The Difference Between Brown Rice & White Rice!

A lot of people ask, Matthew, do you farm
white or brown rice and what’s the difference? The quick answer is: both! Let’s head into the shop and I’ll explain. Let me take this opportunity also dear viewers
to say, if you guys have any questions about rice–this is what I’m here for. Ask me! And I might make a video about it. I’ll definitely answer it down in the comments
section. So this is paddy rice, sometimes referred
to as rough rice, just like you saw back in the trailers. Its just been harvested and in its natural,
unprocessed state. It still has its hull! At the mill the protective hull is removed
from the rice kernel for consumption. The rice hull is not edible although can be
used as animal feed, pet food, fertilizer, and, in some countries, building material. All types of rice, short, medium or long grain,
begin life as paddy rice–including the highly nutritious brown rice. This is brown rice! Brown rice is rice that has just had its hull
removed, leaving the outer layer of bran on the grain. Your personal trainer prefers brown rice,
not only because of it’s nutty texture, but due to the higher nutritional value. It’s good for the heart, aids digestion
and may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol. It’s all in the bran! This is white rice. White rice has had its hull removed AND its
bran mostly polished off –destroying 60-90% of those awesome minerals
and vitamins. So you see! It’s all the same rice! The difference is how much it’s been processed–brown
rice lesser so than white rice. It’s all California medium grain Calrose
rice, which by the way won 2015’s “World’s Best Rice” Award! Ugh! Well guys there you have it–the difference
between white rice and brown rice. Which do I recommend? Well it depends on who you are, where you’re
at and what you’re eating. If you’re at a health food store it’s
probably going to be the brown rice. If you’re at a sushi restaurant it’s probably
going to be the white rice. If you’re eating rice hulls you’re a hog
and don’t even understand what I’m talking about anyway. Thanks for watching guys. Please remember comment down in the comments
section below with any questions you have. I will definitely get back to you with them
if it’s on a future video or past video, if it’s about rice–let me know! Have a great day.

100 thoughts on “The Difference Between Brown Rice & White Rice!

  1. Hi Matthew, thank you for your amazing video.
    Is there any different between brown rice and grain rice?

  2. Hi Matt,As a retired former neighbor,I really enjoy your brief ,yet highly detailed videos,When people ask me about rice farming in CA,I answer to the best of my ability and then I steer them to your video series.Great information and a huge benefit to our industry! Keep up the good work.Hi George

  3. Have you done a video on the capabilities of the Trimble FMX. People love their technology and are amazed when I tell them about auto steering,yield mapping, custom variable rate fertilizer/ spray,boom control and GPS precision leveling all in one box. Each application is interesting in and of itself.

  4. Hey Matthew. . . i love your awesome channel… can i ask if how much is your average yield per hectare and your cost of producing 1 metric ton of paddy?

  5. Please create work as to use the various rides and parts for "OTHER than Food" use = glue – paper maché -building materials – fire food etc.😊😏

  6. when I saw the title I was curious. 10 seconds lost interest. It's about a dude with fascial hair , his pickup and a funky tune , boring as BatShit.

  7. im sure you would have home brewed with your rice by now…. is there an episode? im just getting started with your channel.

  8. Hi
    Thanks for the video and for the rice education! 🙂
    I have lots of questions about rice and it would be awesome if you could answer even a few:
    1. You mentioned in the video that you grow medium grain Calrose rice. Isn’t Calrose the short grain rice that is used for sushi?
    2. What makes Sushi rice fit for sushi and what’s the difference between sushi rice and other short grain rice?
    3. What’s the difference between sushi rice and risotto rice? (They look kinda similar)
    4. What is Red Rice?
    5. Are there known health issues with eating rice? For example I was thought as a child that it’s a good remedy for diarrhea, which logically that means that it induces constipation…
    6. Are certain types of rice that contain different nutritional values more constipation-inducing than others? Is it also related to their preparation techniques?

    Thank you so much

  9. Saw you on Sara's Weeknight Meals today on PBS! You have a new fan! Sharing your site and videos (and rice) with all my friends and family. You make learning about rice fun! Thank you!

  10. Hi Matt excellent videos, but you forgot a very import use for the rice husk… a mash additive in your mash kettle of your brew system to sometimes aid the sparging. I saw it in your utility room, keep the great videos coming. Dennis :-)))

  11. Hello, if i understand you well, Brown rice or white rice can come from the same paddy rice but the milling process will be the action to get it Brown or white. Am i correct.?

  12. Why dont we eat paddy rice? If nutritional value is all that matters, paddy rice has to have, by default more nutrients then brown and white rice.

  13. Thanks I was wondering what the hell is the difference for so long as in India brown rice is almost 20% expensive than white! Still not sure why ideally it should have been cheaper. while i was kid paddy was beaten by a wooden log in a rock bowl to un-shell them and I still remember how tasty and sweet the rice used to be when cooked in earthy pot as India we eat rice almost 3 times a day!

  14. Somehow you have me very interested in learning about rice. Incredible and awesome. Thanks!

    Btw: Outdoor Chef Life got me to your channel

  15. Consuming brown rice in the form of chapatis is better in my view. Rice flour
    Requires a lot more time to cook brown rice.

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  17. Hi there, love this video. 🙂
    I am doing an assignment on rice production. Which kind of rice do you make a greater profit on – brown or white? What is the margin difference? Thank you so much!

  18. I well ask about the Brown rice is this already Brown if you plant this it's already Brown this i want to know thanks

  19. Question ? Why do people climb into a trucks full of rice with nappy shoes on that been stepping in animal feces that are all over the farm ….lol ? Thanks for the post me friend !

  20. Hi Matthew. I have a question for a school project. What does rice consist of? I know it's mainly made from starch, but what else? Thanks.

  21. The fibre from brown rice isn't great. The vitamins and minerals aren't bioavailable to the human body and on top of that cause GI issues with people as well as leach the body of nutrients just trying to digest it. White rice all the way.

  22. If brown rice takes less processing, why does it cost more than white rice? We understand that brown rice is more healthy but still less processing, therefore should be cheaper. Please enlighten.

  23. Hello Matthew thank you for video
    One question why can't we eat rice with hull before removing the crust
    There is one holistic resort in Thailand they are serving it for their patients
    Can't we mill it as whole with the hull to flour for baking as bread
    Best regards

  24. Wish we had beautiful machines and infrastructure like that and would multiply yield exponentially 😭😭😭😭

  25. If you don't get your entire ass outta that rice…🤨 This is why you should wash your rice before you cook it. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣😂 Very interesting video. The more you know 🌈

  26. It has always baffled me that white rice is cheaper than brown rice being that they have to spend more time and money to produce it.
    Why is this the case?

  27. Why it is costlier than white rice? is it due to some marketing strategies or the cost of producing brown rice is really that high, even when it requires less processing…

  28. Very informative and brief. 👌💐
    Is it Raw rice or boiled Rice please clarify. I am from India. How to regulate polish.

  29. Thank you very much for your excellent video, answered all my questions in a short period of time, earning you a sub!! (ie a subscriber not a submarine, I am not that generous!).

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