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– [Cliff] And then, hold on, the sauce. – [Timothy] The sauce is bomb. – The sauce, I’m not gonna
lie, I’m trying to boss up. That sauce got some kick to it. – ‘Cause you weak. You know what, it ain’t even
all that spicy guys, he weak. – How dare you? (laughs) – [Voiceover] Welcome to
Instachef, where we profile chefs that are creating a new
tradition in the food world by using Instagram to
showcase their culinary skills and get their food out to the world. – I’m your host, Cliff Skighwalker. I’ll be joined along the
way by some of my friends and celebrities. Some you know, and some you’re
gonna wanna get to know. Let’s go. We’re kicking off
Instachef in Philadelphia. From the country’s revolution and the Declaration of Independence, to “Fly, Eagles Fly” and
trusting the process. This city’s been pivotal
in the shape of America. Philly’s traditional
roots also extend to food, where chefs are paying homage to the past while pushing the envelopes to the future. That’s why I’m here. I’m looking to shed
light on cooks and chefs not only for the food,
but their personal story, utilization of social media
to push their product, hopefully some words of
inspiration and wisdom. Enough talk, let’s roll. Now, it’s only right that my
special guest on this episode is a part of the Thrillist family. If you’ve been on the internet, you know exactly who this man is. From acting, to music, to comedy,
his talents know no bounds and his ability to connect with viewers separates him from everyone. Not to mention, for both of us, our love for food is everlasting. Ladies and gentlemen, Timothy DeLaGhetto. – You forgot fashion, writer… – You’re right. – …cuddle expert. – OK. – Yeah. – Yo. – Cuddle expert, what’s
good dog? (Cliff laughs) – Look, good to see you. Off top…
– Hey man – We’re in Philadelphia. – It’s beautiful. – We got some chefs to meet.
– OK. – Some food to eat. – I skipped breakfast just for you. – That’s perfect. You
ready to roll with us? – Let’s get it. – Let’s go. (exciting music) [Cliff] First off, – [Timothy] Mhmm. – [Cliff] Let’s have a conversation. – [Timothy] Let’s talk bro. – [Cliff] First off. – [Timothy] Let’s talk. Here’s the thing man,
I got this weird theory about food all right. – Talk about it. – Aight, so I feel like,
if you eat parts of animals or animals that other people don’t eat, it makes you a more
powerful person, all right. Bear with me now, bear with me, I’ma go into it,
– I’m on the same page as you – I’ma go into it
– right now. – So when you eat a animal,
some people feel like you get their life energy,
y’know what I’m saying? So if everybody’s eating
chickens and pork and beef, but then not everybody’s eating the hearts or the livers, then you’re getting energy that
other people aren’t getting, you feel me? So everybody’s getting
this one type of energy, but you’re getting the special energy. My personal theory. – [Cliff] Dog, that makes a
lot of sense (Timothy laughs) because you see certain
cultures, every part of the animal gets used. – Yeah bro. Asian people eat every part of it, and we live till we’re like 300. (rhythmic pop music) – [Cliff] What do you gravitate
towards when you’re home and you’re just like, yo. – Well you know, of course, being in LA, we got the best tacos, chorizo is my stuff, or some lengua… – OK. – The tongue tacos. – OK, yeah yeah. – Do you F with that? It’s an interesting texture. – Yeah I’ll try anything a few times, just so whether or not I
like it, it solidifies. – Yeah man I’ll eat anything,
anything on a plate. – OK. – I get down. – [Cliff] Speaking of that,
what do you know about, there’s an underground food scene that’s brewing up all across the country. – I don’t know anything. – [Cliff] So there’s
chefs across the country, they’re basically living
the American dream. They’re going into
business for themselves, taking a risk on themselves, and they’re utilizing social media to promote their product,
to sell their product, and to push their product
onto new audiences. – [Timothy] Wow. – [Cliff] They’ll set up a page. “This is what we’re selling for tomorrow.” You DM or give ’em a call, they’ll either deliver it to you or they’ll have a pick-up point, – [Timothy] Mhmm. – and some of the best
food in this country is being made and sold
through this option. – Man, that’s beautiful, right? ‘Cause, it’s crazy what social media and just the internet
can do for you nowadays. That’s like how I came up on Youtube. I wasn’t getting auditions
for roles that I wanted and my agent at the time
wasn’t doing anything for me and I was like, “You know what,
let me just do this myself.” I found this website,
started uploading stuff and it took off. – Now, I have a chef right
here who has a food truck and she’s making Philadelphia classics, but throwing her own twist in it. – [Timothy] OK. – [Cliff] You down to check it out? – I’m so ready, let’s go. (laughs) (both laughing) (upbeat music) – [Cliff] I’ve been
waiting for this all day. – Aight man, I’ll eat
anything you give me right now, so I’m ready. – [Cliff] The Better
Box, twisted egg rolls. – Oh you brought me to an egg
roll place ’cause I’m Asian. – No! – [Timothy] I’m down, I love egg rolls. – [Cliff] OK, OK. (happy music) It smells so… Chef Tamekah – [Tamekah] Hey, Hey,
– Hi. – Hey you guys.
– How’s it going? – Welcome to The Better Box. – Yes. – [Cliff] First off, thank
you so much for having us. – No, thank you for coming. – Can you tell us what’s on the menu? – [Tamekah] Right now, your General Tso’s chicken
cheesesteaks are coming up, and then you got some Firecracker Salmon egg rolls, and then the Philly Twist
egg rolls are coming, OK? – Lord have mercy, I’m ready. – [Cliff] Chef, the smells
from your food truck are incredible. – [Tamekah] Thank you – [Cliff] Oh my goodness. – That’s that Sriracha
aioli that we make at home. A little sesame seed garnish. – [Cliff] Oh wait, we’re not sharing one? – It’s OK bro, I don’t
need to be sexy anymore. I already had the wedding so I’m good. (Everyone laughs) – [Tamekah] All right,
this is ready for you guys if you wanna munch on this while I get your eggs rolls together. OK?
– Yes. – Yes ma’am. (Oohing in awe) – Tim.
– Oh my gosh. – [Cliff] Tim. – [Tim] These onions, these broccoli, oh some broccoli in there? – Tim, you ready? You want a little toast action? – Toast, cheers, boom. It’s so hot, but it’s good, so
you gotta do the chew blow. – The… (both breathe rapidly) – [Tim] First of all, I love broccoli. – Yeah. The broccoli in here is really hitting.
– Broccoli on sandwiches, very underrated. – Right. – Chef, this is a masterpiece. – [Tamekah] I’m happy you guys like it. You ready for the egg rolls? – Mhmm – So the Firecracker Salmon, everyone always thinks
the egg roll’s spicy and we always gotta do
a whole speech about it, but the egg roll isn’t spicy,
it’s the sauce that we make, our Firecracker sauce. It’s a sweet and spicy
sauce that we make by hand, so the first thing you need to do when you get your egg roll,
is dunk it in this, OK? – OK.
– OK. – Give me one second, I’ma
cut these bad boys up. – [Cliff] Chef, can you
tell us a little bit about what made you gravitate
towards selling egg rolls? – [Tamekah] Every block
in Philadelphia has a Chinese restaurant on the corner, and they all sell cheesesteak egg rolls, so when we were little kids,
we used to always buy them with our little money that we had, and my grandmother that had
raised me, she was just fed up with us ’cause one day
when I was in front of her, I cracked it open and I
took all the onions out and she was like, “You’re wasting it. You’re not gonna keep wasting your money, we’re gonna make these ourselves.” – Now what else is in the salmon egg rolls? – [Tamekah] So there’s
fried onions, there’s rice, and we hook it up with our special spices, and the salmon is baked
in a teriyaki glaze. – [Cliff] Oh my goodness. – All right. – It’s beautiful. You’re getting colors, you
can tell there’s textures. – [Tim] And it’s thick. – [Cliff] Now, she said dunk this first. – [Tim] Uh huh, can you handle it? – [Cliff] Listen, I’m a spice junky. – [Tim] Same. (suspenseful music) (love music) – Yeah that sauce is nice. How you feel about that bro? It sound like you like it. – The sauce, I’m not gonna
lie, I’m trying to boss up. That sauce got some kick to it. – ‘Cause you weak. You know what, the sauce ain’t
even all that spicy, guys. He weak. (Tamekah laughs) – How dare you. (Tim laughs) Salmon in the egg roll. – Mhmm. – To me, that’s new. – That’s definitely new. – [Cliff] Works perfectly. – The crisp on it is bomb. With the rice and the salmon in there, its nice little mouth feel. – [Cliff] Chef, you are
on a hot streak right now. This salmon egg roll, delicious, now I know you said
you got one more thing. – I got one more. Now this is another
one of our top sellers. It’s our Philly Twist egg roll so it’s our original
cheesesteak egg roll. It’s way more sophisticated
than any egg roll you probably had, OK? – [Tim] Yeah? – [Tamekah] But it’s still delicious and it tastes like home. So you’re gonna like it.
– Chef, it would be an honor if we could try that. – [Tamekah] All right.
– Please. – [Tamekah] Give me one second. Let me get these ready for you. – [Tim] I need to save some room. – All right, here we go, – the Philly Twists.
– Thank you. – Thank you so much. – Enjoy. – Philly Twist. – Come on man. – [Tim] It’s festive. It’s colorful. – [Cliff] This… – [Tim] Yeah? – [Cliff] Looks like Christmas. – [Tim] It does look like
Christmas. (Tamekah laughs) I’ma take a bite without the dip first. – Oh yeah let’s do that. – Cheers. Ooh. Wow. That is… Fire.
– Yeah. – Yeah that’s really good. Wow. – You all right over there? – You made him go pee in
the corner, it’s so good. – We get this reaction a lot. You good? – I’m at a point where I’m
really trying to evaluate all egg rolls I’ve had in my life. – [Tamekah] Well listen, that’s us, man. We’re better, that’s it. You’ve had it before, but when
you come here, we’re better. – The name of your
brand is The Better Box. – The Better Box. – And this is perfect. – [Tamekah] That’s it. – Now chef, once again, thank you so much. This was an amazing experience
of what you have to offer. We have one more place to check out. Would you be down to go with us? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Let’s get it. – Good, good. We’ll have somebody clean this
up. (Cliff and Tamekah laugh) (happy pop music) – [Cliff] Chef, that was amazing. – [Tamekah] Oh thank you. – In the beginning, what
road blocks did you face when it came to selling food? – In Philly, there’s a lot of people who start selling platters
out of their house, right? We didn’t want to be the egg roll people that you can go pick up
out of the apartment. We didn’t want to do that. The biggest road block was finding a commercial kitchen to rent. We built our fan base and
then we’re like, “You know what? What’s the next step?” And we were like, a food truck, why not? It’s awesome. We could move around. It’s
a little bit more work, but it’s a lot of freedom,
and people loved it. Literally, we grew in a
matter of, from March till July is when we opened the truck. – Of this year? – Yes. – What!? – Whoa, so could you tell
us a little bit more about the social media aspect of your business. – So, what happened was, once
we figured out the recipes, the ideas, we cultivated
everything, everything was perfect, we reached out to social
media food bloggers. Literally, we followed
a hashtag on Instagram that said Philly food bloggers. We reached out to them, say, “Hey, we’re willing to deliver
our food to you guys free of charge, if you could
just do a honest review,” and they absolutely loved it. We got a whole bunch
of followers from this. It really helped. – [Cliff] That’s dope. At this point, chef and Tim,
wild successful right now. What keeps both of you going? – I mean, we could have
stayed at the kitchen and been comfortable with that. We were doing good. We had good numbers, but I don’t settle, so I knew that I wanted to grow and I wanted to have
freedom and hopefully, God-willing, we’re gonna grow some more. We got some goals coming for next summer. – Definitely. – I feel like there’s always
so much more I can do. I feel like I’ve worked
hard to get to this point but I feel like I barely even, really, got my foot in the door, you know? So I feel like there’s way more I can do, way more I wanna do. I need to keep going. I’m not satisfied yet. – Speaking of entrepreneurship, the next guy we’re going to see follows the same steps that you do. Chef Ernest, over at Soulfed Philly. He started by selling
seafood out of his home, ended up gaining such a following that he actually has a
brick-and-mortar location that we’re going to right now. – Yeah I’m excited.
– Let’s do it. – [Cliff] Chef, you know him? – Well I don’t know him. I just know of him from
the Philly community, and I heard that he’s
getting ready to open a spot on the West Coast, and if
that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is. – [Cliff] That’s amazing, so… – [Tim] That’s crazy – [Cliff] Shall we? – [Tamekah] Yup – [Tim] Let’s get it. (funky music) – Ooh it smells so good in here. Chef Ern. – Hey, how you doing? – What’s going on with you?
– Welcome to Soulfed. – Thank you so much…
– Nice to meet you – for inviting us. – [Ernest] Indeed. – Tim, what’s up? Nice to meet you man.
– Nice to meet you. – How’s it going? – How you doing?
– Tamekah. – So chef, what do we
have on the menu today? – [Ernest] I have three platters. Our fried crab leg platters, with my special butter sauce. I have a number, not on the menu, which is two ACL’s mussels and shrimp, and I have our seafood fries that we just brought to the table. – So is it cool if,
when we have this food, you could eat with us? – Sure. – [Cliff] Oh it’s already ready? – Oh we gonna eat right now, right now? Let’s get it. Let’s get it.
– Ooh. – OK. – What!?
– Oh my god. Wow, all these seafood
fries, damn, this looks fire. – Well if you like any gloves, I mean… – Man, I ain’t no (bleep). (Cliff laughs) Hands in bruh. (laughs) – [Cliff] Let’s start
with the seafood fries. – [Tim] Let’s get it. That’s a big ass piece of shrimp. – [Tamekah] That’s really good. – [Cliff] That crab flavor is
like, it’s not overpowering, but it’s like, yo, you eating
crab, ya know what I’m saying? That is… bomb. – And these are big ol’
pieces of shrimp. (chuckles) – No, this is scrimp, it’s not shrimp.
– It’s scrimps. – Look at this. – It’s so fire I’ma eat the shell too. – Oh… OK. – If you eat parts of animals or animals that other people don’t eat, it makes you a more powerful person. – The power. – Mhmm. – We gotta go into this,
you said the fried crab? – [Ernest] Yes, crack it
open, dip it into the butter. Normally, it would be the
same way as this is done, – [Cliff] Yeah. – with the crab legs, but it’s fried so you’ll have to dip it. – Thank you sir. – [Tamekah] Oh, OK. – Oh wow. – Oh damn.
– Wassup? – Wait, wait, wait, wait. (Cliff
and Tim exclaim excitedly) OK. – Hold on, hold on. Chef that butter sauce is crazy. What!? – Actually we was playing around
when we actually made that. We was playing around. – [Tim] Really!? – [Ernest] So that’s fried crab leg. – [Tim] That seasoning is good, dog. – [Cliff] Oh my gosh. – And I had one of my friends try it, ’cause I’m not a big fan of seafood. – [Tim] What, what? – Wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. – Oh my goodness. – Hold on, hold on. – We were talking about this in the car! – Let’s take a 20 second. How are you not that big a fan of seafood and you’re getting flavors like this? ‘Cause I got good friends around me that taste test for me. – [Tamekah] Taste testers, yup. – [Ernest] Yeah, no, I don’t eat it. – Word!? – Yeah, I like soul food. I started with soul food. – [Cliff] OK, you started soul food. – [Ernest] Yes. – [Cliff] And it was out of your home. Those steps that you took from cooking in your home to here. Can you talk a little bit about that? – [Ernest] I got the name
actually from my mom and my dad. – [Cliff] OK. – They had a restaurant out Lower Merion, so I said, “Mom, cook the food for me so I could sell it,” so she was doing it. It worked, I didn’t have many
customers in the beginning. So then she told me I had
to start making it myself, which I did, and I just got
better and better, grew, and then I decided to buy
body crabs, the bushes, the blue claw, and then
one day I posted it and I was just gonna make them for myself, just to see if I could cook ’em. – [Cliff] Yeah. – [Ernest] I sold the whole bush, without me even tasting one. Started getting customers
outside the city, all the way from West Coast is coming here, and you know it got too big for me so I had the staff in my
house and it just took off. – [Tim] That’s dope. – It was amazing for me. (chill techno music) – Can you talk about how community, whether it’s on the block or
whether it’s on social media, has affected all of your businesses? – Yeah, just to go off what
we were talking about earlier, I feel like one of the main reasons why people that are taking their
career into their own hands, why we pop off, is ’cause
you have the support of people around you, and you have people that wanna see you win,
you know what I’m saying? So all they can do is just show you love and they want you to win,
so collectively we all win. – Yeah. – In my community, a
lot of people wanna see people who look like them do well, and they become your champions. And yeah we had a lot of haters,
but we get a lot of support because people are like,
“Dang, you’re a black woman, you’re selling Asian
food, and that’s crazy. That’s what we wanna see. You’re taken over a market that’s not really taken over
by people that look like us.” And I’ve gotten a lot of
support from that end. – My community, of course,
is this neighborhood. I’m from North Philly. I affect a lot of people on my block. I gave people jobs on my block. My community is definitely effected big, ’cause when you walk a couple blocks down, it’s drama, it’s the extra
stuff, but when you come here, for us it’s hard to find a business with a bunch of young brothers. It’s just brothers in here. To being positive and trying
to help build something bigger, to a franchise, to
different cities and states. I get it from here. My hustle is from my community. – Hell yeah, what you just talked about, the flip from a negative to a positive. Y’all overcome those things
and you have a situation like this, it’s a positive
outlook on this community. It’s a positive outlook in this city, and there’s something that
needs to be talked about a little more. Which is why I’m trying to bring cameras into places like this. Let people know that, hey!
This is the American dream. You might not be familiar
with North Philly, but you should, and not only should you, look at this. This is as positive as we can be. – It’s worth it at the end of the day. It’s worth it. – Ooh hold on. Wait hold
on I didn’t try that. – [Tim] You over there
talking too much bro. I was like, it’s getting
cold. (everyone laughs) (love music) – You know how tender these are? He’s like, “I wouldn’t know.”
– He’s like, “Yeah, and?” – [Cliff] Nah, this is delicious. Chef, once again this is amazing,
I wanna thank you so much for allowing us to just showcase what you got going on in North Philly. Before we leave, I wanted
to see if it’s OK, can I get a selfie with everybody? – [Tamekah] Yeah.
– Of course. – [Cliff] Let’s do it. – I guess. – Let’s break the internet. (Tim laughs) – Aight, you ready? One… two… (camera click) Beautiful, that’s perfect. Thank y’all so much. – [Tim] Thank you. – [Cliff] That’s fire. (bouncy techno) (beep) – His talents know no bounds and his ability to
connect with the viewers– – Come on man, you gotta say
it the way I wrote it bro. Sexiest, most talented– – And his ability to
connect with viewers– – Come on bro, you gotta, he’s shiny. You gotta get ’em, yeah there you go. Posture… OK cool. – Not to mention
– Hold on, hold on I’m not hearing it. You gotta, you gotta… No, no trust me, trust me. – [Sound guy] I’ve been
doing this a long time man. I know, I know but I have headphones. I have headphones at home
and I have an ear for this. I have an ear for this,
trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me. (bouncy techno) – [Cliff] Thank y’all so much for watching Instachef on Thrillist. Be sure to like and share
this video, and follow us. We’ll see you next time. I’m trying to get some
more of this shrimp. What’s good? – I’m down for the fries. – Come on let’s do it. (Cliff laughs)

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