Usask AgBio Food, Feed and Bioproducts

I think the College of AgBio is unique
because there’s just so many different areas there’s animal science plant food
science agronomy agribusiness so there’s a lot of different areas and a lot of
different job opportunities it’s an interdisciplinary program that involves
food processing food chemistry food microbiology even some marketing classes for food industry one of the most exciting things about doing research in
these labs that you just really don’t know what you’re going to figure out
that day my project is working on the extraction and analysis of sphingolipids from canola and borage and working on some important oil seeds to Saskatchewan and
I’m trying to extract something that not very many people have looked at before I
chose this college because it has great reputation in Canada and the students
here at University of Saskatchewan has multiple cultural backgrounds and has a lot of diversity in this program I can get a lot of hands on experience in the
labs and I have a lot of research options for my future graduate study if
I wanna go get a job in food industry the program have already trained me with
a lot of practical skills I definitely think agriculture is important to
Saskatchewan so there’s a lot of different areas and a lot of different job
opportunities I wanted to be in the area of food and I wanted to be learning
more about the chemistry of food and the industry is changing so much and there’s
always going to meet new people coming in and we always are gonna need new
ideas my name is Lauren McDonald I’m currently doing my master’s in food science and I did my undergrad here at the U of S in
food and bioproducts sciences my name is Kira and my Chinese name is Chenxuan
I’m a international student from China I’m currently in my final year
undergraduate study in food and bioproduct sciences

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