Top 10 Foods That Are Banned In America

I love food, yes I do, yeah I spend all my
money on food! That’s true! Just a little into song for you there! Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we are talking about the Top 10 Foods that are Illegal in the USA. Anyone watching stateside, let me know in
the comments section below, if not, let me know what country you are from and what your
favourite food is! Also please do hit that thumbs up button…free
air pizza for each thumbs upper. YEH. Lets start off with one we are all pretty
aware of, we have the humble Kinder Egg! Kinder Eggs hail from Italy. They are delicious and the best part about
these white and milk chocolate eggs are that they have little toys in them. This, unfortunately, is the issue for Merica. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act bans
the sale of any candy that has a toy or trinket embedded in it. You can get fined anywhere up to 2000 dollars
for trying to smuggle a Kinder Egg into America. Three children worldwide have died from choking
on Kinder Egg parts since the confectionary came out in 1974. Guess how many children have died from mass
shootings in schools this MONTH. 9 – British Chocolate
So Cadbury’s is a big deal for us brits, some will tell you that it is a little cube
of heaven, and to be honest, they’re right. While you CAN buy something in a Cadbury’s
wrapper in the States, it is not the same as British Cadbury’s, or, real chocolate…as
we call it. Hershey bought the rights to Cadbury’s USA,
which means they use a totally different recipe with MUCH less cocoa in it. While you can bring a dairy milk from the
UK in your suitcase, it is not legal to import or sell UK recipe chocolate in the states. Good one Hershey. 8 – Absinthe
Absinthe is pretty much an every day food in France! A lot like the pretend imitation Cadburys
you can eat, you can drink pretend imitation Absinthe. Basically, the real absinthe is the kind that
got 19th century musicians and artists well and truly trollied contained an ingredient
called Thujone…. Absinthe in Europe contains this all important
mind bending goodie, but you can’t have it in the USA, so no green fairy for you! 7 – Haggis
Scotland’s national dish is banned in the United States, aaaakk…nooo. Hashtag, sorry Scotland. To be honest, as a vegetarian, Haggis isn’t
really for me anyway, but some people strongly uphold it is delicious. The reason it is banned in the USA is because
it contains sheep’s lung, and lung as an ingredient is not welcome in the USA. Scotland has tried to level with the United
States on the topic, but the meaty feast hasn’t been legal for import since 1971. 6- Mexican Vanilla
If you are from that states, you can’t bring Mexican Vanilla across the boarder because
more often than not, it contains a banned ingredient called Coumadin. Courmadin was banned by the Federal Governemnt
in 1940 because of its toxicity and detrimental effect on the human kidneys and liver. Beware of imitation vanilla! 5 Bushmeat
Honestly, I have no idea how and why anyone would eat bushmeat, but I accept that not
everyone is me and we have different tastes. None the less, my tastes generally don’t
involve risking smuggling ebola into the country. Bushmeat is a luxury in West Africa and refers
to things like Lions, bats and gorillas. Expat West African communities crave it and
some illegal trade it or buy it, however it poses deadly threat. 4 – Beluga Caviar Beluga caviar was so sought after, it led
to overfishing of Beluga sturgeons and a decline in the species. Now poaching the fish is illegal and the caviar
is illegal to buy in the USA, but of course, the delicacy is available on the black market. 3 – Fresh Ackee Fruit
Ackee is very popular in Jamaica, but it is banned in the USA. Why? Well, eating it raw without care can result
in death. Ackee and Codfish is a popular Jamaican dish,
but for those don’t know how to prepare it could be risking their lives. 2 – Black Pudding or Blood Sausage
In the UK black pudding is an everyday item on a breakfast menu, and in South America
they have something similar in the form of Blood Sausage which, like black pudding is
made with pigs blood. America isn’t so down with this, and I totally
get it…..although at number one, a HUGE DEAL breaker for me….I am shaken and saddened
…. This is at number one because this is totally
staple for me, but in the States, you can’t eat a real brie, camembert or any Unpasteurized
cheese ! COME ON AMERICA. Unpasteurized cheese is delicious. DELICIOUS. In Europe we don’t tend to pasteurise a
lot of cheeses because the flavour is much richer if the milk is left raw. In the states, you simply can’t do this. All milk must be pasteurized because there are some risks of bacteria spread…although
the risks are VERY low

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods That Are Banned In America

  1. When she said bush meat I’m like
    Rebecca:I don’t want risk smuggling Ebola into the country

  2. On no9 (British chocolate) the question is why? So what if Hershey’s owns Cadbury’s in USA. This seems like a stupid law. Who thought it would be sensible to BAN chocolate. Must be one of the dumbest on this list.

  3. Well I eat cabury kinder joy and other chocolate XD for American you all can eat the chocolate on Brunei darussalam

  4. We have a form of Kinder eggs here in America but not the typical chocolate egg with a toy surprise!! Instead the package breaks in two, one side containing the toy & the other side containing a chocolate cream & two wafer balls. It's quite delicious!! I am forever devastated by the lack of Cadbury here in America!! I absolutely love real Cadbury from Britain!! The few flavors of Cadbury here are not on par with the original but are still better than Hersheys!! I dont know if we still have blood sausage but years back we did, my ex husband & his father would eat it!! Nasty stuff!!

  5. I’m from the USA and still living here too. Ok so the Kinder eggs are still sold in stores today! As a matter of a fact I saw them in Target yesterday… In Louisiana some people still make blood sausage

  6. Unicornshipgurl 09 shut up. It doesn’t matter you retard. And America is just fine who cares about Cadbury?!?! We have many other chocolates and it doesn’t matter chocolate is chocolate. How do we Americans even know that Cadbury in the U.K tastes different then the one in America? People in the U.K are ugly and have horrible teeth, so don’t talk you freak. They also have ANNOYING accents!!!!!!

  7. I'm from England like you Rebecca! My favourite food is either Dango (A traditional Japanese ice cream sweet) or Red Velvet cake! 🍡🍰

  8. I'm from the Netherlands and I'll give a like but I don't want a pizza unless it's 0 local.. LMAO. I have a eating disorder so I didn't really know what's my favorite food but I guess it's falafal and hummus or sushi 🍣

  9. This is no longer true. I have seen kinder eggs and wonderballs (which have toys in them and are made of chocolate as far as i am aware) in stores in America

  10. Ugh! My aunt brought me back some Kinder Eggs from Holland back in the early 2000s. Now I refuse to even try this stupid Kinder Joy version that is allowed in the USA. It isn't the real thing!!

  11. I can't believe Kinder Eggs are illegal in the USA. I live in the USA and I can't buy them. His sad to me.

  12. Ummm….. so everywhere i go i see kinder eggs…. idk if thats true about Americans not having kinder eggs… or i guess im just shopping illegally? Now excuse me while i go question my life choices….

  13. We have kindereggs in 🇩🇪, they are soooo deli! We have the best Choco, because of switzerland 🇨🇭 and we have Absinth 💁‍♀️.

    We got all the rest too…..ok no bushmeat 😂

  14. I'm from South Jersey and we do have Kinder Joy and you can go into a Bodega and get blood sausage. Sendin You Some Jersey Shore Love 🇵🇷

  15. all that are lies
    10,9,7,6,4if you're rich,2,1. I can buy these if I want, I've had most.

    idk what 8,3, are so could be true

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