Top 10 Mexican Foods

Hope you’re hungry,
because this is one delicioso list! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks
for the “Top 10 Mexican Foods”. For this list, will be ranking the most
popular foods, dishes, and recipes from the
world of traditional Mexican cuisine. We will be omitting dips, sauces, and drinks, however, this means that salsa, mole, guacamole, and horchata, will be
held off for another day. Will also be skipping the world of
Tex-Mex cuisine for now, so save those nachos and chimichangas
for your next party. Who says you can’t eat dessert first? We’re kicking off our list,
with this fried sugary treat, which to be fair
isn’t only consumed for dessert. Instead, many Mexicans actually start their days
off with churros for breakfast, although the pastries popularity
is not limited to Mexico. Folks in France, Spain and Portugal have been known to
dip their churros, which are essentially dough pastries
in their morning coffee. One theory goes that Portuguese
explorers exposed Europe to the treat, after bringing them back from their
trips to Ming Dynasty, China. Whatever their origins, these donut-like snacks
are oh so good. The name of the next food on our list, translate from Spanish to “little fat one” in English, and comes from the small rounded masa or dough, which surrounds a meat, cheese, or veggie filling. Gorditas are usually prepared
with either a corn or wheat masa, and are either baked or fried, in a shape somewhat similar
to a British pasty or savory popover. The best thing about these little
pockets of food love however, is that they can be filled with just about
anything imaginable, making them a versatile snack or
supper for any time of the day. The traditional Mexican dish known
as the “sope”, is another handy snack food with a
variety of delicious preparations. The base of the sope begins with a
lime-soaked fried corn dough, which is then topped with refried beans, veggies, and sauce to the chef’s taste. Meat toppings, such as chicken or
pork can be added to the sope, although the traditional preparation often
combines the veggies, with either red or green chili sauce
or salsa with a cream topping. But really, the sope is
delicious and every preparation, which makes it a must-try Mexican dish. Some foodies may not immediately
think of soups or stews, when they
imagine traditional Mexican cuisine, but this next entry on our list is
definitely a delicious exception. The pozole is a Mexican soup, packed with
flavor and history, as it used to be utilized in ancient
Aztec culture for religious rituals, including human sacrifice. Today, the pozole is thankfully
not prepared with people meat, but instead has a base of dried corn kernels
known as “hominy”, the stew is then seasoned with chili
peppers, cabbage, salsa, and citrus, before adding in pork for a
traditional pozole presentation. Chilaquiles may not be a household name, for those who only occasionally
dabble in Mexican cuisine, but diehard foodies know that this
tasty treat is essential eating, for those visiting Mexico on vacation. This simple but delicious dish, is anchored by several lightly fried corn tortillas, which are then cut into
triangles and placed on four corners of a plate. The tortillas are then drenched in a
salsa or mole sauce, before being simmered until soft, and then topped with
Mexican crema, which is similar to sour cream, queso fresco, a type of cheese, onions, and
avocado. Hungry yet? Tamales are a staple
of Mexican Street food culture, and a typical example of simple, classic
cooking at its finest. The traditional tamale begins, with that
essential Mexican ingredient, masa, which is steamed in a corn husk, along with the toppings and ingredients to taste. Savory and sweet tamales are
not uncommon to see in Mexico, as this handy portable snack can be filled, with meats, cheeses, veggies, or even fruit. This makes them a perfect vessel for a
chef’s creativity, making them immensely popular around the world. It’s difficult to imagine a Mexican food, with as much crossover
potential as the classic quesadilla. This easy to prepare
and easy to eat food, is easily one of the most popular
Mexican dishes in North America, thanks to its ability to hold any manner
of savory or sweet filling. Quesadillas consists of a wheat or corn tortilla, filled with cheese, meat, or veggies, and then heated on a stove or flat top until
the mixture is cooked, and the tortilla is charred and crispy. This makes them excellent lunch ideas
for picky kids, as well as a quick and easy dinner for busy adults. Look around anywhere, and it’s extremely likely, you’ll stumble
upon a local join serving up burritos. Indeed, this Mexican culinary staple, has quickly become
an obsession for many North American diners, with numerous fast food
establishments and chain restaurants, riding the burrito train for all its worth. The burritos popularity again, is probably due to its versatility as a vessel, with its large wheat flour tortilla
encompassing any number of savory fillings, veggies, beans, and rice. This makes the burritos place in popular
culture every culture safe and sound, for many years to come. The classic Mexican enchilada, is a dish one can see on the menu of
many restaurants around the world. Not only those specializing in
traditional Mexican food, this is due not only to the dishes popularity, but also to how easily a chef can put his or her
own personal creative stamp on it. A standard enchilada preparation is a corn tortilla, wrapped around the filling of your choice, and covered in a chili
pepper sauce. Refried beans are common side dishes to the enchilada, while the tortillas themselves can also
be covered in sauces or savory mole sauces, sauces resulting in hundreds of possible
enchilada concoctions. Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few deliciously honorable mentions. Slimplicity lives at the heart of
Mexican cooking, with fresh ingredients and honest preparations, serving as the life’s blood of the family meal. No Mexican dish quite represents the
sentiment better than the taco, which can be served not only, as sit down dinners, but also, as an on-the-go snack out there on the street. The taco is traditionally prepared with
a small soft corn or wheat tortilla, no crunchy shells here, folks. Often doubled up and filled, with seafood, cheese, veggies, or
any variety of meat, including seasoned pork in the specialty dish,
known as, “tacos al pastor”. Taco Tuesday, anyone? Do you agree with our list? Which Mexican
food is your favorite? For more tasty Top 10’s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Mexican Foods

  1. Defo one of the top 3 cuisines in the world. Unfortunately here in GR its not that spread so hard to find a mexican resto :/

  2. Nachos should've been on this list because believe it or not, it is a real Mexican food, made by an actual Mexican named Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, made and originated in the regions of Mexico. Look it up.

  3. I thought churros is Spanish
    Cus in the Philippines they introduced it as Spanish pastry dish not the mexican one

  4. Masa is Tagalog is "to knead (a dough)
    Well masa (with one syllable only ) means the like average earner countrymen/women

  5. In the Philippines there's a burrito fusion with beef misono ( it's like mex-Jap dish )
    Also they also made Burrito con Bulgogi too

  6. All racist white people start their day with a burrito is what you meant to say.

    Who the hell is putting fruits in tamales?! You forgot Caldo and carnitas. These Top 10s are the SAFE white people dishes.

  7. i'm not a fan of Pozole, but you have a point for including it, and by stating how is supposed to be an actual taco (fuck you, Chingadera Bell) and including Tacos al Pastor you are totally redeemed as english talking people
    a little advice from a mexican: try some hardboiled eggs with your mole Enchiladas and green sauce Chilaquiles

  8. oh real question. Which mexican food is better out of these 5 choices ? Quesadillas,taquitos,pozole,fideo, or tamales

  9. En realidad así no se prepara ninguna de las comidas que vieron en el vídeo, nada que ver con las tostadas, enchiladas, chilaquiles etcétera, su preparación es totalmente diferente.

  10. This video, at the beginning, says it will stay away from Texmex food, which is not Mexican food, but the American interpretation of it, but it is filled with Texmex images, which do not correspond AT ALL to Mexican dishes. It is so sad!

  11. Mexican-American living in Mexico, we don't eat churros for breakfast. We usually eat them in county fairs, or the holidays.

  12. y agarran las gorditas con papel y hacen la masa con guatantes, si lo que le da el sabor es la mugrita de las manos no no no no

  13. Churros are delicious but we start our morning with a concha y un cafe o chocolate de abuelita. A nice lunch would be a torta and a nice snack un elote 😍😍 i just ate gorditas that i made and still thinking about food lol A mangoneada ia great in the summer o un raspado

  14. Mexicans have the best food in Latin America…. that’s why Americans try to knock it off with their Taco Bell bullshit ☕️☕️☕️☕️🐸

  15. You have to be kidding me, no mamen cabrones….. you have the right names but the wrong cooks Im sure better cocineros would been found if you look for them in the right place.

  16. I am sorry but the video has a lot of wrong guessing info,
    they need to go and experience a lot more good food. if can not going to Mexico at least go to LA. but if you really want to know the true food go to Mexico the way we don't eat burritos in Mexico.

  17. I’m Mexican & I am disgusted with your Americanized food I see Mexican restaurants change are traditional ways for Americans & you left so many good foods some were not even on the list disgraceful

  18. Beans and rice is the most common food in Mexico.

    Tourists beware! a lot of real Mexican food are made by mediocre cooks that want to rip you off. Don't let a Mexican cook rape your wallet deliberately when you visit the country. Trust me, even the realest Mexican food is overrated and overrated. If the food is tasty and is guaranteed to rape your wallet at the same time, then don't buy it.

    Not a food critic, but it's true and there are still a lot of bland Mexican food being made for profit in the country. Profit is more important to your average Mexican cook than the tastiest food.

  19. We don’t use white tortillas get the fuck out here with that bs and I’m Mexican and we don’t ever start our day with a churro we start off with cafe and conchas !!

  20. hi everyone please help me get likes on this new page thank you I highly appreciate it

  21. My top 10 would be
    1. Tacos
    2. Burritos
    3. Tamales
    4. Enchiladas
    5. Quesadillas
    6. Taquitos
    7. Tortas
    8. Carne asada
    9. Chilaquiles
    10. Sopita

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