The Ultimate Steak Sandwich – Gordon Ramsay

this is the ultimate steak sandwich you want the rolls-royce of beef there has to be Philip now season it beautifully I like to open up the top of the pepper mill to increase the size of the pepper and the steak so it gives that bit of heat nice little chunks you just roll now nicely all the way around now slice the garlic in half pan nice and hot olive oil in hold mistake and just place it into the pan don’t drop it at the front of the pan we have killed a patent force put the back of a stage dual-purpose now roll it back and see it underneath next my garlic and roast that garlic thyme fry that time I want to hear it we’re not looking for a lot of color because you’re gonna dry out fill it so just one end turn it back down and clear the other ending lift up your time place it on top of the garlic lift up your Philip and spit that on top of your garlic butter in take a spoon tell us the pan gently lift up on face I’ve got that scented garlic lime flavor the steaks gonna cook evenly cuz it’s sound a little a little bit in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes pan on for the relish you think of a steak sandwich you think of a sort of nice heated tomato relish to make the relish finely diced a red onion a finger rule one in front two behind through some chopped Wow next roughly chopped add chilli keeping the seeds in for extra heat start off with the olive oil into a pan onion chilli generous with the olive oil a nice sort of rich silky relish from their biggest artists you can’t just use bread tomatoes but these yellow and red make the perfect combination now touch a salt in and then roast those tomatoes off take a wooden spoon and just sort of break them up on some skins blister the whole tomato just starts to release all that really nice sweet texture the teaspoon show vinegar gives that nice acidic balance the sweetness of its martyrs turn down the gas and just let them sort of stew perfectly now a steak sandwich would not be complete unless it had the most amazing mustard mayonnaise simply add three tablespoons of mayonnaise to three teaspoons of whole-grain mustard [Music] now I’ve got the relish almost down to like a really nice Jam now I want to make that relation litte bit more fragrant some basil slice it through spring front puzzling there beautiful look at this as she is my crown jewels time to take it out smell is incredible just based one more time [Music] touch is quite soft in the center so it’s just coming up to mid-rare let it rest at the same time you cooked it it’ll be nice and pink evenly throughout the state to make my sandwich I’m gonna char grill some sliced G patter bread seasoned it nicely just a little drizzle of olive oil when I get that bread nice and crispy pan nice and hot Brett in push it down smell is amazing that char sort of charcoal flavor but you got those marks on the bread it just stops the bread from becoming soggy and look at this here it is stunning on slice it gently one beautiful slice well it’s nice and pink all the way through and the beef is so soft it’s almost like slicing through butter and the knife do the work take a little bit of mayonnaise spread that the back of the spoon on both sides next lettuce take that beautiful slice of beef Wow and then relish on top of that beef and just slice a sandwich in half eat now that’s what I call a steak sandwich trust me sir the sublime sandwich for brunch and you put a smile on everyone’s face [Music] and then for extra richness knobs of butter then butter a baking dish and pour in your rich cheesy cheats souffle mix add cooked prawns and a sprinkle of chili flakes to give it a lovely kick of heat cook through and set aside next

100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Steak Sandwich – Gordon Ramsay

  1. Me : I'm so hungry, i'm gonna do this myself (I'm half russian half german )
    Also me 5 mins later: Hello Dominos ? Yeah extra cheese
    as always .

  2. Sometimes I don't know which I like better; the video or the comments underneath. The Gordon-Youtube relationship proves to be a fruitful one. No bun intended.

  3. Why do the British like the word "filet" /fillit/ so much.
    Americans hardly use the word. The reason: it's imprecise.
    A fillet /fillit/ steak could be one of several cuts in the area of the loin. A tenderloin steak, a filet /fiːleɪ/, a ribeye, a T-bone, etc. If you want to refer specifically to the loin itself, which includes different cuts, then why not say so. Clearly Gordon is holding a loin cut and is referring to specifically the loin, and says "fillet. "

    Of course he is not suggesting T-bones or other such fillet steaks as sandwich steak options.

    Maybe he confuses "fillet" /filit/ which is a word referring to a host of loin region cuts, and the "filet" /ˈfiːleɪ/ which is the tip region cut, best part, of the loin.

    I believe it's just typical British speaking behavior of using a preferred word, preferred due to habit, instead of using a better, more accurate, precise, or more correct word.

    For example:
    "holiday" literally comes from "holy day."
    The word correctly expresses a day that is recognized as special, holy.
    "vacation" is when you leave off work, leave (vacate) your normal routine, and have a good/relaxing time.
    Christmas, Easter, these are holidays.
    Summer time-off from school, this is a vacation.
    4 days off for Christmas:
    Christmas is the holiday, the days off are your Christmas vacation.
    You "go on vacation because of a holiday or because of a season, or just because you have a nice job that gives vacation time.

    An American reading this might say" Yah, of course, what's your point? "

    The point is, the British for some reason are well aware of the word "vacation" but simply prefer to not use it. Instead, purely out of poor habit, they say "holiday" when they should say "vacation"

    Of course it's wrong, but they do it anyways due to simply being used to doing it.

    Their boss gives them a week off in the summer, a week which has no holidays in it, not even bank holidays, and still they say they're "going on holiday."
    Of course this is clearly wrong since there is no holiday that week, clearly it's correct to say they're "going on vacation" but poor speaking habits win over correct English for the British.

  4. Yeah good that, I can only afford my £1 asda Ham and 0.55p bread with £1 ice burg lettuce and smart price Mayo.

    Because of my minimum carers wages working 54 hours a week in a understaffed over worked home.

  5. Friend: "Hey, man, your car's engine doesn't sound right."

    opens hood

    Gordon: "Olive oil, in."

    engine runs much better

    Gordon: "Incredible."

    Friend: 🤔

  6. I am now wanting to go grocery shopping to do this for Sunday! MMMM The man surely knows his food-he has a very high standard.

  7. I really like your persona in the kitchen . I love food & cooking as well , continually learning techniques . It irks me no end when I'm served badly prepared food thus I feel a kindred spirit in you , Gordon . I highly appreciate your standard for excellence .

  8. Me making toast after watching Gordon: Hot pan, incredible, season, literally, olive oil, stunning, literally wow, beautiful, rest, just literally…
    Wife: 🙄🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  9. Co-worker: -I had peanut butter and banana smoothie and nut butter, banana and chia seed toast for my breakfast.
    Me: I had a sandwich

  10. See, this guy is mean sometimes. How you gonna compete with most world renowned chef and still feel motivated to go sale a great sandwich? Or maybe nobody should.

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