Thai Market – Local Food Sakhon Nakhon l Street food in Thailand

Hello, My name’s Phumjai from Amazing Food Channel. Krachai Flower, local food Ant . Fresh local vegetables in Thailand. bamboo shoot, Prepare to cook in the steamed bamboo with curry paste menu. Mushrooms for sale 50 baht Dried meat for sale 50 baht. Fresh Chicken Shop The market here is a very clean market. Sakon Nakhon market is open from 15.00-19.00 pm. A local food and wild food from From Phu Phan mountain in market. cicada Egg. for sell 50 baht. honeycomb Fish shop Malberry Tamarind, local fruits Baked duck Seafood shop mackerel for sell 10-30 baht. Trichogaster pectoralis with egg (yummy food ) Snake Fish Shop Catfish shop Fresh shrimp turtle Pineapple Price 15 baht / 1 kg. Fresh bamboo shoot Ants Egg for sell 100 baht. Fresh Mulberry from the garden Local vegetables, bitter taste Insect for sell 50 baht. Thanks for watching the clip. please subscribe so that you won’t miss the next video.

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