The Originals 4×13 Extended Promo ‘The Feast of All Sinners’ Season Finale.

For a thousand years we have been
honoring a vow to stand together. You want to put The Hollow
into one of my siblings? One ain’t gonna cut it,
I’m gonna need four of them. So the evil is separated for all time. You can never see each other again. That is the only way that
we’re going to beat The Hollow. Hope! I need you to fight her. You think you can stop me? Well, if it’ll save my little girl, then we will make it so. The Originals Season 4 Finale
this Friday at 8/7c on The CW.

22 thoughts on “The Originals 4×13 Extended Promo ‘The Feast of All Sinners’ Season Finale.

  1. Isn't all vampires technically immortal? So Marcel, Sofya, Kol and Rebecca. Or maybe Hayley. Yep Hayley, her blood can keep the Hollow in check, not Rebecca. But Marcel should be one of the people since they brought the Hollow to get rid of him, and he always acting like he is more righteous than the Mikaelsons. Put your money where your mouth is Marcel and make the sacrifice

  2. this season was dumb kol left i love him klaus is weak n dumb hallow is a stupid idea hoping for a better season n hope they find another way to stay together they r never together for once

  3. This season is lacking something….. cant put my finger on it! idk maybe cause its 13 ep, but usually ill have goosebumps or ill be like WTF at the end of a episode.. this is starting to feel like teen wolf.

  4. and of course Hailey always gets her happy ending and not Klaus!!!!!! I felt like Hailey should had been the one to sacrifice herself. So kalus should had been the one to Have a normal life with his daughter…😬😬😬

  5. This would have made a great series finale. Everyone seems to be free and at peace–Kol is getting married; Rebekah and Marcel are finally back together; Freya can live the life that was taken from her; Elijah is no longer burdened with family obligations; Klaus is honoring his daughter by being well-behaved; and Hope and Hayley are happy–telling us that the Michaelsons and the world are better off if the Originals were separated. Let's leave it at that!

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