The Meat Show’s Top Five Favorite Meat Process Videos

Hey this is Nick Solares, host of The Meat Show! Here are some of Eater’s favorite meat videos. Number 5! Here’s how they make sausage at the Meat Hook in Brooklyn, NY Number 4 Here’s an epic Scotch Egg Burger featured at Ludlow in LA. Damn that looked good. Number 3 — Luxurious Brisket Poutine at Mile End Deli in New York. Number 2. Here’s every single item off of La Barbecue in Austin, TX And Number 1Seven plates of meat at New York’s cannibal. Meat has never looked so good. Catch the Meat Show here every Monday. And don’t forget to subscribe.

47 thoughts on “The Meat Show’s Top Five Favorite Meat Process Videos

  1. how does one find places like this, im in malaysia at the moment for work, i just wish there was a place that specialized in red meat i drool because of this video

  2. Hey guys these are great videos. Where are you getting your background tracks from and what are you shooting with? SLR or an actual video camera? Thanks –

  3. How much did they pay you to rank that thing #1? The rest of them are awesome, except the one you put on top. That is unacceptable!

  4. why in the shit would anyone put salad on top of the meat? the salad protects the bottom bun from getting soggy.

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