THIS Is The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant In America

Hey guys, welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah and John here. I know, crazy, I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while.>>Me too.>>That’s not what he was saying before the camera started, he was like I miss you, I miss you so much. So today we’re talking about something you’re passionate about, food.>>No, about small business>>So the American Customer Satisfaction Index special report of 2016 came out, I’m sure you guys have already familiarised yourself with that.>>Digital news.>>Yeah, and they figured out which is the most popular fast-food restaurant chain in Murica.>>Specifically how most popular?>>Well.>>Like not big in sales.>>Yes, yes, yes. But just what people felt most passionate about.>>Okay, so like they’re view of it.>>Yes, their view.>>Okay. Yeah.>>Which they like to frequent to the most. And the number one is Chick Fil-A. Turns out, people quite into homophobic poultry food.>>[LAUGH] Yeah. Chicken, but not sausage. So, I [CROSSTALK] seeing this, because I think there’s gonna be a lot of people who are religious who will admire their staying religious, so they’re gonna like that. And then, there’s a lot of people who just really like the chicken, cuz it’s really good.>>Yes.>>But there should be a significant portion of people who are frustrated, not necessarily with the religion, that’s some people. But that they’re not open on Sundays! That ruins it for me.>>That’s a valid point that you make there, and so, I am not a frequenter of Chick-fil-A that often.>>That’s hard to even go to one here.>>Yeah, one I dont know where one is.>>There’s one kinda close by.>>Two I dont eat chicken. But let me just tell you a quick titbit. Once->>A chicken titbit>>I had a bite of a Chick-fil-A sandwich,>>And you lost your shit.>>That was the only time that I ever tried Chick-fil-A, I literally had a bite. And I may have been slightly inebriated, and so I don’t know if it was [CROSSTALK]>>There is not ass checking, this is light checking. It’s over there.>>So this is a professional environment, and I was telling the story about how I once had a bite of Chick-fil-A, and it was magical.>>But I don’t know if it was because I was drunk or because it was that good. But this indicates that it might have been it’s that good.>>It’s that good.>>That’s what I was, the whole point of the story.>>But notice, though->>But let’s continue on. So Papa John’s. Next.>>So Papa John’s is another also politically active, sort of right wing-ish place.>>Yeah.>>And Papa John’s does have good pizza. They use premium ingredients. I just don’t know.>>Yeah. And it’s only slightly better than all others. [LAUGH]>>I love that most popular ones are less popular than all others.>>Yes.>>All others probably incorporates a lot of stuff that isn’t as universal, these are the big brands that you’ll find in any location. Any town is gonna have these.>>Yeah.>>But there’s places that are regional->>Like Cook-Out [SOUND]!>>Or specific to a state. I don’t know what that is.>>Cook-Out!>>But I think people will have more attachment to something that’s specific to them.>>Like In N Out.>>Like we have Friendly’s in the Northeast.>>In N Out.>>In N Out is at least starting to spread to, Texas has a, stuff like that. But Friendly’s is just East coast, so I think of it fondly because I can’t go there. You think of it friendly.>>Exactly, I’m very friendly towards the idea.>>Little Caesar’s pizza, [CROSSTALK]>>Little Caesar’s is good [CROSSTALK]>>Panera Bread. Panera Bread making big moves, I think they’re taking,>>I don’t know anything about Panera.>>I don’t remember what it is, but maybe it’s GMOs, or something, super processy out of their food, which is good.>>Arby’s?>>Arby’s.>>Arby’s?>>You know what? I,>>What?>>I attribute that to Ferrell.>>Mainly because of the hat.>>Does he have an Arby’s hat on?>>You know what it looked like, like he had that Arby’s hat for like a year that he decided hats were his thing.>>Do you think that I noticed that? [LAUGH]>>No, I realized that halfway through.>>Dunkin’ Donuts.>>Dunkin’ Donuts. That makes sense. People like coffee. People like donuts. Subway.>>Subway’s good.>>I wonder if that’s fallen in the ranks.>>Maybe. [LAUGH]>>Recently.>>Chipotle’s at 78!>>I think that felt like six points due to the whole E Coli thing. E Coli.>>So that would have been second most popular. So that’s good. Dominos.>>Guac costs extra. E Coli, free. Dominos fine. KFC, fine.>>Well, wait, wait hold on, Dominos. I love that they’re staying up that high. It’s very popular to be like, I don’t like Domino’s. I like good pizza. Well, screw you, because Domino’s has become a much better pizza.>>Well, what’s like a really good pizza.>>Not a chain.>>Yeah, not a chain, like, the best pizza is, like->>New York or Connecticut.>>Yeah, like in the subway station at 3 AM.>>I guess. KFC.>>Starbucks is interesting, because Starbucks has,they have more healthy food compared to other fast food ones.>>A lot of people probably think of it as too expensive, too elitist, stuff like that and also, the coffee sucks. Taco Bell.>>You think their coffee sucks?>>I think their coffee tastes really, really, really bad.>>That’s just because you don’t like strong coffee, you just like flavory coffee.>>No it’s not strong, I like a bold blend, I just don’t like their burnt, everything tastes burnt, it tastes like they burnt it.>>Bold blend.>>Taco Bell.>>People love to lie about Taco Bell, people like Taco Bell they just don’t wanna say that they like Taco Bell.>>No no, here’s the problem with Taco Bell it’s like, I like Taco Bell, many people enjoy Taco Bell. What they don’t like is the damage that it does to your stomach following eating it.>>that doesn’t even happen, everybody just jokes about that, now Jack in the Box is awesome, and it deserves more respect. Jack in the Box is so good.>>You know what? They have good curly fries.>>Yeah, they have good curly fries. Their Breakfast Jack is a delight. And the cool think about it.>>I don’t want to offend anybody who’s watching this. But I do want to offend you. Because I don’t understand who, fast food is for when you are in a dire state. Whether you be drunk or whether you be in the middle of nowhere. It’s not for mornings.>>We rush in the mornings! I rush in the morning, why do you think I had all those->>I know, but make some oatmeal, John! It’s not good to put that shit in your body on a regular basis.>>Maybe I want a hot meal>>Okay.>>Oatmeal is hot.>>No, not if I don’t cook it.>>[LAUGH] Okay.>>But it’s good. And Jack in the Box has the advantage of a cool mascot. And, also, they’re not constrained by one cuisine. They will make anything that’s good. And that’s awesome.>>Yes.>>And McDonald’s, that sucks to see, I guess. McDonald’s has a lot of issues. Reality, obviously, all of that. But they do, their food is tasty. Their food is tasty.>>All right guys, let us know which of these on the list is your favorite. But if you prefer a local regional place instead also let us know that in the comments down below and we’ll see you soon. [MUSIC]

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