UK Honors Alumna Ouita Michel, Champion of Kentucky Food

I’m Ouita Michel. I’m a local chef and
restaurateur. I live a chef’s dream here in Kentucky. Our focus is on increasing
farm income in Kentucky and it’s my job as a Kentucky chef to make sure that I’m
using what our farmers are producing so that I can showcase what, this is what
we’re about in terms of food in Kentucky. I had a fantastic UK experience. I was
in the first class of Gaines Fellows for the study of humanities and on the
debate team and in the Honors Program. Every person I came into contact with in
my education at UK changed me, they impacted me. I’m a successful
businesswoman, a successful chef, but I couldn’t have done any of it without
this emphasis on the humanities at the University of Kentucky. I feel so
strongly about that. The education that I got at the University of Kentucky, I mean,
nothing that I am today would be possible without that. you

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