The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa – Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

88 thoughts on “The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa – Coastal East African Food, Kenya!


  2. Oh my goodness…..I have been to Mombasa sooooo many times and watching this video makes me feel like I really haven't been to Mombasa 😭😭😭 m.y next visit is surely just going to be a good explore adventure… Mombasa food but it's super authentic right there. Love street food… try biryani

  3. see those hungry kenyans eyes! when u go about eating peoples food try to invite those watching you, u could save some lives

  4. I really love watching u guys, but please the man in video hosting this is very good, but please change ur T-shirt my God!!! U went different places in Kenya but ur shirt is the same….are u not taking a bath???

  5. Thank you mike for your video of Mombasa, Kenya streets food. My friends and I plan to visit Mombasa Kenya in a very near future!
    Thanks again!

  6. أكياس الزبالة المتحركة وصلت كينيا!!^#%&%$&%👺👹👺👹👺💩💩💩💩💩💩

  7. Sir.. this food and snacks u re eating like this won't it purge u? U eat corn, You eat cassava and meat and fish and egg etc . U will poo or it will purge u

  8. I realy LOVE eating food's while wacthing mark wiens VEDIOs, and yet do the same thing when he tastes a delicious rich food all over his mouth it makes your head lay down over it. THANK you mark hope you visit my hometown someday

  9. Kenya seems wonderful but you going everywhere eating with your hands is not something great to be doing. You need to use a fork or a spoon man. I noticed they don't wear gloves when making food which is interesting also.

  10. I just love your videos.. if your ever in my nation's capital Ottawa….hit me up.. I'll take you to the real, underground foodie places!! We're more than just

  11. Hi Mark…I'm from Kenya and have just had the most amazing holiday in Morocco and Cuba. I wish you could visit these two beautiful countries and share with us your experiences

  12. If I could find a well paying job & a house to rent I would move from San Francisco Bay Area yo Mombasa, Kenya without giving it a second thought! The food looks so mf good & Mark's food tour guide is gorgoues 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. U looked so tired Mark, I'm sure U were going, going and were barely able to rest. Thank U for another gr8 video though.

  14. Indians, Chinese and Whites own Africa. These Black Africans have learned nothing. They cannot improve nor sustain themselves.

  15. 9:54 is mofo crazy? The longer it sits in chutney it will crazy. Don't bring people who don't have proper knowledge in your video.

  16. I saw when you were drinking coffee and they had added salt in your coffee, we had a small Greek Resturant open up in the town where i was living before in Wa. State and thats how they showed me to put salt and cinnamon in my coffee, Oh my God it is so good. So now I am wachting your videos from Memphis Tn.Take care of yourself and your beautiful family.

  17. Why didn't you bring me with you? BTW, i like to think that Mombasa streets are like Venice Beach. I live in Santa Monica and that is what is similar, or DTN LA – the Hispanic crowd. I am glad you enjoyed my country.

  18. How did you beat me? I was born in Kenya and i havent even been to those places you are at! Wow! Kenya's Tourism Board (and MOMBASA esp) should pay you for touting their name. Next time i go to visit, i will be sure to visit…

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