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hello this is chef john from food wishes
dot-com with the ultimate berry crumble that’s right unlike some of my peers I
don’t just tack on the word ultimate to a recipe name just to try to get extra
views no when you see the word ultimate here you know that it’s been carefully
researched and then submitted for official designation which I’m very
happy to announce was granted and if you’re wondering what exactly makes this
the ultimate berry crumble besides the name well it’s so many things which I’m
about to show you so with that let’s go ahead get started with a couple cups of
all-purpose flour to which we will add a touch of salt as well as a touch of
baking powder and a touch of sugar and then what we’ll do is take a whisk and
give this a mix until we think all that’s been thoroughly combined and I
should mention even though I’m not using it here if you have self rising flour
you could use that instead along with the sugar and just skip the baking
powder in salt but anyway we’ll give those dry
ingredients a mix at which point we’re gonna grate in one and a half sticks of
ice-cold butter alright so before you start this recipe make sure you put your
butter in the freezer which makes it very very easy to grate in one tip here
is we do this every like quarter stick or so just give this mixture a toss with
the fork so that all those little particles of butter get coated and don’t
start sticking to each other is this warms up and by the way if you want to
cut your butter in using one of those wire pastry blenders go ahead but I
think this is actually faster and easier so this is my preferred method plus if
someone walks in the kitchen as you’re doing this do you have any idea how cool
looks to be grating butter but anyway like I said we’ll go ahead and grate in
one and a half sticks making sure all those shards are nicely coated in the
flour alright so that technique is one reason
we’re calling this a ultimate crumble and once that’s been accomplished we’ll
move on to more reasons so at this point let’s go ahead and drizzle in a little
bit of pure vanilla extract as well as two large egg yolks and for the record
most recipes just call for one but we’re using two which according to my
calculations is twice as good and what we’ll do is take a fork and mix this for
a couple minutes until that flour sort of absorbs a very small amount of wet
ingredients and after a few minutes of forking your mixture should look
something like this and it will have almost but not quite
moisture to hold this together in clumps which is why we’re gonna stop and add
the last ingredient a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar and what we’ll do is
give that a very brief mixing with the fork maybe 30 seconds or so before
switching to our hands where we’re gonna finish mixing this by rubbing it between
our fingers all right so get in there and get in deep and just keep rubbing
that stuff between your fingertips until it seems like everything’s been combined
but more importantly if you squeeze some of this in your hand
it will form a clump that stays together and once we’ve reached that point
congratulations our crumble is done so yes it’s a
shockingly small amount of moisture that makes this happen which reminds me if
yours is not clumping you can add another teaspoon of vinegar or a
teaspoon of water until it just starts to clump together and then what we’ll do
once our crumble mixture is complete is set that aside and move on to the second
component which will be our fresh mixed berries and today I’m going to be using
three varieties including blueberries raspberries or raspberries if you want
to be that person and then last but not least we’ll do some blackberries and
then we’ll go ahead and flavor these up with a little bit of lemon in two forms
we’ll do some freshly grated zest as well as a couple teaspoons of the juice
and then even though it’s in the crumble we’re also going to need a little touch
of sugar here as well I have some cornstarch which is what’s gonna help
thicken up all those beautiful berry juices and then last but not least we’ll
sprinkle in a little bit of no it’s not cinnamon but that was a good guess that
was Cayenne but anyway once all that’s in there we’ll take a spoon and give it
a mix oh and I should mention when it comes to the cornstarch how much you add
depends on how tight or runny you want your fruit filling or if you’re going
for something like a pie filling like I’m doing here you’re gonna want to use
as much as I did but if you want something looser and juicier and more
runny then you’ll simply cut the amount of cornstarch down or leave it out all
together and I will definitely touch on this in
the blog post and I should mention that sugars gonna dry out a lot of liquid so
I generally like to do this step right before I’m about to assemble this which
now that that’s all mixed up I’m ready to do and how that’s going to start is
by transferring about half of our crumble mixture into the bottom of our
baking dish which can be any shape but it should be
at least 2 or 3 inches deep and be able to fit about 2 quarts of contents and
what we’ll do after transferring in about half of our crumble mixture is go
ahead and press it down using something flat like this measuring cup and we’ll
want to go around and make sure that’s compacted very well and since I am
hoping for my fruit mixture to come out like a pie filling this is gonna act
like a bottom crust which is yet another thing that makes us the ultimate crumble
so we’ll go ahead and place and press 1/2 our mixture at which point we can
transfer in our berries and we will even those out and distribute them the best
we can and then what we’ll do once our bottoms been buried now that was a
quality accidental double entendre pardon my french but anyway once our
berries are in we will apply the rest of the mixture to the top and what I’ll do
is place one big handful down as is and nice small fine crumbs but as I work my
way through the rest I transition to a technique called the old squeeze clump
and crumble which means when you grab a handful of mixture squeeze it tight to
form a clump and then we break up that clump which we refer to in the business
as the mother clump into smaller irregular jagged pieces
alright so simply squeeze it in your hand where it will compress together
which way you can break it up into as large or small pieces as you want and
obviously how fine or coarse you make your services up to you I mean you guys
are after all the Forrest Gump’s of crumbling clumps but I would advise not
to make your crumbles too small in uniform alright I really think it’s
going to have a better texture and appearance if we have a wide variety of
crumble sizes so dude how you want but what you see here is what I consider
ideal and basically that’s it once we’ve completed our crumble scaping this is
ready to transfer into the center of a 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes or
so or until the top is beautifully browned and hopefully looking a little
something like this and above and beyond our browning
another sign you’re done is that the berry syrup that forms as this bakes
will sort of bubble up here and there through the surface that’s another great
indication it’s baked long enough at this point if you want you could serve
but personally I recommend you let it cool down a little bit at least until
it’s just warm or my personal preference room temperature
so as impossible as it was I did lie mindset for about a half hour before
serving some up which I am definitely gonna accessorize with some vanilla ice
cream which if applied properly supposed to have a beautifully smooth seductive
surface but since mind int I had no choice but to add another scoop on top
and I went ahead and finished that off with a sprig of chocolate mint which is
why that’s so dark and gorgeous and yes in case you’re wondering it does smell
and taste a little bit like chocolate and that’s it what I’m totally
accurately calling the ultimate berry crumble is done so let me grab a fork
and dig in and we’ll get to the amazing taste in a minute but first I want to
brag about the absolutely perfect ratio between the fruit and the crumble
alright personally I’m a crumble guy well we do need a certain amount of
fruit here since I’m not trying to eat a cake but on the other hand I don’t want
to be eating a bowl of fruit with a little bit of crumble on top so for me
the proportions between those two things here we’re absolutely spot-on and as far
as the taste goes if there’s a better bite than sweet tangy berries creamy
vanilla ice cream and a crispy buttery crumble I’m not sure what that would be
but if you know please share because I would really like to eat that so I
really was beyond thrilled with how this came out and for something that’s so
easy to put together and relatively inexpensive this very well may be my
favorite summer dessert and if you’re going to one of those gatherings where
you’re supposed to bring something this is probably what you should bring just
be sure to call ahead to make sure there’s going to be some vanilla ice
cream but either way whether you’re making this for others or to selfishly
enjoy by yourself which is certainly nothing to be ashamed of I really do
hope you give this amazing fresh berry crumble a try soon so head over to food
wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as
always enjoy you you

100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Berry Crumble – Food Wishes

  1. Chef John, I made this last night for my Mom and Dad. Dad is a pie coniseur and he said that could possibly be the best pie he's ever had! Thank you for your awesome recipes and your delghtful humor!
    AND, all your fantastic recipes. You have never let me down!

  2. Thank you for sharing this crumble recipe; I've been on a recipe search for something like this for quite a while now. Just a heads up to anyone out there who is cutting way back on sugar ( like myself ). Try Monk Fruit Sugar instead. You should only need to use maybe a half a cup of it for this recipe. Maybe a touch more. It also seems more concentrated. use less. It tastes just like regular sugar. And no weird after taste; like sugar substitutes. I bake with it all the time now. But using it sparingly … so the recipes stay in the healthier range.

  3. I used too many blueberries, accidently over mixed my crumble, spilled my lemon zest on the floor, and it was still delicious.

  4. I know I've seen this a million times, but it looks just as delicious as it did the first time I saw it made.

  5. I found this video after making a blackberry crumble from another recipe. I found the blackberry seeds had a small but negative impact on the dessert. I felt tiny seeds in every bit of the blackberry-only crumble. Are the blackberry seeds noticeable in your mixed berry recipe, Chef John?

  6. I made this berry crumble today; and it turned out great. Used blueberries + only half of the recommended sugar.

  7. Mn! I'm crazy about cooking. Thanks. . .I'm not a cook, but I learned a lot from your videos. Thanks again.

  8. I grow my own organic veggies. And I have a 3 yr old blackberry bush! Just wanted a great recipe. Thanks man! You are the best!

  9. I love the feeling of the seeds when I eat the berry crumble. Vanilla ice cream takes it over the top.

  10. I will use sugar for the crumble, but then I will use Raw Organic Blue Agave
    for the berries. With it being sweeter than sugar use use less😍😍😍😍

  11. I thought he said a toucb of "baby powder"… I spat out my food im eating then realized its baking powder duhhhhh lol

  12. How come you don't add cinnamon or nutmeg to the crumble? My grandma would always add it so I always do.

  13. Hi Chef John! I have a food wish if you can take a request plzzzz? It was on Pasta Grannies and kind of not the focus of the pasta dish. Looked so good thoughπŸ˜‹
    Pallotte cacio e uova in a simple marinara over homemade pasta. @foodwishes thanks! Betty from Alameda

  14. My mother is dead now, but she used to add a couple Tbsp of uncooked Tapioca to her Blackberry pies to thicken the juices. She said it taste better than flour or cornstarch and the pie was fantastic the next day. My question to your sir is,… Can I use Tapioca in your Crumble Recipe instead of flour and if so how much?

  15. You have a very unique so each pattern and Excellent wit .whete does the former come from?Thankyou for several years of tasty recipes and warm wit
    3cheers from Canada

  16. So I made your crumble berrie pie and my wife and kids went nuts over it, myself included. I was going to make on a Sunday however I didn't make it until Monday so the berries soaked in sugar water for a full day, then I rinsed them out and followed the recipe, although I didn't have any lemon juice. It was absolutely awsome and is going to have to be a weekly thing now. I want to try Strawberry's sometime too marinade them in sugar water overnight. Oh also I used half white sugar and brown sugar. Mmmmmmmmmm

  17. You're the first chef I follow on YouTube. Usually I'm not into cooking programs, given that it's an awful lot of boring talk and a lot of camera focus on the chef which is distracting. You have successfully solved those two issues! I find myself smiling whenever I hear your funny comments, it makes it easier to follow the recipe.

  18. Best crumble ever. I made it with strawberries and blueberries and used orange juice instead of lemon juice. Came out so tasty. Ate it with vanilla ice cream. Thanks U & love U boss.

  19. even though i don't try the recipes which don't give the ingredients in grams (bcz it's not precise), i tried yours (i converted everything in grams) and it turned out so yum !!

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  25. I have company coming and this is easy fast and looks like delicious !! I have mixed berries and Maine wild blueberries !! Thank you for the recipe. I'll let you know how it comes out …

  26. Sounds yummy. Could I substitute my canned peach slices in syrup for the fruit medley? I understand may have to use more cornstarch?

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