Undercover at Smithfield Foods (2012 Webby Award Winner)

What we found were extraordinarily inhumane
conditions at Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the entire world. I still remember the first time I ever laid
eyes on a gestation crate facility and seeing the helplessness of these animals who have
done nothing to deserve the fate that they’re enduring, suffering inside of these crates
is just absolutely devastating. The Humane Society of the United States has
investigated one of Smithfield’s breeding operations. This facility represents what gestation crate
confinement is — open wounds, pressure sores, infections, bleeding gums from biting the
bars so much and these animals aren’t even being cared for with individualized veterinary
attention. Regardless of how the system is managed, these
pigs are barely able to move even an inch their entire lives. They’re unable to walk
around, to turn around causes them to quite literally go insane. This is one of the reasons why so many animal
scientists and veterinarians have condemned this extreme confinement practice. Smithfield about I would say two weeks ago,
two – three weeks ago, made an announcement that we had made a decision to phase out the
use of sow gestations crates in all of our company owned farms over a 10- year period. Smithfield committed publicly to phasing out
gestation crates within a 10-year period, receiving a lot of praise for doing so. Now
just a couple years later the company is saying that they no longer can meet its own very
generous, self-imposed deadline. That’s completely unacceptable. Many other pork companies such as let’s say
Maxwell Foods, which is one of the biggest pork producers in the country, is already
100 percent gestation crate free. Cargill another major pork producer is already 50
percent gestation crate free. The American Farm Bureau, the primary agri-business
lobby in the United States funded a poll in which they found an overwhelming majority
of Americans find gestation crates to be inhumane. This is one of the reasons why seven states
in the country have already banned this practice, why all 27-member nations of the EU [European
Union] have banned the practice. Gestation crates are a practice of the past,
not of the future and Smithfield outta be speeding up that trend rather than slowing
it down.

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  1. I would love to find who works there. Pick on individuals who are smaller than themselves, be good to teach them the lesson of their lives.

  2. The people doing this are not the only ones to blame, those who buy fast food are also guilty, i wish they know how horrible things are in these farms, so sad.

  3. I started crying when they THREW that baby pic in the grinder ! That is so cruel ! People who work at these should die ! I like bacon and all but I would rather save all these animals and not have bacon for the rest of my life ! This is cruel !!!

  4. Really bro? Are you for real? This is a awfully made video. You have never been to this operation in your life. When people feed the pigs, they drop food down into the obvious trough that is shown, which in turn hits the bars. Of course the pigs are going to lick them. Also, when raising pigs, some are going to get sick and have to be put down, that part of agriculture. You have no idea whatsoever of what you are saying. Stop hating on the bacon.

  5. People hunting I’m fine with. Because there’s a reason for hunting. BUT THIS. I would break in that place to save all of them

  6. How come Michael Vick went to prison for allowing dog fighting, but these corporations actions just get swept under the rug?

  7. people act like animals dont mean shit . they have feelings & lives just like us . lets put the humans through the same shit see if its amusing then .

  8. I’m really about to stop eating meat. This honestly just broke my heart and made me cry. You’d have to be a real heartless person to do that to a animal and seeing how they treated just makes me feel horrible I’m done with meat.

  9. And dont forget the males get castrated whenthere young to make the meat taste better ! Sickning fuckin insanity

  10. i have lived in smithfield for almost 4 years and i had no idea this was happening. this was eye opening for me. i cant believe this is how they are treated.

  11. Ok, if u want to kill animals for food ok, we all like meat but this is madness u can t just keep them caged like that just because u re gonna kill them anyway

  12. Finally, some people are doing their research about this industry, people have judge the Korean and Chinese dog industry, but we are no better than them and this video clearly shows it

  13. Im never eating bacon and I cried when they showed the clip of that guy throwing the pig 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. I am now vegan I loved bacon until i seen this its horrible! They should go to jail! I know its food but everything has feelings! Plant,Human,Animal,Rodent,Insect STOP KILLING ANIMALS FOR FOOD I KNOW YOU LIVE OFF IT BUT ITS CRUELTY TO ALL ANIMALS If you cheer these people on, I feel bad for you,You were raised wrong! It isn't right. These poor animals getting fed, Just to be fat and slaughtered for food! All animals humans monkeys everything desveres love!

  15. “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10 This is sickening to watch. Will never buy another Smithfield product! To see how animals should be treated watch ‘video of a lamb plant featuring Temple Grandin’

  16. The result of the evil and ignorance of this system we live in. Ever heard of muscle memory, i am never buying meat from such places. i wish i could set them all free!

  17. The company don’t care what conditions these pigs are in,whether like the gentleman said they may have diseases,eating spoiled slouch just as long as they bring in💰

  18. We humans fucking kill everything. one day I am going to fucking kill one of the workers. I feel so sorry for the pigs R.I.P 🐷🐖

  19. Sent this to my dad and said dad you support this. With our own pigs and you still choose to eat them. We have our own fucking pet pigs that you would never kill for meat so why do u still support people who do make them suffer and do this.

    I’ve already told my dad I’m done with meat and I’ve been cutting back on it. Haven’t had ham bacon or anything like that for months and I’m working on becoming vegetarian. Not vegan cause we make our own milk and get eggs from our chickens so we know our animals are in good health and happy to share some milk and eggs with us. We even get chicks but this is so sickening makes me wanna cry 😩

  20. animals pay the price for greed and ignorance. they have no voice so it's alright for humans to exploit them ….well there is karma and it condemns all evil, including being cruel and uncaring to those at your mercy.

  21. what they do to animals (with your ignorant help) they will eventually do to humans too. the city is already factory farming people by making them live in small cubicles and buy/eat what corporations make for them. Now you are being tagged and tracked too.

  22. I don’t really like these people and the only reason they do these because people are brats and are always trying to get the food that people want but think if that pig is you and that’s your baby would you like to be treated that way 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻I hope that they will stop doing this to animals.

    The number of likes equal the number of people who agree.

  23. To believe that you will make every single human stop eating meat- is ridiculous but most of us are genuinely concerned about animal welfare- we could be looking at a society in the not too distant future where all animals are truly free range and yes- killed in a dignified manner and eaten at the end of their happy lives.

  24. Is this comment section filled with vegans or are there other bacon loving people here trippin out on this shit? (I’m still gonna eat bacon).

  25. Whenever I see these videos, I'm struck by just how miserable all the men look.

    They're being forced to torture, just to make a living.

  26. I don’t really eat red meat or pork at all but for people who do it’s probably hard for them to stop eating it even after watching this video it would be hard for them. Videos like these should be put everywhere in schools to work places. But of course they wouldn’t do that because all anyone cares about is money

  27. That's the bacon many eat for breakfast🍳 Hot-dogs🌭 Burgers🍔 Rip-eye, steaks
    Not even supermarkets can tell if the meat for steaks and above mentioned of whatever animal porc, cow, veal, sheep, etc. comes from such an ANIMAL-HELL. Of course purely man/woman-made.
    There are to many dealers in between, earning a lot on behalf of the animals. Look for a butcher near you who will show you the living animals. Costs a little more but stops the suffering.
    We ought not to be called humans unless we treat animals as humans too – which they truly are! Keeping nature in balance by only killing bit by bit and don't keep other living beings in captivity. Plus leaving rest overs for other species like scavengers, smaller, old, weak or harmed other animals, even flies.

  28. Ok this is messes up! They re screaming, wanting anything else, for the pain to go. Please, don’t support this. They re in a half a metre cage, if that!! They re not stupid and have the intelligence of a 4 yr old human!! What have we done to this world? That’s torture. STOP IT NOW! For the pigs 🐖❤️

  29. That's why i don't eat meat, and it's not hard to understand. When someone finds out that i'm living vegan, they call me weird. But they don't worry about these poor animals, they do it to satisfy their hunger, and that's horrible.

  30. To each their own. There are certain animals I do not eat. Pigs eat garbage,!rotten flesh, feces as their main course and dirt. Cows and chickens are okay but they should be on open farmland and eat their proper diet because chickens and cows are vegetarian by nature. Also deer is vegetarian. Pigs are not.

  31. I get people like the taste of pork and it’s never gonna stop being made, but atleast TREAT THE FUCKING PIGS RIGHT, THIS IS SO FUCKING CRUEL :’ (

  32. So I'm curious, why is everyone so shocked by this? Are you all surprised at the fact that the food you eat on a daily basis is raised, and slaughtered for you? Not only for you, but the larger majority of the population on the planet right? You expect all these farms to just let thousands and thousands of heads of hogs to just run around and do what they will? Sure lets say they do that. Awesome i'm all for it. But, how should they kill them? Because apparently putting them in a line and killing them systematically is a problem as well right?

    So I'm curious, how should we do this in a humane, timely, cost effective, and over all more hygienic way in which we can still maintain the current output of food. I mean across all forms of livestock.

  33. The animal food industry in my educated opinion is the greatest evil on earth. My reason for this conclusion is this. Higher intelligent beings are taking advantage of lesser intelligent beings. This is a perpetual misconduct on behalf of humans. Animala are not capable of protecting themselves from us , thus, it is our intellectual responsibility to actively deal with these creatures properly, in order to honour our own existence , we must honour theirs by exercising our greatest personal trait, love. If we fail to do so , we fail not only ourselves but every single earthly element and the giver of it all. Working in this industry is as much a shame as being a consumer of this industry.

  34. This is heartbreaking but sadly this is the norm in animal agriculture. Smithfield is following the same practices as most of its competitors. Really want to support animals? Go vegan!

  35. I refuse to eat a dead pig, don't call it bacon, that's a lie. Pigs are smarter than dogs and there's no reason why these animals are not our pets, or at least our friends. The horror is unimaginable. And this is all going on within a few hour drive of Wisconsin. 😢😭

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