Ultimate CHAPLI KEBABS! | Extreme Pakistani Street Food in Mardan, Pakistan!

– Good morning, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. Right now I’m in Islamabad, Pakistan, but then today we are
driving towards Peshawar, which is an ancient city. It’s known for food and history. But today we’re not actually
gonna explore the city, but we’re gonna drive
in route to Peshawar, we’re gonna stop along the way, we’re gonna have some adventures, we’re gonna meet some amazing people. We’re gonna eat some delicious, specialty food from the region. (exciting music) Good morning, Ali. – Morning.
– How are you? – I’m good.
– We’re gonna be hanging out with some of Ali’s friends, because they’re actually from Mardan, which is near to Peshawar. They’re gonna tour us around, they’re gonna show us
some of the local spots, and I think along the way we’re gonna probably stop to eat. We’ve been driving for about an hour now on our way to Peshawar, but we’re gonna stop just
at a dhaba to get some food. This is actually a very
well known dhaba, Mian Jee. (energetic music) – Thank you.
– And yeah, this place is really known for dal. They’ve got the best dal in Pakistan, – [Man] Yeah, in Pakistan,
this is the best dal. – The best dal? Mm, oh yeah. So good. It’s so thick and so rich. Yeah like peanut buttery almost. All right this is bitter gourd mixed with keema minced meat curry. Mmm, oh nice, mmm. Oh the bitter gourd adds to it. That is fantastic. Like if you have this in the morning, you’ll go to sleep again. – Yeah, you’ll want to go to sleep again. – The desi ghee, right?
– Yeah. – [Mark] It’ll put you straight to sleep. – [Ali] Yeah. – Next up is to try their chickpeas. Oh wow, the chickpeas are amazing! So rich and creamy,
again so much desi ghee. – The dud patti, which is the milk tea. Complete milk, no water in this. And it already, pure milk, you can see how it has that milk skin. Cream skin on top. Yeah, whoa that is creamy. It’s like a milkshake tea almost. So they’re also taking some of the paratha and dipping it into the tea, as well. Oh yeah, that works well. Next up we’re trying some kheer. Milk and rice, I believe,
like a pudding or a custard. Mm, mm-hmm. Oh you taste the cardamom in there. It is like a really thick, sticky custard. Oh, and then you taste
the cream coming through. (speaking in foreign language) Great breakfast, great
way to start the day. I think we’re gonna
continue the journey now. (energetic music) – Mark?
– Yes? – This is a chapli kebab
thing that we are doing. – [Mark] Awesome. – And this guy is like, you know, he’s been ever since we were children, – Oh wow.
– He’s has a place over here. (speaking foreign language) – And this is a shabu.
– Okay. (speaking foreign language) This is a massive iron pan. It is literally the size of a jacuzzi tub, and we’re here to eat chapli kebab. So chapli kebab, you’ll find
chapli kebab all over Pakistan, but Mardan, this is the best
place to eat chapli kebab because this is where it originates. This is the place that
they’ve been going to since they’ve been kids. It’s in there, the fire is just blazing. Looks like they’re using a combination of both gas and wood, and then they’re just
frying the chapli kebab’s in animal fat.
– Come this way. – [Mark] Let’s go see the meat, okay. – The meat.
– Ahh. We have so much with us, and I am standing on the podium now. This is the bird’s eye view. Oh, these are the ingredients. Okay, hold on let’s
just see the ingredients in the chapli kebabs. – Bone marrow.
– It’s minced buffalo meat, but then they add bone marrow. Bone marrow, they have ginger,
chiles, onions, tomatoes, and makes the ball of
meat into a patty shape. It’s like a burger patty shape, and then he scoot it into the oil, the animal fat oil, and that just sizzles away. Wow beautiful, this is amazing. That is the most massive iron griddle pan I think you will ever see. It’s so big that they actually include the money that you, you pay for the money, and they can include that
on top of the griddle. (men speaking foreign language) – We first try without it, then you try with the lemon, and then you try with the–
– You can just see those white nuggets of marrow just plastered into them. – That’s what it is. Oh my gosh. No, I mean, I thought they
were like massive onions. – It’s marrow. Wow, the chunks, nuggets,
of actual like marrow. Oh-ho-ho-ho. Okay, hands down, hands down
that’s the greatest kebab ever. That is unlike any other
kebab I’ve ever had. Crispy on the outside from
being fried in animal fat. The slimy richness of the marrow, the butteriness, oh that is. The spice is the pepper in there. That is, that’s actually
borderline like beyond belief. Beyond belief. I’m in disbelief. I’m in total disbelief. I think I’ve reached the all time high of a culinary feat. If you’re a meat lover, this is like as high as you can go. I don’t think you can go
higher then this level. (speaking foreign language) They just melt in your mouth, yeah. And the hot one is so good. It melts in your mouth, but then it’s crispy at the same time. Oh wow. Ooh, another plate of chapli kebab. There’s absolutely no way you
can even physically resist it. It’s like your body needs it when you’re in the presence of it. Your body needs it. – As many amazing meals as we’ve had, in Mardan, Pakistan, the KPK province, meat has reached uncharted levels. That is insane. – Okay, I’ve got one more patty and you can see just
those jiggly marrow bits. To me that citrus kind
of tastes like a cross between a lemon and an orange,
but it’s called a kinnow, it’s a specific from
this region of the world, and yeah it just goes so well to kind of tone down the
richness of that kebab. I cannot get over these kebabs. That will change your life. Look at that just large chunk of marrow, just melting into the kebab. Every time you eat chapli kebab, you have to finish with green
tea to just wash it down. So that’s traditional
is to drink green tea. Mmm! Oh, but yeah, that’s not just green tea. It’s like loaded with cardamom. Green tea and cardamom. – You have to put some of this in. – Oh some lime? Is that lime? Thank you. Okay, nice, I’ll try it again. Oh, that’s wonderful. Yeah, that tastes extraordinarily healthy. – Thank you. Thank you, that was so good. – This is Saman.
– Thank you, the master. And the fryer. Kebabs and burgers will
never be the same ever again. Hamburgers, I can never
look at another hamburger and not remember the chapli kebab. Goodbye. Goodbye down there. Yeah, that was unexplainably delicious. – He’s got a shop over there, shop like over there, and one here. They’re also very famous
for their serving. It’s like an ice stick made with cream, and it’s like an ice cream. – And then it looks like some
type of syrup that he grabs. Oh, oh and then some kind
of cream or something. So what you can do is kind
of just really stir it up. You’ve got the noodles in there. He added in some sweet cream, he added in the shaved in
that like ice cream roll, and grab a big bite of this. I’ve had falooda before,
I’ve seen falooda before. But it’s more of like a milkshake type of, kind of like milkshake beverage. This is totally different. Mmm, oh yeah. That does taste like kulfi. It tastes, oh it’s cold. You can taste that cardamom in there. It’s sweet but not too sweet. The noodles just kind of dissolve, along with the milkiness of it. Very refreshing. It’s pretty good. Those are the ice cream sticks. That’s what you need to
make this style of falooda. – Actual shop is called Bah-hel Falooda. – Bah-hel?
– Bah-hel Falooda, very famous in Mardan. – [Mark] Thank you. Thanks so much for everything. – Time to move on?
– Yes. – Thank you very much.
– That was an amazing day. – You’re welcome, you’re welcome. – Yeah, yeah.
– Thank you. – So we’ll catch you Islamabad. – Okay, they’ve got to go back
to Islamabad for a meeting, but they’ve arranged for us
to go to the Kabul River. So I think that’s the next plan. – Fire is so hot, and you can see that fish
just hissing and sizzling. This is the fried fish,
and I think that’s fried, I think there’s friend
chilies in there, as well. He’s stirring it around. Just chunks of fish just bubbling. – Lamb karahi.
– Lamb karahi, whoa. Then finally the grill station where he’s making a variety of kebabs. There’s fish, there’s something
called a gray partridge, which I wanna try, and then
he has a variety of kebabs. Some of which are fish
an chicken and yes, wow, oh they’re right off the grill. Okay, I think we’re gonna
go take a boat ride first before we lose the light before we eat. (energetic music) This will be first for me, a boat ride on the river Kabul. (boat engine whirring) The engine is a little loud, but very scenic and very cool breeze. (energetic music) Boat ride was fantastic. Now we’re gonna eat and we’re
gonna sit on a local style, it’s like an elevated table,
but you sit on the table. There’s a carpet, you put
the food in the middle. We have a view over the river. It’s ultimate dining relaxation. Actually, these are entire
little partridges, look. Look at the hind legs. Should we begin with the? Yeah, let’s begin with the
drumsticks, the drummers. That’s the entire drumstick, thigh combo. Mm, oh you can kind of
chew through the bone, too. Oh yeah. Oh, it’s wonderful. It’s like quail, like more
mm, and cumin in there. (child speaking in foreign language) That marinade, and then how it’s roasted over that really hot charcoal.
(child speaking shrilly) Hey man, are you enjoying? Oh, Micah’s really
enjoying the kabuli pulao that we’ve got a plate of right here. We’ve got a plate of fish, fried fish then you can just see the
coriander seeds on it. And oh, that is right out of, I think oh it’s so hot. All that steam. I think that is fried
in mustard oil, as well, is what I would guess. Look at how hot that is. What I love with the fish is that they really include
a lot of coriander seed, and that really compliments the fish. It just goes so well with it. And then yeah, that’s
really fragrant, it’s salty. You can also taste the
cumin, I think, in there. (energetic music) The fried skin is the best part. Well we’ve gotta move on because we have one more place to eat. I think we’re about 45 minutes
or so away from Peshawar. We’re proceeding on, we’ve got
to make it to Peshawar today, but there’s one more restaurant and they are legendary for,
again, for their chapli kebabs. So we’re gonna pull a double today and so we’ve got to stop there for dinner before we get to Peshawar. (energetic music) There are literally like 12 in a row and we’re not sure which
one is the original one, so they were trying to make some calls, trying to ask around, trying to find the original Taro Jaba. Taro Jaba, that’s what it’s called. That’s the place that we’re looking for. It literally has, oh whoa
look at that bonfire! That is just real. This might be the coolest
restaurant like cooking station I have ever seen in my life. That is an entire bonfire. It’s just radiating. It’s so hot down there, and then they actually have like, what is this? It’s like a dock. It’s like a dock of a cooking station. They’ve invited me to come back here to watch them as they make they meat. Wow, this is so hot and
just that animal fat. Oh, you can actually see the chunks of animal fat in the jacuzzi
that are just melting as he scoots the kebabs. Oh, he’s mixing the meat right now. Tomatoes going, nice, and chilies. (speaking foreign language) Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest restaurants of my life. So he makes the meat and I love that shove move. He just slides it into the fat. Taro, taro?
– Taro Jaba. – Taro Jaba, right?
– Yeah. Taro Jaba chapli kebab. Chapli, chapli kebab. (overlapping conversations
in foreign language) Oh, I am turning red in the face. I’ve been standing
pretty close to this fire trying to get the shots. Wow, that is hot. My face is burning, I’m sweating. I don’t know if that fire ever goes out. I think I can safely say this
is the coolest restaurant I’ve ever, the coolest
cooking station in the world that I’ve ever witnessed. I’m fascinated and just
blown away and in awe. (greetings in foreign language) We got the special kebab
with the marrow in it again. Ah, chapli kebab, they serve the full set. The vegetables, the yeah the bread, and some kind of a like
almost pink yogurt. Gotta get that, oh it just juices. Oh look at that, oh wow. Look at that bubbling nugget of marrow. – Cheers without cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers.
– Taro Jaba the original. Ho ho ho ho. Oh wow. – This is just amazing. – This one, you can taste more
of the tomatoes in this one. It’s absolutely–
(man speaks foreign language) Hello, how are you? Again, we are just gonna
sprinkle on some of that citrus, some kinnow, that similar to an orange and a lemon combined, sort of, but an original orange. That is, that’s an eye opener. You can like, it literally is one of the greatest meat things. Like burgers will never be the same again. It’s so unbelievably juicy. Yeah, my whole perspective
on life has changed after this kebab. Oh yeah, oh that kind
of goes up your nose. It is unbelievable, unbelievable. Both of the chapli kebabs
that we’ve had today have been like, exceptional. Both of them have been unbelievably good. I think I might like this
atmosphere setting a bit more because it’s so like ancient looking, and just that blazing bonfire. But both of the chapli kebabs are insane, and then you always gotta have green tea. Mm, oh yeah the cardamom again. What a meal. Not only one time, but
two times have I had the best kebab of my entire life. The best patty of any shape
or form of my entire life. (drum music) (singing in foreign language) I haven’t come to the full realization, concl, I can’t even
fully conceptualize yet how good the chapli kebabs are. This is my first day to
ever eat chapli kebab, and we had two times today,
which is not recommended, because it’s so heavy and so rich, but that was like two of
the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I wanna say a massive thank you to everybody who hosted us today. We met and interacted with so many people. Thank you so much. I want to say a massive thank you to Ali, who organized everything
from landmark travel and bukhari travels and
landmark communications. I’ll include Ali in the
description box below. Check him out, he’s an amazing guy. So we’re just gonna drive
into Peshawar from here, and then tomorrow the next video is going to be a full tour of Peshawar, which is an ancient city which
I cannot wait to explore. So that’s coming up in the next video, and that’s gonna be it for tonight. I wanna say a huge thank
your for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now and also
click that little bell icon so that you get notified of
the next video that I publish. Goodbye from the best kebab
possibly in the entire world. I will see you on the next video.

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