The End 2014 (Feast Of Friends) subtitulado en español parte 1

I was thinking Oh God blast to the past here we go and I watched the stuff last night and I thought Dana we were pretty good we went up to Toronto to play a dig and to do a TV show which was going to be our first big television show whatever I mean we we played a couple of smaller things but this is our first big show I remember we got flying into Toronto and at the airport we were met by about 300 Hells Angels on motorcycles you know and they escorted us into the Peace Festival down the freeway we got there and it was sort of a representation of a psychedelic ballroom there were kids on the floor and standing around and we were able to and this is May of 1967 so the you know like my fire had not even become a hit yet yeah it was kind of a round place and it was very bright brightly lit you know for the cameras I suppose they didn’t really even know any of the doors songs at all they didn’t know what the for the door is some band from Los Angeles fine they’re hot they’re happening whatever their songs are let him play whatever they want they want to play a song called the end go ahead and play a song called V the end started out just to be a little love song Jim and I were over at my parents house for a couple of weeks because they left town and we wrote a whole bunch of songs at that time and the end was just this is the end beautiful friend and my only friend and it was just a couple verses you know and so we would do it in person and then all sudden it started getting longer and longer I think it was the first rock song that was over ten minutes so we were kind of proud of breaking the 3-minute barrier Jim would add more and more stuff and until that fateful day at The Whisky when the oedipal part was born father I want to kill you mother I want to have carnal knowledge of you as we say in censored television it’s a it’s a stellar performance even with the editing the oedipal section the audience they were jolted I could tell they were like wow when we did the double time and the climax and everything and Jim had a nice narrow jacket on it’s still you know the band’s young Jim’s you know steaming he’s so you know hot with energy and a real live wire we had a great time up there Toronto was marvelous marvelous performance

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