UCG Short Films: Jelly Learns the Feast Days (sing-a-long) ©

[Mr. Mike] The Sabbath is a wonderful blessing,
isn’t it? [Jelly] It sure is! I’m glad God gave it to us. I don’t think tonight could get any better. [doorbell rings] [Miss Libby] Could you get that for us, Jelly? [Jelly] AAAAAHHH! [Chips] AAAAAHHH! [Chips] Cow. [Jelly] Cow. [Chips] Cow. [Jelly] Cow. [Chips] Cow. [Mr. Jonathan] Make sure you’re careful
with that, sweetie. That’s a lot of yogurt. [Miss Esther] Of course I will, sweetheart. [Mr. Jonathan] You know, I wouldn’t say
anything. It’s just that I just vacuumed and you know
I’m a little particular. [Miss Esther] I know. [Chips] Fifteen cows, I win! [Jelly] Me, too! [Chips] Yeah, you won too, but I won first,
didn’t I? [Jelly] And I got ‘em second! [Mr. Jonathan] So Jelly, did you enjoy your
cousin Chips’ visit this past week? [Jelly] Yes, yes, yes! [Miss Esther] How about you, Chips? [Chips] Sure did! Right like rain, mate! [Miss Esther] We’re going to miss you, Chips. [Chips] I had a whole lot of fun hanging out
with me cousin Jelly! He’s my garden. Garden gates. Gates! Garden gates. You’re me mates! [Miss Esther] So Chips, if you get hungry
on the plane, remember I packed some of your favorite snacks in your lunchbox – steak
and kidney pie, beef bangers and mash, and Yorkshire pudding. [Chips] Mm-mm! Delicious, mate! I’m from the East End of London. [Mr. Jonathan] What? [Chips] West Ham United! [Jelly] Wet spam united! [Chips] Did you say “wet spam”? [Jelly] Uh, yeah. [Chips] West Ham United is my favorite football
team! Get it right, Jelly! I’m just kidding, you did great! [Miss Esther] And we don’t cheer spam for
several reasons. [Mr. Jonathan] Hey Jelly, Chips – did you
realize there’s a special holy day coming up soon? [Jelly] Boom boy, yeah, I’ve been doing
them since I was a little – you know, let’s just – on the count of three, let’s say
it on the count of three. One, two, three! [Mr. Jonathan] Pentecost. [Jelly] Buffalo Penna – Pentecost. Pentecost. [Mr. Jonathan] That’s it, yeah. Okay, you got it.
Pentecost. Yeah, the feasts are really important. God tells us to keep these special holy days
to help us understand His plan. [Jelly] Boy, you better warm up them vocal
chords. We’re about to sing a song. [Miss Esther] Do you want us to test you and
see how well you know your feast days from the Bible? [Jelly] Yeah, test me! [Chips] Test me! [Jelly] Test me, test me, test meeeee! Test me! [Mr. Jonathan] That was so much fun. Hey,
you boys learned an important lesson today. [Miss Esther] Deer! [Mr. Jonathan] Yes, dear? [Miss Esther] No, DEER! [Everyone] AAAAAHHH! [Mr. Jonathan] Okay. We’re here. So… Okay. We’re… And none of it’s on the car. [Jelly and Chips] AAAAAHHH! [Mr. Jonathan] Alright!

One thought on “UCG Short Films: Jelly Learns the Feast Days (sing-a-long) ©

  1. I found this song confusing for children — you name Passover as if it is one of the Holy Days. I think an important point to get across to young children is that Passover is not one of God's seven Holy Days. You also skipped the Last Day of Unleavened Bread.

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