The Liturgical Calendar and the Twelve Great Feasts

the Orthodox Church follows it’s called a liturgical year if your Femina liturgically before you’re familiar with that term but if you aren’t it means that the course of the year is marked by various feasts and observances there are in particular twelve great feasts the greatest of the feasts is Easter we call it pasta and it is the feast of feasts so it’s not included in the twelfth the twelve do include for example Palm Sunday and Ascension and Pentecost and many of those other greatest hits that you probably would think of instinctively the church here brings us through the entire story of Christ’s life takes us from his conception his teaching and preaching the the death the resurrection and the Ascension into glory and in the course of that time also brings us to mind some of the events in church history some of the events in the life of his mother his disciples are the Apostles who followed him as the years go by as the centuries go by of course more and more events are added to our calendar so it just gets more and more enriched but those particular twelve feasts stand as Road marks and usually in an Orthodox Church you’ll find a place where those twelve festal icons as they’re called the icons of those feasts are its side by side on a wall when you come into an Orthodox Church for the first time you’re likely to see a lot of stuff it’s a church that tends to love decoration and embellishment believing that worship should be really beautiful

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