University of North Dakota 53rd Annual Feast of Nations (Highlights) 2015

(Emcee:) Welcome to the 53rd annual Feast of Nations. (music) Kelley: This is one of those evenings where the celebration of our diversity here at the University of North Dakota is absolutely exceptional. It’s very clear that we are united in so many ways. And we can rejoice in the diversity of our music, our literature and our individual cultures all around the world. Mitchell: Look at this evening as a door, and as you step through that door, I challenge you to take the time to get to know someone. I challenge you to learn what is beneath the wonderful pageantry that we’ll see represented this evening. You think about–if 1,060 people who are in this room took the effort to do that, how different UND, how different Grand Forks, how different our world could be? And now let the 53rd annual Feast of Nations begin! (music) See through you, I see through you, see through you. (music) (ballet music) (music) (music) (singing) (music) (Music) (music) (music) (music) (drumming) (music) (music)

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