers) There is no restraint of the animal, no 'torture'. I'm not sure where to stand on this, especially considering how few natural predators remain to keep deer populations in check. If animal production stopped in this area (which I would love to see) which is by and large pastured grassfed beef and lamb, I believe deer populations would explode due to the reduction of competition and disease. And if wolves returned in numbers great enough to check this, I would live in constant fear of my daughter being eaten while she helps me plant Fava beans and Maple Saplings. Can you help me with this moral dilemma?

  2. It's mind blowing when you think how many people have committed to living a certain way, and haven't fully questioned their own beliefs and reasons for doing so.

  3. Don't thank us, we should be thanking you for doing what you do. Life takes over sometimes and even though I am a Vegan already I like to watch you talk to people, it reminds me why I gave up paying others to kill animals.

  4. ''I've never had dairy, so I'm more vegan than a vegan, but I won't be vegan because I like cheese''
    What the actual fuck?

  5. I get Veganism but unfortunately they all seem like morons. There's only one thing worse than a carnivorous human & that's an attention seeking- peacocking zealot Vegan! Just live your choice & be cool about it, I don't want to know what you don't eat. Here's an idea, you could all be ninja Vegans & shut up.

  6. …. i cant believe few months ago i was just as ignorant as the people he interviewed. But staying a vegan is so hard! I have every influences throwing at me, family, friends, colleague, media, everywhere i go there are subliminal messages telling me its okay to consume animal products. This world is scary, now i know why veganism is so hard. You definitely need alot of tenacity and discipline!

  7. Yes, we drink the milk of another species. Humans are just one of many parasitic organisms on the planet. I really don't have a problem with it. Is wrong to ride a horse? I think not.

  8. Since people are agreeing that it's okay to eat meat because it's been happening for so long.
    I say we let out the top serial killers out of prison who killed the longest. They killed for so long it should be okay.
    Or perhaps allow the most barbaric who got their way of killing from prehistoric time to be released from prison.
    Have everybody driving a Model A Ford.
    Everybody should live without electricity and natural gas. That's how it used to be and that happened for a real long time this new way should be outlawed

  9. Excellent highlights.  I'm trying to learn how to use the 'Socratic' method.  I so want to be able to talk to people like you do.  Its such a great way to get the point over when they actually find the answers themselves.  You can hear the penny dropping !!
    Thank you.

  10. As an activist I would like to see more videos where Ed struggles. Often in the videos it looks like he has the "easy" cases. I'd like to see how he handles the people who won't listen etc., to learn even more from him.


  11. It's interesting how he talks to the cute girl in the yellow top and talks about an animal getting slaughtered and jokes about it, he even laughs about it.
    Interesting how a cute girl can get even a vegan to flirt while using the subject of animal slaughter as his material.
    I never thought listening to a vegan joke about an animal getting it's throat slit could be so sexy.

  12. Bad news for the vegetarians and vegans: scientifically proven that plants do feel too.
    What makes you think that plants want to be killed and eaten?

  13. The old woman in pink holding up the sign is just racist just a pure racist, Typical White old woman in England

  14. "I've never eaten dairy products so I am more vegan than a vegan……..but I do like to eat cheese." wait wut

  15. the argument that meat is everywhere so you have to eat it is b*******. there's also vegetables and fruit everywhere and in every supermarket.

  16. Maybe you should protest H and M where you are standing outside, who openly exploit children to work in their sweatshops. You are such a himbo.

  17. your videos are great ed, and really help me with my outreach at the cubes. I was mostly just stating the fact but that makes people put there heels in the sand. you showed me that the must feel like they can relate to you and you have to actually ask them the question that makes them come to the conclusion themselves. I aspire to be as good at outreaching as you are one day. keep it up!

  18. While watching this video an ad popped up about a guy talking about the best bbq to cook meat on. Horrible.

  19. Is killing insects wrong?? I’m sure we kill plenty of insects everyday by walking and driving cars. Should we stop driving cars? How about road kill. Is this unnecessary animal cruelty? Please someone explain what the Vegans have to say about this??

  20. 1. Glue
    Could the books you own not be vegan? Veganissimo states that animal glue is traditionally used in paper and wood processing, bookbinding, painting, conservation/restoration and for making musical instruments and furniture. Animal glue can be made of animal proteins such as gelatin, which is created by boiling animal tissues.

    2. Photo prints
    Photos, both printed commercially and at-home, use paper that contains gelatin. Alternatives? Non-photo quality paper.

    3. Vaccines
    Your flu shot as well as any other vaccine you get is not entirely free of animal substances, according to Veganissimo. Classically, vaccines were created by infecting pathogens into fertilized chicken eggs, then destroying the eggs and extracting the pathogen serum. Modern methods include using cell cultures obtained from the tissues of animals, such as dog kidneys. These samples can be reproduced without addition sample-taking from animals.

    4. LCD screens and displaysTV screens may not be vegan + 9 more things you thought were vegan that aren't!
    Liquid crystals found in screens on TVs, computers and cell phones may be based on cholesterol taken from animals.

    5. Batteries
    Gelatin is used in metal processing to improve metal's structure, such as cadmium in batteries. Animal fats and gelatin are used in many technical applications to which we owe the comforts of our life… and "at present it is extremely difficult—it not impossible—to find alternatives," write the authors.

    6. Vitamin D
    Some vitamin D dietary supplements source vitamin D3 from animals. Look for vitamin D3 supplements that are produced from non-animal sources and clearly labeled "vegan."

    7. Clear fruit juices, beer and wine
    Gelatin, egg white, isinglass (fish glue), casein (milk protein) or activated carbon are the top choices for the "fined" process, which clears beverages of cloudy substances. The only way to know if an animal substance wasn't used is to ask the producer.

    8. Bone china tableware
    This type of pure white, fine china is made of porcelain that contains bone ash, the residue from burned animal bones. Earthenware or porcelain that's creamy white, or mineral in origin, can be substituted.

    9. Sponges (Porifera)

    Natural sea sponges are plant-like animals that live on the sea floor, and used in the bath, for home cleaning or watercolor painting. Seems obvious, but I hadn't stopped to think about this one before. Synthetic sponges are alternatives.

    10. Pharmaceutical drugs
    Lots of drugs contain hidden animal substances in the form of excipients, ingredients that stabilize or bulk the medicine. The most commonly used substance is lactose (milk sugar), which can be found in tablets. Another is gelatin, which is found frequently in capsules. Look for vegan alternatives which include starch or cellulose.

  21. I wouldn’t be able to do this at all how do you do this Ed your amazing I feel like punching almost every meat-eater I’ve talked too but I know I have to be nice to convince them I love you Ed!

  22. You can’t just ask Batman to give up meat. He needs his protein to stay strong so he can watch over and protect soyboys like you. How many superheroes do you think are vegan? None.

  23. No amount of arguments would ever make me stop eating MEAT! I AM A MEAT EATER 💯🙋🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂😜

  24. I didn't get the lactose intolerant woman… she is "more vegan than a vegan", but wouldn't go vegan because she loves goat cheese. Really.. WTF..??

  25. "you can't blame me for eating meat cause it's in supermarkets everywhere.."

    Bad excuse as always.. Stop being stupid and open your eyes. There's no need to eat meat anymore.

  26. Ed, you are totally amazing. I love the way you get people to think. I am trying to build a following as well and it is insane how much resistance there is.

  27. Люди одурачены "гуманностью" социума, "цивилизации".
    Как сказал Михаил Задорнов(известный юморист): – Цивилизация – это энергия уводящая, либо виляющая мимо истинины.(сказал своими словами)
    От себя добавлю:
    М – мертвечина(библ.)
    Я – ядо(путресцин, кадаверин вик)
    С – содержащие
    О – останки

  28. Your complexion is sallow, your muscle tone is slack, your demeanor is over emotional and feminine, and your pleading, interruptive talks-with-your-hands communication style is soy-boy gay and girlie as f#*%.

    Any woman who mates with you is an idiot.

  29. Hi Ed, wonderfull job. I have a question though: how do you start your outreach? can you write me some possibilities? thanks, greatings from Belgium xx

  30. Does everyone see the title and infobox in german? Or does youtube start translating some titles for me? I dont want that 😂🙈

  31. Don't use the Bible for goodness sake. God likes animal sacrifices. Cain (plant farmer) and Abel (the animal farmer), the plants were rejected but the juicy meat was accepted.

  32. I wish I had that much energy when I talk to people about veganism. Thank you, Ed, for all that you do for a better future! 🙌🏻💛

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