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we’re in Berlin, Germany we are so
excited to be filming a bunch of food videos here let’s get food hunting for
this one Berlin the capital of Germany has a vibrant food culture in
this three-part series we’re hunting down the best local German food and
eating where the locals eat in this video we’re eating traditional German food at a
butcher’s shop and finishing the day at a beer garden you don’t want to miss
this video get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! today is all about traditional food here
in Berlin and we’ve heard that butcher shops here often have a restaurant
attached so you can go and buy your fresh cuts of meat but you can also buy
a meal and they serve some of the most traditional foods you’ll find so we’re
gonna go to this one right behind me here so you can sit out on the footpath
they’ve got seats inside as well and we’re gonna get some really traditional
German food today there’s about 10 or 15 dishes on the menu
at this butcher’s shop and so we chose some real classics so I have got a
humungous portion of eisbein so eisbein is pickled ham hock and it’s
served with some sauerkraut and also some I think just boiled potatoes
there’s a some sort of sauce on top of that and a huge splodge of mustard and
then we also ordered the boulette so the boulette is like a meatball and then
it’s come, it comes with braised red cabbage some potatoes and then a really
thick brown gravy these dishes weigh a ton we couldn’t help laughing when
the lady was dishing up both of these mains because they were just ginormous or they are
just ginormous and they weigh a ton they’re so heavy these plates are just
piled up with food all right let’s crack into this eisbein
so this is the pickled ham hock and whoa whoa look at that I’m barely touching the meat
and it is just falling away it is so tender, holy moly, all right let’s get a
bite of that meat I’m just gonna swipe it through that mustard ohhh it’s covered
in that mustard let’s just give it a taste Wow whoa it is so so tender, it’s not dry
at all, the ham hock has been brined so when you brine meat you it tenderises it and
that is tender as anything the mustard is quite mild very creamy but has a
little bit of a tanginess that is beautiful with the meat, let’s just go again I’m gonna
get a, look at this, gosh it just honestly it just falls away from the
bone so easily alright so more of that meat and then I’m going to grab some
sauerkraut so sauerkraut is fermented cabbage and I can see some fennel seeds
in there I think the sauerkraut has been warmed
through whoa oh it’s really really good the
sauerkraut has a beautiful tanginess it’s really soft, really sort of melt in
your mouth and it works perfectly with the meat which is quite rich so the
pork is quite rich, a little bit fatty that is beautiful I’ve got this boulette or this
meatball to dive into so as Sheena said got this meatball it is swimming in a
whole lot of very thick brown gravy we’ve got the red cabbage which is
pickled and that’s slightly warmed I’d say and then we’ve got a big pile of
boiled potatoes so just straight up boiled potatoes
I see no butter or anything just they are what they are and
this sort of food is what I wanted to be eating when we came to Germany really
traditional, really classic food it’s really neat to be at this butcher shop
as well I’ve never seen a restaurant attached to a butcher shop like this so this
is just a real local everyday butcher’s shop nothing special nothing is
different but then has the restaurant attached it’s a really neat idea, let’s
cut into this meatball and look how big it is, it’s absolutely huge oh look at
that thick gravy pushing out the sides all right look at that so it’s a really
fine mince meat in there I think this is a combination of meats I can’t be sure
but I think it’s probably some beef maybe some veal and it could even be
more different meats in there so let’s get some meatball on and the red, it
looks like there’s some chilies in there as well to give it a little bit of a
kick so we’ll get some red cabbage some meatball and that’s covered in that
thick brown gravy Oh yum, oh that is good the meatball’s not too strong
in its flavour but it’s got a little bit of a smokiness where it’s been grilled
and the tanginess, the vinegar from that pickled cabbage really comes through
strong and that works perfectly with the gravy the really thick gravy which i
think is a beef gravy has a real beef flavour but it’s really mixed with the
sauce from the cabbage so it’s meaty but it’s really tangy from that, from that vinegar, it’s really good let’s get a bit a bit more of
this meatball so you can see it’s got like a really hard crust where it’s been
cooked and it’s like it’s been cooked in a lot of oil so almost shallow fried because
the outside is quite crispy and the inside is really soft you can see that
there let’s get ohhhh that potato look at that covered in the gravy and then the
meatball soaked in that gravy too hmm oh that is good this is comfort food
this is home cooking and what it feels like it feels like real homestyle food
and the flavour is incredible it’s not too full on, a little bit salty, a little
bit sweet from the from the pickled cabbage, this is delicious we couldn’t not
get a beer to go with these meals so beer is huge in Germany I mean you see
beer shops and beer being sold and consumed everywhere so to go with this
meal we’ve got a Radler which will be sort of a lager-y type beer and it
should have a citrus flavour hmm oh yeah really citrusy oh that’s
really good that’s actually perfect to go with these
meals because the citrus flavor will cut through the heaviness of the meal so
that fatty element especially Sheena’s I’d say with that that fatty heavy
pork that is a very nice beer all right so I admit that this is not the most
beautiful-looking dish but holy moly it is really tasty so I have got a piece of
that eisbein, the sauerkraut and then also some potato in this mouthful oh it’s delicious
you’ve got the really rich meat the tanginess from the sauerkraut and then that floury potato all the elements on the
plate work really well together it’s a really balanced meal you can really get
a good sign of what I’m talking about with the mixing of the liquids there so you
can see all the vinegary red gooeyness from the from the cabbage mixing with
that brown gravy and the flavour that’s creating is so so good now something we
haven’t covered so far with these is the affordability these are incredibly cheap
these meals so they’re, mine is 5 Euro and I think Sheena’s is 6 so that’s
only 6 or 7 US dollars for this huge plate of food this absolutely massive plate piled high I mean Sheena
has an entire pork hock on her plate so incredible value these places as well
and we hear that this one is even phenomenal is beyond incredible value
it’s even cheaper than you will normally find and the crowds are really starting
to build now as we get closer to lunchtime and I know why because the
food is great, the atmosphere is great and the value cannot be beaten, it’s
incredible we sure are full after that, that was
really good and it wasn’t easy to find that sort of place so a lot of the
traditional food is actually being served at touristy restaurants and we
didn’t want that we wanted a real local’s restaurant and that was about as local
as it gets that was a really really neat place to eat food like that we’re gonna
carry on the traditional food thing now we’re gonna go to a beer garden so
German beer garden and sample some of the local brews, woo hoo! after that humongous meal lounging in a
beer garden seemed like the perfect idea so we’ve come to Berlin’s oldest beer
garden I think it’s been around since the 1800s and it’s apparently really
massive, it seats 600 people but if you come at 130 on a Wednesday you don’t
really need to fight for a seat so seats 600 there’s about 8 people here so
it’s definitely not going to be the best atmosphere but it should be incredible
beer it’s a really nice hot sunny day here in
Berlin so it’s perfect to be sitting in this beer garden and drinking beer so I
ordered something which I’ve been really curious about and that is a Berliner
Weisse so it’s a cloudy sour beer that’s served with either raspberry syrup
or woodruff syrup, woodruff is a plant it sort of has an earthy sweet flavour but I
went with raspberry and this is like a real Berlin drink
I think it’s normally something that’s drunken more by tourists than by locals
but I’m still curious to try it so when I saw it on the menu
I had to order it all right it’s served in like this giant jar like glass hmm, whoa
yeah it’s quite sweet because of the raspberry cordial but then the sourness
of the beer comes through so it’s sort of quite balanced it’s really refreshing I have a Prater Pilsner so this is a
pilsner beer Prater is the name of this beer garden so I assume this is their
home brewed Pilsner it’s very good just very easygoing, great to drink on a hot
day, prost, porst, porst? Prost? Prost. so that’s cheers in German delicious on a hot day I really like
this garden quiet like we said because it’s 1:30pm on a Wednesday but this would
be raging when it’s packed with people but it’s just a really nice place to sit
even when it’s quiet like this because it’s very peaceful surrounded by trees
just a really nice place for a beer and that was such a good lunch as well that we had, it
was just really hearty, satisfying, it was seriously hearty, I don’t think we’ll need to eat for the
like, day it was a lot of food, really good, remember to hit that subscribe button we’ve got
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