This Family Is Changing The Way Rice Vermicelli Is Made

The common questions that we will get are: Then, they’ll ask “Hey , I see that there’s a fish head here.” They don’t realise that it’s actually for us to differentiate different products. So, why call it ‘Chilli Bee Hoon’? In the past, eating bee hoon with chilli sauce is quite common. For myself, I don’t eat chilli, so I use tomato sauce. We sell bee hoon, not only to Singapore but to other countries such as the US and Europe. I remember my mother cooking bee hoon on Sundays. That is when everybody has time to sit together and bee hoon is a very easy dish to cook for bigger groups of people. Good bee hoon should be springy. It should be chewy. It should go down your throat smoothly. This is what my father taught me. When you go to the supermarket go and press (the bee hoon packet) and if it rebounds back it is good. You have to do it secretly. On average, in a day, we make about 25,000 packets of bee hoon. Making bee hoon was quite tedious in the past. There weren’t a lot of machines and a lot of the processes were manual. So about four years ago when we shifted from the old factory to the new factory we had a brain drain because a lot of workers didn’t follow us. So how? We upgraded our machines. It’s a little bit like Transformers. You have bigger and better, more high-tech machines. Previously, there was a process that needed about ten people to do it properly. With the upgraded machines we only need about two to three (people). So, how is our bee hoon made? First, we grind the rice. We mix it with starch Then, we steam it to make it into a dough. From the dough form we squeeze it through small little holes to form strands Then, we cook it again. After it’s cooked, we have to wash it fold it and send it to dry. Once it’s dried, we send it for packing. We can be cheaper, better and faster. And we have been able to maintain our price at $1.40 for more than six years. Before I was working here I was working at IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore). I made the switch because I didn’t want to waste the previous generation’s effort. It is really a pity if nobody came to take over. There are a lot of challenges. Virtually everybody is my senior so it’s more difficult to ask them to do this and do that. People look up to you for answers or to solve their problems. But when you have a team, you can solve them together. Over here, I feel that I’m making a more tangible impact because we are able to provide employment for low income families and also for people with intellectual disabilities. We also get to serve good food. Sometimes when (my family) goes grocery shopping my daughters will go I feel proud. But if they start talking too loudly, I will feel paiseh (embarrassed). I derive a lot of satisfaction from being able to carry on this tradition of making bee hoon. We couldn’t have done it if we stuck to our old ways, As we automate (our processes), other industry peers will say “Hey, they can automate that.” Then, they will do it too. I guess that’s how we’re changing the industry in our own way.

52 thoughts on “This Family Is Changing The Way Rice Vermicelli Is Made

  1. When I was very new to cooking and asked people which brand of beehoon to buy, the answer was always the same – chilli brand.

  2. In indonesia if you push a vermicelli then it bounced back, there is a 50% chance they used formalin. The regulation here is so bad

  3. Chilli brand is a good brand, I buy it often, but it's not really cheaper than the competitors, main competitor TaiSun sells at 1.20, sometimes Chilli brand will discount from 1.40 to 1.20. Not trying to say anything bad about Chilli brand or this video or automation. But this cheaper faster better idea is very ancient and not a helpful idea imho, it reminds me of 多快好省(more, fast, better, cheap) propaganda in Mao era communist china.

  4. This is a good quality and reliable brand of bee hoon. Not worth trying to save a few cents to buy cheaper brand in the supermarket as you will most likely disappointed if u use to eat this brand of bee hoon.

    Few years ago, my dad did an experiment of cooking 4 brands of bee hoon in a day and the result of this chili brand is the best.

  5. I hope they show how Malaysia bihun made. Because the last time we knew the bihun made by Bangla and the place was as where people doing their business..

  6. Early morning after dawn I'll start to distribute my packed fried beehun at a few kue stalls ..bussiness not bad..u may try if u want to…easy making, easy income…tax free😁

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