Top 10 Most Popular Junk Foods That AMERICA LOVES to Eat!!!

Ever wonder which foods we consume the most? Well, thanks to a suggestion by YouTube user:
‘Just Some Guy without a Mustache,’ you can find out! Thank you Just Some Guy without a Mustache
for the suggestion! Here is our list of the Top 10 Most Popular
Foods That We Eat the Most. Hamburger On our list of the Top 10 Most Popular Foods
That We Eat The Most, we obviously have hamburgers. Hamburgers are delectable. Hamburgers are delightful. Hamburgers are just darn delicious! Hamburgers are also a very personal kind of
meal. You get to customize your burger so that it
tastes just as you imagine. You can top that sucker with anything! Tomatoes, onions, caramelized onions, mushrooms,
bacon, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise… and the list goes on. The list of things you can put atop a hamburger
is actually quite endless. There are the crazy toppings that we already
know about, like: fries, onion rings, Doritos, Cheetos, eggs, or even mac and cheese. Then, there are the crazy toppings that you
may never have thought of, like Nutella or even peanut butter. Wild! A burger is a staple. A burger is so universal and yet is never
the same. That is what makes it one of the most popular
foods that we eat all the time! Not only can each and every one of us modify
our burgers to our liking, but we can choose where we buy our burgers; and who doesn’t
love having a choice? As far as a menu item goes, the hamburger
is pretty popular. It sits on most menus across the US and is
available 24/7. If you want a burger – no matter what the
time is – there will be a place where you can get a burger. This is a pretty great freedom to have. Pizza Next up on our list of the Top 10 Most Popular
Foods That We Eat The Most is pizza. It is fair to say that most people love a
good slice of pizza. If you don’t, then you are one of the few
and disliking pizza could cost you some relationships. Sounds dramatic? No! This is not dramatic at all. Pizza is not only a thing we eat… It is a food that is often shared. We eat pizza with friends and family. A box is passed around and slices are chosen. Sometimes pizza is the celebratory food choice
after a game or in class if you win the spelling bee or raise the most money for charity, or
things of that nature. Pizza is a bringer-together. Pizza is a food for building relationships. Not ruining them. Think back to anytime you have been on a dating
site and seen “likes pizza”. Doesn’t that fill you with some kind of
reassuring comfort? Now, imagine if it said the opposite. Imagine if you saw “hates pizza”. Well…. Wouldn’t that be a bit odd? Would it make you uncomfortable? Pizza can become the deciding factor in which
way you swipe. Essentially, pizza can either cement a relationship
or rip it to shreds, it is just a question of which way you fall on the liking it factor. So, for all you pizza haters out there just
know that the masses love this food. The masses accept this food as part of them
and how they conduct day to day food business. If you are a pizza hater you just have to
be ready because this is a food that is so popular and it is eaten oh so often. Tacos Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. There’s not much to say other than yummy. Right? Tacos are magnificent and that is a sentiment
shared by many. Tacos were said to have been invented in Mexico
at some point in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries. The reason this is such a huge amount of time
is because the actual story of how tacos came into being is unknown. Some people believe it was a food invented
by the miners in Mexico. Others think tacos could have been bartered
in the Aztec times. While the moment the taco was first ever created
escapes historians, people have accepted it and adopted it into their eating habits. Quite evidently, Taco Bell has championed
the taco so very much that it has named the restaurant after it. If you want tacos you know where to go! However, Taco Bell is not the be-all-end-all
for tacos. Tacos can be enjoyed all over the place, even
at home. “Taco Tuesdays” are popular, fun, and
an instagramable way to bring this popular food into the house. After all, tacos have so many colors. They are so beautiful. They have such a nice aesthetic! But… what you forget is that tacos make
the biggest mess. Right? When it is taco night you typically think
“ahhh – good! Not that much cooking. It won’t be that much of a mess!” Wrong! Tacos require so many little items and most
of us end up having to pack bowl after bowl into the dishwasher. Or wash bowl after bowl by hand, causing our
fingers to get all prune-y. But, enjoying yummy tacos is worth making
a mess! Chicken Tenders If burgers are not for you then it is very
likely that you go for the chicken tenders instead. Chicken tenders are a very solid back up and
in fact, they are even a pretty stellar first choice too. The big question is: what makes you like chicken
tenders? Why would you order them now at your local
fast food joint as opposed to a hamburger? The theory is that adults love chicken tenders
because they ate them when they were younger. You remember the smell and the taste. You remember the feeling. You can picture mom and dad or grandma and
grandpa or whoever it was who would feed them to you. You may remember sitting in the back seat
trying to open your barbecue sauce without spilling so that you could dunk and double
dunk your tenders. You may remember buying them later on for
your younger siblings or even for your own children. Chicken tenders are very often the go-to choice
for the little kiddies and maybe that is why they are so popular for teens and adults alike. Chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, chicken
fingers, chicken strips… This kind of chicken goes by many names. So just close your eyes – think of the name
you call it and think about when you ate them as a kid. Doesn’t it make you want to go out there
and get some right now? Soda Next up on our list of The Top 10 Most Popular
Foods That We Eat The Most isn’t actually a food at all. We can place it on this list because it is
so often the only thing people consume that maybe, just maybe we can stretch and put it
into the food category for the sake of this list. The item is soda. Soda or pop or soft drink… Whatever you want to call it – it is consumed
a lot! People drink soda the way they should be drinking
water. People bring their soda with them when they
go on vacation. People buy soda in bulk so as to never be
without. Soda is loved across America. A few cans of soda can also be pretty filling
(hence it sometimes being consumed as a sort of meal replacement). But, as you all surely know, soda is jam-packed
with sugar. It is like liquid candy! Not to mention all of the artificial coloring
that goes into a can. Soda is not the best thing for you and yet,
it is ingested by millions! Soda is like the bad boyfriend you could just
never get rid of or that annoying friend who isn’t really your friend that you just can’t
shake. It is always there and it is consistent. It is thirst-quenching. Soda is also very familiar. If you had a Coke when you were a kid and
you have one now they taste the same to you. You know what you get with a soda. Even all of the bad stuff. We can all admire the honesty of soda companies. So enjoy your soda – just be aware of the
amount of sugar you are taking in. French Fries Burger with fries. Nuggets with a side of fries. Can we have the family pack with extra fries? Fries, fries, and more fries! Did you know that the consumption of french
fries can even be sort of healthy? A study done with Harvard Health Publishing
at Harvard Medical School has worked to prove this by disproving all of the negative pieces
which state how bad fries are for you. They say that eating fries is not associated
with a higher risk of dying. Isn’t that great news! You can eat fries and not feel as guilty as
you might have felt before. Congrats! The study does state that fries are high in
fat which can eventually lead to a higher blood pressure or put you at risk for cardiovascular
disease, but that they are not “a weapon of dietary destruction”. Portions matter. Frequency matters. But, please eat your fries in peace. Oreos That’s right. Oreos are popular and they are eaten a lot! Are you a biter-into or a twister-a-parter? Do you dunk your Oreo? Do you like double stuffed or regular? Have you tried the birthday cake kind? Do you like Oreo ice cream? Or buying the Oreo graham cracker-like crumbs
and making your own Oreo dessert? What kind of Oreo lover are you? How do you identify? Because the question isn’t really “Do
you like Oreos?” it is “How do you like your Oreos?” Oreos are the classic “Let’s just add
this to the cart” at the grocery store kind of item. They have the perfect amount of cookies in
a box and they are consistent in size, look, and flavor. We love you Oreo! We love you so much! Ice Cream So, ice cream is popular. Who is surprised by this one? No one, that’s who. Apparently over eighty-five percent of Americans
have ice cream in their freezer at any given time. Crazy right? That is a pretty high figure! What is even crazier is that there are so
many flavors and vanilla is still number one! This just goes to show that ice cream is about
comfort and what we know. Just like most foods on this list, ice cream
is a go to because it is a consistent and trustworthy classic. It is also so joyous! Most people eat ice cream when they are happy. There is the movie-like exception in which
you eat ice cream after you have been dumped and use it to console you, but even that is
kind of like a happy moment because you turn to it for comfort. You turn to ice cream to feel better. Ice cream is a winner. No matter what. Apple Pie Americans love their apple pies and that is
why it is iconic and eaten a lot. Something can be iconic but not be so popular,
but not the apple pie. Apple pie is an American symbol that is regularly
eaten and enjoyed. Apple pies are even better when you know where
the apples came from. Did you pick them yourself? Or did you go and pick up the pie at a local
bakery that has apple trees in the back? Location is very much tied to the apple pie. The type of apples used makes a difference
and it is always part of the discussion when eating an apple pie. The apple pie can also be paired with another
item that has already found its way onto this list and that is, of course, ice cream. There is nothing more comforting than having
a warm slice of apple pie on Thanksgiving with a beautiful scoop of vanilla ice cream
on top (or next to it… not sure what kind of eater you are). Apples, ice cream…. That special crust whose recipe has been in
the family for generations… that is what an apple pie is to Americans and that is why
we like it. Hot Dogs And then there were hot dogs. There is no telling what makes a perfect hotdog. Is it the cooking of the wiener or the bun? Is it the choice of condiments or is it in
how you layer them? The magic of the hotdog is personal, just
like the burger or even the taco. A hot dog is both universal and unique. A perfect hot dog is hard to come by. There are so many out there. The streets are saturated with vendors or
shops or fast-food chains that offer you the “best hot dog in America”. There are so many out there and when you find
one of quality, you must take a moment and ask yourself: why is this one so darn good? Look at how it was assembled. Think about the art of assembling a hot dog. It is like the most done dance in America. The hot dog dance. The dance is usually accompanied by music. The music of cars honking on the streets,
waitresses taking other orders, or maybe just the chatter of the people behind you in line. Maybe the vendor has a radio playing? Maybe you have your headphones on? The music of the hot dog dance is just as
individual as the hot dog itself and even that is magical. Every perfect hot dog moment is one to remember
– because too often do we have horrible hot dogs. We should all get t-shirts made that read
“stop making bad hot dogs” and maybe things will change. The powers that be listen to things when they
are written on shirts, right? Or tweeted? Or posted about? Hot dogs need to be amazing if they are going
to be eaten. We love them so much and we eat so many of
them that they better be yummy in our tummies! Take another bite out of one of our other
great videos and tap that screen. And if it’s your first time here, show us
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  2. I love it when work has taco's bar after work, its a nice meal around 8am EST, chicken tenders are hard to get a good quality fry on them no matter where you get them from.
    An soda does not have that much sugar anymore its corn syrup and fries go good with BBQ sauce better then ketchup!
    A old friend of mine has a Oreo fetish and she told me once she would love to have sex in a vat of the cream lol
    Icecream has gone down hill here since Nestle bought Edy's here the quality went from fantastic to smelling like ya opened up a garbage bin!
    I do not like apple pie, strawberry pies or pecan are better! UGH ick and disgusting I cannot stand hot dogs since my mom ate so many when she was preggo with me!

  3. I like this video! I always enjoy the throwbacks and remembering things gone by.
    I suggested you do a video about things in (toys) or on (a 45 record you could cut out and play) on cereal boxes. I hope you will do that one. I have another idea for you. How about a video about various beers that have been discontinued that we wish they hadn't. For example, all the Dry and Ice beers that have all but disappeared. You could use scenes from past Bud Bowls when Bud Dry took on regular Bud.

  4. I cant disagree with this list ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ…. This list is correct…

  5. My favorite food is hot dogs, It does not matter to me how they are prepared. I even eat the cold out of the package…

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    ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ "that sure seems good ๐Ÿ‘
    mmm tasty junk food ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿคคโ€ผ

  7. PIZZA… Love Pizza! Unfortunately I am now on the โ†west coast, the best pizza is on the right (east) coast…โ†’

  8. โ€œMr Spicolo I must be hallucinating.. just what in the hell are you doing??โ€

    โ€œLearning about Cuba. Ordering some food.๐Ÿ•โ€

    Love that movie!!

  9. This video made me hungry! I loved all of it! My favorite cookies are not Oreo I would say chocolate chip and the Nutter Butter. I loved all of the entries! What about doing favorite healthy foods?

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